The Ideology of Putin’s Russia

The Ideology of Putin’s Russia

This is excellent and is recommended.

This website does not support the war in Ukraine and believes that Putin was deliberately provoked. That said, we are not “Putin fan boys” and know full well that Russia (although no longer Communist) has problems.  Would we want to live under a Russian-Chinese world hegemony?  No thank you.  That said, the West is a hypocritical warmonger under control of the Zionists.

This video examines the influence of three people on Putin’s ideology –Ivan Ilyin, Lev Gumilev and Carl Schmidt.  It is a fascinating video and very informative….however  all the elements that are said to influence Putin (and I have no doubt that they do) are exactly the same elements influencing the West.   Watch out for the use of the State of Emergency and the curbing of law (lawlessness) promulgated by Schmidt.  That is exactly what we have seen used by every Western Government.

And then there is Putin’s use of Christianity as a unifying force which we are starting to see in the West – a rise of Christian Nationalism (the two wolves) and calls for a theocratic state and a strong (messianic type) leader.  All the warnings in this video about Putin are already found in the West.  Fascism?  We already have fascism in the form of corporations running the show with the governments acting as window dressing.   In my view this video is projecting.

With Russia, the problem is that  it is difficult to tell what motivates the Government.  Fascism, Communism….and the same with China which is “one country two systems”.  We have a fusion of communism and fascism and we are seeing the same in the West.  I think the start of this video is correct when it speaks of gangsterism and organized crime.   That is what is happening. 

The difference is that in Russia, Putin has eliminated any oligarchs that oppose him.  You are allowed to be rich in Russia but not allowed political ambitions.  The same could be said about China. You go against the party you disappear no matter how rich you are.  In the West the oligarchs run the politics through the control of the banks, media and corporations.  So the ideology is gansterism but different types.

The battle is then between those who want strong nationalism and a multi-polar world with regional powers where the government is in control (not necessarily a “democratic” government) this is the Russia-China model run by autocrats or the Western model which wants a uni-polar world Hegemon ultimately run  by oligarchs and corporations through fronts like WEF/UN etc. Either way we will face more autocracy and dictatorship with inflexible authoritarian top-down control and masses of poor disenfranchised populations.

‘Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.…’

Winston S Churchill, 11 November 1947

Now, I am no Churchill “fan-boy” either because I realize he was a Zionist tool and a tool of Empire but he is correct especially in the case of the USA which was governed by a constitution and which divided govt  into executive, legislative, and judicial branches as a means of checks and balances.  However, that has been undermined by the capture of the monetary system (Federal Reserve) and the executive (lobbying and financial capture) and the judicial branch (appointing compromised judges).  We no longer have capitalism but corporatism.  A war has been declared against ordinary people and against the family. They don’t want democracy (they never did).

So the West is a hypocritical bunch of warmongers who overthrow governments and still practice a kind of soft colonialism and which is ultimately run by oligarchs and corporations and the East is run by “strong” governments and “strong” leaders.  No matter how you look at it we are headed for authoritarianism.  There is so much cross over between communism and fascism that I  am just going to call them all gangsters.  It is about the will to power (nothing more) and the little man  (you and me) are about to get crushed.

I am going to leave you with this reminder:  There are no good guys.

Trust the Lord.


The Ideology of Putin’s Russia (54 min)



Sudan and Ethiopia

Sudan and Ethiopia

The West is losing Africa which is why Biden sent Camila Harris on an African PR tour but too little too late. Africa is going to be the next global food bowl and is resource rich. It always worked in the favor of the West to keep Africa destabilized and indebted.  However, Africa is now turning to China and Russia.

Sudan, power struggle or coup d’état (16 min)

Not listened to this yet.  The GERD is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam a huge dam that is already filling in this supposedly drought filled area….but here is the kicker –  it is built next to the African Rift and a whole section is splitting away. Very dumb.  Built to fail.

Mapping the Geopolitical Landscape: Africa’s Multipolar Future and the GERD (4:47)

In this long form discussion, Africa expert Lawrence Freeman and I held a long form discussion with hundreds of audience members to discuss the importance of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam, the renewal of Pan Africanism and the oligarchical efforts to keep the African continent locked within the unipolar cage of depopulation and war rather than leaping into a multipolar future. Click on the links below to listen to the full event…


Why Africa loves Russia

Why Africa loves Russia

Why doesn’t the West love Africa?

The West gave Africa:

1. Debt

2. Aids


4. Unstable Govt.


Why Africa LOVES Russia: How The West Creates Poverty and Misery. Interview with Mr Abdi Nur Siad (38 min)

Israel and Azerbaijan

Israel and Azerbaijan

I have debated CJB online regarding his religious deconstructionism and his tendency to conflate mythology with scant regard to historical development and syncretism. However, this video (first one below the tweets) on the history of Azerbaijan and Armenia and the relationship with Iran is pretty good. Unfortunately,towards the end of the video,  he oversimplifies the complexities of the geopolitical ramifications . Nevertheless a good introduction to the subject. 

It looks like Israel (and the West) is trying to open up another front against Iran and Russia by causing more trouble between Azerbaijan and Armenia.  Israel has been supplying weapons to Azerbaijan and they have always hated Christian Armenia (called Amalek in their world view).  I believe that it was Russia that brokered the peace between the warring parties and as far as I know Putin’s “reward” was that Azerbaijan recently came out and said they would arrest Putin and hand him over to the ICC if he ever came to their country.  No good deed goes unpunished (lolz).

War Is Brewing Between Iran and Azerbaijan (CJB)

Azerbaijan again advances troops in Karabakh, spelling fears of renewed conflict (4 min)

US rebukes Israeli government, urges compromise; Azerbaijan-Israel ties bolster TV7 Israel News 29.3 (12 min)

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