Zoonati Wet Market Woes

Zoonati Wet Market Woes

You might be sick of listening to the same material being regurgitated but the enemy hopes that we will exhaust ourselves and forget about what happened.  We cannot forget.  This is existential.  They are never going to stop and they have captured all the institutes.  They are already planning more vaccines and more pandemics.  Meanwhile we gather evidence and we fight.  We keep the investigation alive and in the public square. We will not let them drown it out with fake stories or bury it by using censorship.  We keep coming back and stinging, annoying them, pestering them, exposing their lies, mocking them…  Whatever it takes…however long it takes.  We do it for the dead and dying.  We do it for the children. They are planning to put mRNA in our food chain.  They must be stopped.

This is a very good interview with Charles Rixey and Steve Massey. Charles points out that the same group of scientists were involved with the Ebola outbreak and their lab got kicked out of Africa.  I wonder why?  Steve pointed out that Africa had the lowest vaccination rate and also the lowest deaths….in fact Haiti which took no measures at all (no masks, lockdowns or vaccines) was among the lowest deaths in the world. I wonder why?  Charles points out that they spent a 100 billion dollars over a decade to develop a HIV vaccine. Adjusted by inflation that is more than was spent on the Manhattan project (atom bomb). Where then is the  HIV vaccine? (lolz).  May I suggest that you are now reaping the benefits of that research and will be for decades to come (lolz). See the full thread:

Zoonati Wet Market Woes With Steve Massey & Charles Rixey (3:32)

Finally, Jonathan Jay Couey’s theory has been exposed by the data which demonstrates that Dr Kevin McCairn and Kevin McKernan have the biology correct. In his previous stream McCairn discussed papers that showed Spike Protein in the brain etc and neurodegeneracy, meanwhile McKernan continues his sequencing work that shows the contamination of the vaccines and he also argues  for the stability of the emerging synthetic viruses. As Rixey stated in the stream…this is not just a cold.  In fact, Walter Chestnut has done research demonstrating that it causes rapid aging and disease.

Charles Rixey pointed out that the coronavirus achieved a high score (top three) when rating it as a bio-weapon. That is because it is a “slow -burn” incapacitating agent.  It is not just a cold and it can be naturally spread as an aerosol. It can also develop and mutate.  While it is true that they use (bacterial) clones to amplify the  synthetic mRNA (either for making virus or Spike Protein vaccine) it is not true that because they are sometimes replication incompetent  that the EVs, exsomes and pseudo viruses (with protein fragments that are shed), are always harmless.  Moreover, the virus did spread naturally and not by spraying clones everywhere.   Jay has hitched his wagon to RFK Jr who is running for President.  That is all you need to know…and the fact that Trump and the Kennedy family are closer than you think.

Georgy Porgy

Rabid Coons

Rabid Coons

They are getting desperate and their tactics and narrative more and more ridiculous.


They actually ran from the truth, suspended Bridgen and called their own Yellow Card system misinformation.

They can’t run from the truth (17 min)

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