I just watched a Brendon O’Connell video for patreons only.  Just him talking in a cafe with a coffee and apple crumble.  He does not want it uploading but it was very informative. Particularly what he had to say about the destruction of Christianity in Russia during the Bolshevik revolution. Synagogues and Mosques were left untouched.  The current swing towards Christianity in Russia is completely state controlled. Brendon is about to move again and go completely mobile because his location has been compromised which means he has to abandon his desktop etc.  and try out mobile video editing linking the phone to a laptop.

Here is a video that I can show you from one of his patreon posts:

What Brendon says about this is highlighted below. Although I understand what Brendon is saying about  engaging politically we know that the system is corrupt and captured.  I think along the lines of “witnessing” like the apostle Paul appealing to Rome so that he was able to stand before the authorities and courts and present his case for making Christianity a Religio licita (like Judaism).  Religio licita (“permitted religion”, also translated as “approved religion”) is a phrase used in the Apologeticum of Tertullian to describe the special status of the Jews in the Roman Empire.

In his defense of his own behavior and that of his fellow Christians, Paul was engaged in political lobbying of the highest order and the gospel was preached before Kings and Queens. As a Christian I do not vote or partake in the political process – I am not partisan as I realize how controlled they all are. Never the less that is not an excuse for silence or compliance.  It is not an excuse not to appeal to authorities, not to lobby, not to point out injustice.  If you are silent you are part of the problem.  The apostle Paul was not silent. He engaged with the political process and kept his integrity and his faith (although he lost his life).

The story of rats being drowned brings home and shows, how negative thoughts result in catastrophic consequences. Spreading negativity, telling you engaging in politics is pointless is a big game the enemy plays.

I apply this story to politics and solving problems. The enemy wants you helpless, hopeless and expressing your self online in pointless ways. These ways are designed to let you blow off steam in a safe environment. Safe for power, not safe for us.

We go from extremes of belligerent couch surfing to shooting working class people in Walmarts.

There is no middle ground of engaging in political power.

I am a walking example of this engagement working. I educated state and federal counter terrorism. Lawyers. Media. Judges. Intelligence community and special forces, in a subject they considered fringe and unworthy of serious consideration.

I made a huge difference. Largely on my own. With a little help from my friends and people like you.

They want you alone, clicking links, waiting for the hero to arrive and rescue you. Look at Australia. No hero is coming.

They want you believing it's to late - the end is near.

If not now when? If not me who?

We have ten years and the tests will keep on coming. Keep swimming. And sooner or later they are going to take it one step too far.



Blame the rat not the bat

Blame the rat not the bat

They are continuing with and ramping up the lies.  This is one big fat lie by Peter Daszak who authored the paper with George F. Gao from National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Think of him as Fauci with slant eyes (lolz).  They are lying to cover up they they were working on dual use agents.  A lot of people are going to get sick and die because of them.

It is not just the Chinese they were all working on this crap.  Watch the Kevin McCairn video that I have edited down.