Ukraine Admits Massive Losses

Ukraine Admits Massive Losses

Russian Ops in Ukraine (June 16, 2022): West Sends Arms, Russia Still Gaining Ground (29 min)

Maria Zakharova speaks at SPIEF 2022 (25 min)

Rouble is now “OVERSTRENGTHENED” As Food Prices Fall – Inside Russia Report (11 min)

Ukraine Admits Massive Losses, Gas Flows to Europe Stalls, Biden Officials Privately Doubt Sanctions (36 min)

Putin Judo moves

Putin Judo moves

Judo moves. Strong ruble, lower interest rates, higher pensions & surging reserves (27 min)

Henry Kissinger at Davos: Ukraine must concede territory to Russia to end the war (4 min)

Rouble DROPS SHARPLY After RU Central Bank Slashes Key Rate to 11% – Inside Russia Report (8 min)

Zelinskyy’s adviser wanted war with Russia (14 min)

A tale of two economies

A tale of two economies

Depending on who you listen to the Russian economy is either collapsing or is coping.  I have featured videos which argue both points.  The Joe Blogs video reckons Russia is a mess but I am beginning to think that Blogs is either a propagandist or misinformed.

Firstly – Russia was hit hard. The West confiscated (stole) Russian assets abroad (about half of CB assets) and they impounded (stole) Russian private property (oligarch homes and yachts etc). They withdrew western business investments, stopped trading with Russia and kicked Russia out of SWIFT. This was indeed an economic “blitzkrieg” and it failed.  Russia will struggle for the next two years but will emerge stronger.

Secondly, while Joe Blogs harps on about Russian shortages and inflation he says nothing about  US shortages (or EU shortages).   Not only that but he says that many of the shortages in manufactured goods will be because foreign companies have withdrawn.   Really?   You mean it is a bit like all those same globalist companies more or less withdrawing their western manufacturing bases and exporting them to China?  (lolz).


What about this then Joe?

Russia Avoids Debt Default by Paying London’s Citibank (12 min)

Does not sound like a collapsing economy to me.

How is inflation shaping up in the USA?

I suppose it depends on who you listen to. By way of comparison Shadow stats employs the CPI inflation calculation methods used in the 1980s. Follow the link to the national debt clock and have a look.





Are Sanctions on Russia Working?

Are Sanctions on Russia Working? (19 min)

I bring you two different views.  In my opinion Russia will suffer (obviously) but they are tough people used to deprivations.  On the other hand the West has become self-indulgent trannie soy-boys.  As the saying goes…weak men make hard times…hard times make strong men …and so the cycle repeats.

Whatever the case this will hasten the multi-polar world and I believe Russia is more resilient than Europe.  Food is the most important thing as is energy…the rest is non-essential.   Russia has both and can therefore meet the needs of it’s people.

Now for the opposing view:

RUSSIA – SANCTIONS are DESTROYING Russian Economy. Economic & Technology RECESSION, INFLATION Soars (27 min)

The Petro Rouble

The Petro Rouble

Get your roubles now.  Putin is going to pull the plug on Europe.  I recommend that you watch the Scott Ritter interview (previous blog post).  

Putin Demands ‘Unfriendly Countries’ to Pay For Russian Gas In Roubles | Russia-Ukraine War (4min)