Another 3 Billion $ to Ukraine

Another 3 Billion $ to Ukraine

Another 3 Billion$ to Ukraine.  I am sure they will spend it wisely.

Ukraine’s Offensive Coincides with US $3 Billion+ Aid Package – Russian Ops in Ukraine Sep. 9, 2022 (17 min)

China Agrees to Pay for Russian Gas in Roubles & Yuan (9 min)

Ukraine Reportedly Ends Kherson Offensive, Switches to Kharkov; Putin Blames EU for Gas Crisis (51 min)

The Snowball Effect

The Snowball Effect

He could have called it the avalanche effect.  Russia will win this war on the ground but it could be turned into a strategic defeat if the Zelensky Govt refuses to negotiate thus forcing Russia to conquer the whole of Ukraine dragging in Poland and NATO.  This is what Kissinger warned (and dirt bag that he is, he is right).  It seems that the madmen in charge are determined to have nuclear war.

The Snowball Effect by Jacob Dreizin (24 min)

Russia Moves into Severodonetsk, Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Kherson, EU Split on Russia Oil Ban (32 min)

Denmark To Be CUT OFF From Gas. Russia Announces DEBT FOR ROUBLES scheme – Inside Russia Report (8 min)

No US Long-Range Rockets For Kyiv l Putin’s Troops Storm Severodonetsk l Mass Graves In Mariupol (6:47)

Is the Ukraine psyop already wearing off (Part 1) ( 9min)

Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass

Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass

Signs of Ukrainian Collapse in Donbass as Liman Falls to Russia (36 min)

Putin signs ROYALTIES for Roubles decree! – Inside Russia Report (15 min)

Russia Bans HUNDREDS of Prominent US Citizens From Entering Country (16 min)

Biden knew what would happen and did it anyway (3 min)

Let’s talk about the news w/Gonzalo Lira (Live) -2:29 min

Burn down the village

Burn down the village

Sometimes you have to burn down the village to save it.  Therefore you should be willing to have cold showers and starve in order to “beat Russia” (lolZ).  I know this is true because the TV and the oligarchs told me so.  Europe is going to continue shooting itself in the foot.  The beatings will continue until morale improves.

Russia Cuts Gas to Poland and Bulgaria! (18 min)

Russian economy stabilises. EU economy faces massive contraction

EU Russia in High Stakes Poker Game over Gas for Roubles, Russia Continues Advancing in Donbass (48 min)