If you can’t be bothered watching anymore videos or updates on the Ukraine situation just watch this three minute video as it explains the US and NATO Geo-political blow-back perfectly.

Is this what “winning” looks like?  (lolz)

Military collapse in north Donbass. Turkey & Russia move closer together as EU crumbles(20 min)

The Empire of lies is crumbling:

West’s Media U-Turn in Ukraine as Reality Sets In (11 min)

Obviously Russian agiprop but you can bet that it is happening:

Ukrainian Commander Defects To Russia (Special Report)- 9min

If you want to watch an hour and a half cataloguing all the Ukrainian lies feel free:

The STUNNING lies about the war in Ukraine | Redacted Live (1:30)

Slow And Steady

Slow And Steady

The Ukrainian military are being dismantled piece by piece and sanctions against Russia are failing.  In fact they are destroying the West. They are falling out among themselves at Davos and even Kissinger is warning not to continue the war. They are back-peddling but this thing has a momentum all of its own.

UK Media Says Russia ‘Close to Major Victory’ in Donbass, Western Unity Crumbles in Davos (48 min)

Slow And Steady, Russia Continues To Move Forward

Russian Ops in Ukraine: Ukraine is Blocking Own Ports, Losing Ground in Donbas (37 min)

Orban Declares STATE OF EMERGENCY Due To Sanctions Backfire – Inside Russia Report (20 min)