Wheat for Rubles Panic

Wheat for Rubles Panic

This is must watch and it is a CLASSIC.  The West is panicking because of looming food shortages. Especially Europe.  We told you so.  The arrogance and stupidity of the West. Now they want to lift sanctions. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is quoted as saying:

“And what interferes the most is [the West’s] own cosmic cretinism”

Told you so. All the lies will be exposed. Ukraine is losing the war. The West will be short of food (not China and Russia). And the virus was man-made and the vaccine is toxic. TOLD YOU SO and I will keep telling you.

Ukraine update & Wheat for Rubles has collective west in panic mode (28 min)

US ADMITS Sanctions have FAILED as Dollar falls BELOW 58 rubles – Inside Russia Report (9 min)

Uh-oh you made a mistake (lolz)


The Fall of the Azov

The Fall of the Azov

If you watch these videos you will have a good idea of what is going on.  Putin’s campaign to de-Nazify Ukraine is being successful.  The Azov neo-Nazi movement has fallen. The Dreizin  report gives a very good account of the historical rise (and fall) of the Ukrainian Nazis.

The West’s proxy war in Ukraine is failing.  Western sanctions against Russia are failing. The West’s military hardware is failing.  The push to expand NATO membership is failing. This is what happens when you are morally bankrupt.

The Fall of the Azov by Jacob Dreizin (24 min)

Retired Us Colonel Drops Truth Bombs About Ukraine (14 min)

Kiev’s Lies And Russia’s Victories In Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine Forces Target Russian Orthodox church “Everyday” (Special Report Church Under Fire)[24 min]

Russia deploys ‘Laser Complexes’, ‘Terminator’ BMTPs and latest T-90M tanks – Inside Russia Report (18 min)

Azovstal Surrender Continues, Russia Donbass Offensive Intensifies, Erdogan Blocks Finland Sweden (45 min)

Ruble Value Skyrockets, Bulgaria to Get LNG From US (16 min)

Bankster World

Bankster World

Politicians do not run the world.    Political parties do not run the world.  Banks and corporations run the world.   Banksters are Gangsters and they are using debt to enslave you.

The State Of British Banking (27 min)

My Comment underneath: Just seen this now and put it on my website. Originally broadcast 16 December 2019 which is two days before the Federal Reserve started REPO. What a stroke of luck for the banks that the virus appeared about then allowing them to money print like there is no tomorrow...the only thing better than that is war (Oh, wait we have one of them as well). These are criminal mafia organizations and they are collapsing the system. The hunger games start soon. Anyone listening yet?


BLACK HOLE: Is The Stock Market ABOUT TO CRATER! Or Is The WORST OVER? Important Updates. Mannarino (18 min)

Moar War

Moar War

You have to give them credit they are trying real hard to expand the war. 

Russian-Led Forces Primed To Storm The City Of Severodonetsk

Russia River Crossing Setback, Advances Elsewhere, EU Drop Oil Sanctions, Erdogan Opposes NATO Bid (40 min)

Russian – Ukraine War: Civilians Under Fire Everyday (Special Report)-21min

Mooaar Sanctions!

Mooaar Sanctions!

Inflation continues to rise, as EU Greens & Neocons want more sanctions (18 min)

Gonzalo Lira – Ihor Kolomoisky (the guy who made Zelensky President) is in trouble

Gonzalo Lira published this video on 8 may 2022 in which he explains why Ihor Kolomoisky is in trouble in UK where he is now living. For those who don’t know, Ihor Kolomoisky is a Ukrainian/Israeli/Cypriot oligarch who : – made Zelensky President (hired him while he was a nobody comedian and made him popular and trusted by the Ukraine people using his medias)
– financed the neo-nazis in Ukraine- owns, in his financial empire, Burisma, the holding who was paying Hunter Biden (known to be, at the period, a nothing good drug addict with zero experience in anything) a 1 million $ per year for a no show job (in fact just to indirectly bride his father Joe Biden who was then vice president of the USA under Obama)
Considering all the dirt he knows about the corruption in Ukraine, including of the Biden family, and about the neo-nazis in Ukraine, and so on, it wouldn’t be very surprising if he would “commit suicide”, Jeffrey Epstein style, or have an “accident”.

Russia, softly, softly

Russia, softly, softly

I place the Jacob Dreizin report video at the top because it makes complete sense and has the ring of truth.  Russia’s initial approach was softly, softly because they were hoping for a negotiated peace settlement.  That did not happen because the US led NATO wants a proxy war. Now the Russians realize that no negotiation is possible and that this has become an existential threat they have gone all in.  The gloves are off.

What’s going on in the south of Ukraine? by Jacob Dreizin (13 min)

Despite all the fancy weapons and war porn this is the reality. Civilians living in basements like sewer rats and civilian bodies left in the open.

Ukraine Snipers Killed Civilians In Mariupol Says Residents (10 min)

How Donbass Militias Play Major Role in Ground War, EU Oil Sanctions Encounter Stiffening Resistance (30 min)

Are Sanctions on Russia Working?

Are Sanctions on Russia Working? (19 min)

I bring you two different views.  In my opinion Russia will suffer (obviously) but they are tough people used to deprivations.  On the other hand the West has become self-indulgent trannie soy-boys.  As the saying goes…weak men make hard times…hard times make strong men …and so the cycle repeats.

Whatever the case this will hasten the multi-polar world and I believe Russia is more resilient than Europe.  Food is the most important thing as is energy…the rest is non-essential.   Russia has both and can therefore meet the needs of it’s people.

Now for the opposing view:

RUSSIA – SANCTIONS are DESTROYING Russian Economy. Economic & Technology RECESSION, INFLATION Soars (27 min)

Doubling Down on Stupid

Doubling Down on Stupid

They are either very stupid and remaking dumb and dumber with Joe Biden in the staring role or this is a master plan of evil genius to destroy the global economy and push us into the NWO.

They are going to steal all Russian assets in the West.  Someone is going to get very rich. Even the birds are pooping on Biden.  Is this following a script to paint the “left” as insane so that a Trump presidency can be ushered in?   Who knows?  It would be amusing were it not for the dying and stuff.

Biden Sends Strategic Oil Reserves to Europe in Desperate Bid to Keep Russian Sanctions (6 min)

RUSSIAN RUBLE – Why Did Value REBOUND so Quickly? Full Explanation & Reasons for Currency Recovery (22 min)

Stocks Drop After Fed. Comments. PLUS! Banks To Write Off BILLIONS In Russian Assets. Mannarino (12 min)