All about the food

All about the food

A number of videos from ADAPT 2030 David DuByne over the last 24 hours. Most recent at the top. Not watched them yet. 

Warning About Foods Being Produced in the Southern Hemisphere (12 min)

Global Food Forecast 2023 (15 min)

(3/3) Why Governments Preparing Across the World and Why You Should Too!

(2/3) Why Governments Preparing Across the World and You Should Too!

Do you Xi it now?

Do you Xi it now?

Is China really collapsing?   That is what they want you to believe.  It looks like it to me  but….  

I am always wary.  I don’t trust anyone.

China’s People Go Absolutely Insane As Grocery Stores Run Out Of Food Right Now (14 min)

Hang on! So China can’t do BRUTAL lockdowns but we can? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (19 min)

And yet the people of Taiwan vote to be part of a country that is starving and persecuting its people?    Go figure.

Elections in Taiwan, ruling party suffers massive defeat (16 min)




Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens! Fed THREATENS A BIG Slowdown In The Economy And HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT. Mannarino (11 min)

Walmart Currency and Payment App Launched as US Dollar Collapses (4 min)

Not Enough On The Planet (15 min)

Rolling Blackouts. EU LNG lies come back to haunt Collective West (23 min)

Would We Know If Society Was About To Collapse? MIT Predicted Society Would Collapse By 2040 (9 min)