Please Sanction Me

Please Sanction Me

The West keeps cutting their nose off to spite their face (lolz).  Why not shoot yourself in the foot as well?   The West sanctioned Germany…… I mean they sanctioned Russia.   How did that turn out?

U.S. Media ADMITS Russia’s Economy Booming Despite Western Sanctions! (18 min)

Meanwhile….in the West….

The biggest Stock Market Crash in US History is Coming. (Worse than 1929)-20 min

When that happens (and it will) they will take everything…..                                             

                                                                                                  ….they want it all….  ALL OF IT.

If They Get Financial Transaction Control They Will Go After Everybody’s Real Estate and Assets (5 min)

Putin crazy SOB says Biden

Putin crazy SOB says Biden

So many jokes come to mind….

Biden; Putin crazy SOB, meets Yolanda. Ten lawyers endorse asset theft. Armenia suspends CSTO (36 min)

Ukr Defence West Avdeyevka, Rus Outflanks, Ukr Troops Despair; US/EU Escalate Failed Sanctions (1:15 min)

Legal experts green light Russian asset seizure. Medvedev, F16 warning (30 min)

The Fatal Flaw Undermining America’s Defense Industrial Base (42 min)

US Sanctions 500+ Russian Entities Over Navalny’s Death and Avdiivk… (4 min)

Russia-Ukraine war LIVE: US warns Iran against providing ballistic …


Zelensky Hanging By Thread

Zelensky Hanging By Thread


Zelensky Hanging By Thread, Zaluzhny Sacking Debacle, Opponents Circle, Rus Tanks Advance All Fronts (1:22 min)

Zaluzhny refuses to go. Elensky weakened. Borrell; no truce, more weapons. Blockade hits Paris (42 min)

FT report, EU planning to destroy economy of Hungary (24 min)

America (or its Ukraine proxy) blows up German gas pipe line and now Bruxelles EU threatens to destroy Hungary because Orban does not want to rubber stamp more money going to the clown Zelensky. Russia does not need to do anything. The West is destroying itself. Carry on.


American leadership

American leadership

Antony Blinken: the world is looking for American leadership (4 min)


Russian Tanks BREACHED Ukrainian Positions in Novomykhailivka (22 min)

Russia Unveils its Combat-Ready T-80BVM Model 2023 Tank


Haley exposes The Putin birthday plot. Borrell, EU garden in danger. Milei, shock therapy protests (40 min)

Desperate US/EU To Seize Rus Assets, Send Ukr Refugees Fight; Tighten Oil Cap, Sanction Diamonds (1:13 min)


Why “Digging In” Won’t Save Ukraine & What the West Got Wrong about Russian Defenses (25 min)




Peace in the Middle East

Peace in the Middle East

“Peace in the Middle East is sending Western Globalists and Israel into a tailspin.” (1:22min)

Syria Welcomed Back Into Arab League & U.S. FLIPS OUT (13 min)

Arab Countries Policy Change Towards Syria: A New Vision and Strategic Shifts (9 min)

Pakistan is dying (and that is a global problem)-15 min

Here’s Why The World Hates America (6 min)

Bakhmut final stage

Bakhmut final stage

Bakhmut, final stage. EU frozen Russian assets disappear (38 min)


🚨 NATO and U.S. issue red alert against China and Putin | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

About halfway he spruiks Uranium mines so watch it until then.


Russia Pincers Close Bakhmut, Zaluzhny Warns Zelensky; China Spooks West, CIA Says Russia Confident (1:20)

Myths and facts about Russian economy

Myths and facts about Russian economy

I am glad that I caught this Duran episode because I saw part of the “Joe Blogs” video crowing about the Russian economy being in free-fall and using Bloomberg to underpin his arguments. I knew immediately that it was propaganda and I think Blogs works for 77 Brigade. Even the IMF thinks that Russia is doing OK.  What is the point of keeping such a fictive reality going?  Sooner or later the truth will become apparent to everyone.  The sanctions did not work in fact they accelerated the formation of a multi-polar world.   And Ukraine is losing the war even with NATO help. The Russians will never back down from a war on their doorstep and they are winning. It is a slow moving war of attrition that Russia is winning 

Moldova gov collapse. Myths and facts about Russian economy (31 min)

Pepe Escobar: Why the Price Cap on Russian Oil Failed (8 min)