Russia Advance in Donbass

Russia Advance in Donbass

August inflection point (Live) w/Andrei Martyanov & Larry Johnson (1:52)

Russia Advance in Donbass, US Weapon Supplies to Kiev Dwindle, Russia Accuses Kiev of Dugina Killing (41 min)

Sanctions on Russia BACKFIRE as Ruble Is Soaring (14 min)

Ukraine’s Next “Wonder Weapon” – US Anti-Radar Missiles (27 min)






Ruh Roh, Ukraine’s military gone

Ruh Roh, Ukraine’s military gone


Ukraine’s military gone, rampant corruption leaked documents reveal | Redacted with Clayton Morris (16 min)

Hryvnia – Ruble USD parity and shifting military assets to plug up holes (19 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine (August 8, 2022) – Ukraine’s Missing Tanks, Delayed Offensive (19 min)

Zelensky To Star in ‘Downfall’ Sequel… (1:11)

The ruble is soaring and Putin is stronger than ever – Western sanctions have backfired (2 min)

Wheat for Rubles Panic

Wheat for Rubles Panic

This is must watch and it is a CLASSIC.  The West is panicking because of looming food shortages. Especially Europe.  We told you so.  The arrogance and stupidity of the West. Now they want to lift sanctions. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is quoted as saying:

“And what interferes the most is [the West’s] own cosmic cretinism”

Told you so. All the lies will be exposed. Ukraine is losing the war. The West will be short of food (not China and Russia). And the virus was man-made and the vaccine is toxic. TOLD YOU SO and I will keep telling you.

Ukraine update & Wheat for Rubles has collective west in panic mode (28 min)

US ADMITS Sanctions have FAILED as Dollar falls BELOW 58 rubles – Inside Russia Report (9 min)

Uh-oh you made a mistake (lolz)


The Fall of the Azov

The Fall of the Azov

If you watch these videos you will have a good idea of what is going on.  Putin’s campaign to de-Nazify Ukraine is being successful.  The Azov neo-Nazi movement has fallen. The Dreizin  report gives a very good account of the historical rise (and fall) of the Ukrainian Nazis.

The West’s proxy war in Ukraine is failing.  Western sanctions against Russia are failing. The West’s military hardware is failing.  The push to expand NATO membership is failing. This is what happens when you are morally bankrupt.

The Fall of the Azov by Jacob Dreizin (24 min)

Retired Us Colonel Drops Truth Bombs About Ukraine (14 min)

Kiev’s Lies And Russia’s Victories In Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine Forces Target Russian Orthodox church “Everyday” (Special Report Church Under Fire)[24 min]

Russia deploys ‘Laser Complexes’, ‘Terminator’ BMTPs and latest T-90M tanks – Inside Russia Report (18 min)

Azovstal Surrender Continues, Russia Donbass Offensive Intensifies, Erdogan Blocks Finland Sweden (45 min)

Ruble Value Skyrockets, Bulgaria to Get LNG From US (16 min)

No Good Choices

No Good Choices

Ukraine Forces in Severodonetsk Face Encirclement, EU Undermines its own Oil Sanctions (43 mins)

Russians Advance In Donbass Leaving No Good Choices For Kyiv’s Forces

Russian Gains In Donbass Leave No Hope For Ukrainian Grouping In Severodonetsk

Russian Missile Strikes Shopping Center in Odessa – Inside Russia Report (13 min)

Russian Ruble Strongest Since March 2020 (3 min)












Doubling Down on Stupid

Doubling Down on Stupid

They are either very stupid and remaking dumb and dumber with Joe Biden in the staring role or this is a master plan of evil genius to destroy the global economy and push us into the NWO.

They are going to steal all Russian assets in the West.  Someone is going to get very rich. Even the birds are pooping on Biden.  Is this following a script to paint the “left” as insane so that a Trump presidency can be ushered in?   Who knows?  It would be amusing were it not for the dying and stuff.

Biden Sends Strategic Oil Reserves to Europe in Desperate Bid to Keep Russian Sanctions (6 min)

RUSSIAN RUBLE – Why Did Value REBOUND so Quickly? Full Explanation & Reasons for Currency Recovery (22 min)

Stocks Drop After Fed. Comments. PLUS! Banks To Write Off BILLIONS In Russian Assets. Mannarino (12 min)



In this video I continue to look at the continuing implications of the Russia's Invasion of Ukraine on TURKEY. Rising OIL and GAS Prices as a result of the War are putting immense stress onto the Turkish Economy. Latest figures show that after accounting for the CURRENCY SWAPS Turkey has a NET DEFICIT of $24 BILLION. Based on the current rate of spending on Energy the Foreign Currency Reserves will not last much longer. TURKEY is under extreme pressure due to HIGH INFLATION and the Fall in Value of the LIRA. Turkey is dependent upon Foreign Energy and Buys 45% of NATURAL GAS, 17% of OIL and 40% of GASOLINE from RUSSIA. Turkey is also dependent upon the IMPORT of GRAIN and RAW MATERIALS for its Industry. The immediate impact of the WAR has been to increase the price of OIL, GAS, FOOD and RAW MATERIALS. With INFLATION already at 54% these price increases will add further strain and may cause the Economy to COLLAPSE. 

Gas crisis

Gas crisis

In this video I provide the latest news relating to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. NATURAL GAS STORAGE is at DANGEROUSLY LOW Levels at a time when Russia is Threatening to switch off the supply unless ALL PAYMENTS from UNFRIENDLY Countries are made in RUSSIAN RUBLES. This would Increase the Value of the RUBLE, BREACH the Terms of the SUPPLY CONTRACTS & the International SANCTIONS and is a Direct Challenge to the dominance of the PETRODOLLAR. Will the West Break its own SANCTIONS and will Russia CUT THE SUPPLY of Gas if the Payments are not made? 

RUSSIA – Europe Heading for Natural GAS CRISIS. Stock Levels DANGEROUSLY LOW & Supply may be CUT OFF (21 m)


In 2013 China announced the BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE which was designed to provide new Land & Sea Connections from China to the Rest of the World. This Initiative was designed to help EMERGING & DEVELOPING COUNTRIES to improve ROAD, RAIL, AIR & SEA Infrastructure and to Build POWER PLANTS. Over $1 TRILLION is due to be invested over the next 10 years however there are claims that the HIGH LEVELS OF DEBT as designed to create a DEBT TRAP to ensure that CHINA is the MAIN BENEFACTOR of the investment. In this video I discuss a recent issue in Sri Lanka and the RISKS of this Initiative. 

CHINA – Is Belt & Road Initiative a $1 TRILLION DEBT TRAP? $1 BILLION Takeover of Sri Lanka Port


  • 0:00 Intro

The UN WARNS Of Social Unrest From Lack Of Food. PLUS: More LIES, Deceptions, And Distractions… (13 min)


SABOTAGE of Global Economy

SABOTAGE of Global Economy


To me it looks like the West has sabotaged itself. Putin now has a gold backed Ruble.  I am no Putin Fan Boy but it is increasingly looking like he has turned against the globalists.

RUSSIA – SABOTAGE of Global Economy. 10 Reasons Why WAR Will Cause a GLOBAL RECESSION (38 min)

In this video I discuss the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the GLOBAL ECONOMY. The impact of the Sanctions introduced against Russia has been Dramatic Rises in the PRICE of OIL, NATURAL GAS, FOOD & MINERALS. INFLATION is currently at Record Highs in numerous countries around the world and in order to bring prices down Central Banks have started introducing INTEREST RATE RISES. The GLOBAL ECONOMY has not recovered from the PANDEMIC and is carrying RECORD DEBT LEVELS. Higher Interest Rates will increase the COST OF DEBT and put more pressure on Consumer and Companies and could result in a GLOBAL RECESSION. 

Comment: Joe, you said it would be insane for Putin to switch off Natural Gas because he is earning 800 million Euros per day. However, what is the point of receiving Euros/Dollars when the banking system will not trade with Russia in these currencies. By forcing purchasing of Rubles, this gives him a currency he can use PLUS buying Rubles will support the Ruble as an international currency. That is not as insane as taking the stance of the G7 in refusing and having their gas cut off as they have no backup or alternative, at least in the short term on 5 or so years.

Saudi Arabia To HIKE CRUDE PRICE! New Cost Of Living “CRISIS.” Stock Market Higher Again. Mannarino (13 min)