Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens!

Monkeys And Aliens! Fed THREATENS A BIG Slowdown In The Economy And HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT. Mannarino (11 min)

Walmart Currency and Payment App Launched as US Dollar Collapses (4 min)

Not Enough On The Planet (15 min)

Rolling Blackouts. EU LNG lies come back to haunt Collective West (23 min)

Would We Know If Society Was About To Collapse? MIT Predicted Society Would Collapse By 2040 (9 min)

Manufacturing shortages

Manufacturing shortages

At a time when we are facing unprecedented natural changes which will lead  to crop failures they have decided to deliberately disrupt the global food supply.  That is like pouring petrol on your home after it has caught fire through a lightening strike.  If you know that  a huge lightening storm is coming then you would set up lightening rods and use fire retardant materials.  You would not soak everything in petrol.  Unless you want the house to burn down and the owners to die.  

How Your Food Will Be Managed From This Date Forward It’s Happening! (17 min)

What’s Happening in the S. Hemisphere Will Affect Us All (13 min)

Inflation black-pill

Inflation black-pill



Even propagandist Joe thinks it will be grim.  I bet he still blames it all on Russia:

William Wallace Protest songs




It is all about the food

It is all about the food

Are big natural changes happening?   You bet.  The shifting and weakening magnetic field will change the electric-dynamic of the atmosphere. Things like the Birkeland current and  this in turn effects Hadley Cells which in turn is linked to the Jet Streams and atmospheric river.   In other words the climate is changing and you cannot stop it only prepare for it.  That does not necessarily mean that it will get hotter because it looks like the opposite is true.   It is more likely that it will get colder.   I think we honestly don’t know for sure…we only know that things are rapidly changing as we cycle into a new era where things will settle down into some sort of stability for thousands of years.   What we are seeing now is “weird weather” as the polar vortex and the Jest streams shift.   We will get dry and hot in some places, flooding in others and cold elsewhere.  We will see extremes.

What can we do to prepare? Well the authorities have decided to destroy the food supply that we have, let the dams run dry, start fires in national parks and to increase flooding in some areas through aerosol spraying.  You think that is a conspiracy?   More fool you.   They are using electromagnetic methods (EMF and HAARP) and chemical Geoengineering (bunker fuels, aerosols etc) to manipulate weather. We have thousands of Space satellites that are able to use DEW.  But you probably think that is sci-FY (lolz).

So, what I am saying is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to disambiguate natural change and man made change.  However, all it will take is one solar flare (CME) to stop the man-made engineering.    The man-made changes are done to get us off the land and into the cities where we can be controlled and eat bugs.  They want all the land and all the nature.

Not watched these yet (busy buying more supplies today)…  September it will be very bad….Get ready.   THE BEAST IS ABOUT TO EMERGE

Society’s Shelf Life Has Expired (James White PT 1)- 27min

WARNING from a Farmer~Get READY! (21 min)

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

I have been warning you for years what is coming.   Are we there yet?  

SHOCKING!!! The United Nations And The BENEFITS OF HUNGER! (23 min)

Klaus Slob and Man Cans Gates could do with losing a couple of stone. They carry enough fat on them to save the world.

Just had a look for the page and it has been removed from the UN website.  I found this instead:

Makes you wonder how we are being played….we are being manipulated and “nudged” to accept the NWO.


What Happens From Now to Sept 2022 : Brace Yourselves (19 min)

WEF centralised food hubs-Eat the bugs and be happy (2 min)

Globalists have changed slogan AGAIN (4 min)