We don’t want Peace

We don’t want Peace

Instead of peace we are going to send depleted uranium shells and cluster bombs.  We want to poison the incredibly fertile black soil of Ukraine and maim as many civilians as possible. We want our wrath to be felt for generations.

Sunak, one step closer to nukes. Hungary, no to ICC, Borrell & NATO. Elensky, call me, maybe. U/1 (35 min)

UK sending depleted uranium to UKR, ICC hypocrisy and reasons for arrest warrant, Xi & Putin meeting (27 min)

Peace In Ukraine Is “Unacceptable” Says Biden Spokesman (7 min)

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the west with this move | Redacted News (26 min)

The US freaks out over New World Order shaped by Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin

Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom is uniting against the West.


Gravitas: Syrian President visits UAE | Iran’s President to visit Saudi Arabia (7 min)

Xi Jinping, multipolar order is unstoppable. Pavel, Ukraine one last chance. Legion of Doom. U/1 (27min)

Xi Jinping meets Putin. AUKUS, preparing for conflict (20 min)


Putin and China just named a COMMON THREAT to their sovereignty | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

Germany wants to arrest Putin

Germany wants to arrest Putin

What a farce.

Germany, we will arrest Putin. Denmark denies Russia. Vucic, close to deal. US airlines upset. U/1 (28 min)


Putin Visits Mariupol. Ukrainian Troops Gas THEMSELVES. UBS asks for $6bn government guarantees (7 min)

WTF Is Happening? Vladimir Putin is wanted by the ICC! (33 min)


This proxy-war is the “Acme of Professionalism” (lolz, now they even use cartoon words)

U.S. General Says The Quiet Part Out Loud About Ukraine! (6 min)


Richard is correct.  Most people are brainwashed and clueless:

“Our Society Is Sick” | They Brainwash You About Ukraine (7 min)


Arrest Putin

Arrest Putin

The ICC issued an arrest warrant for Putin on “war crimes” against children.
Despite the charges being fake, an arrest warrant against Putin means that there can never be peace. How can you negotiate peace with someone you want to arrest? It is a stunt. A bad one. A stupid one.

Putin arrest warrant, ICC dooms Ukraine. Trump arrest? Macron Louis XVI. Diverse Bidenopoulos. U/1



Pentagon FUMES

Pentagon FUMES

They are going to send more young boys to die.

The Vietnam War: The only war with its own soundtrack
For those wondering if it wasn’t obvious already, this song is talking about how a lot of teens were drafted to Vietnam without volunteering but rich/politician families’ kids didn’t have to.

Why is the left not protesting?


Putin APPROVES U.S. Military Asset Attack…US Pentagon FUMES (13 min)


Scholz visits Biden

Scholz visits Biden

Do you like my meme? (lolz)


Bakhmut widening cauldron, Kupyansk offensive. Scholz visits Biden (20 min)

Ukrainians Cannot Operate The Equipment They Are Receiving

Crisis Ukraine Bakhmut Defence Crumbles, UK MSM Russia Taking Kupiansk; US Wrecks G20, India Furious (1:12)

NATO pushing MASSIVE escalation against Putin by using China as excuse | Redacted w Clayton Morris (31 min)


Bakhmut final stage

Bakhmut final stage

Bakhmut, final stage. EU frozen Russian assets disappear (38 min)


🚨 NATO and U.S. issue red alert against China and Putin | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

About halfway he spruiks Uranium mines so watch it until then.


Russia Pincers Close Bakhmut, Zaluzhny Warns Zelensky; China Spooks West, CIA Says Russia Confident (1:20)