Latest SARS PRION & Neuroinflammation Data

Latest SARS PRION & Neuroinflammation Data

Not watched this yet…less than 2 hours (skip the intro)… This is an embed from WTYL (hope it works)

Latest SARS PRION & Neuroinflammation Data (1:55)

Tsar Wars

Tsar Wars

Well that was a play on Sars, Tsar and Star Wars because this stream has a bit of everything.  A 6:11 hour stream covering Sars, science, the Ukraine and blood work by Dr Richard Fleming who is repeating and confirming the work done by Kevin. We can see a clot forming mechanism and the de-saturation of the heme. It may well be the LNP is entering the blood cell and causing the hemoglobin to loose iron. In any case the effect is visible and should not be happening.  The stream starts with Kevin showing us the shed he is building which will be used as a laboratory for doing independent analysis. Kevin has also (with the help of others) built a streaming and video platform to go alongside the Discord server. This is necessary because of the increasing censorship and labeling of any free speech or “wrong think” as terrorism. The platform is here. It is all self-funded so if you can support the work with a donation.

The Dojo only has a few linked time stamps

I have some more here but they are only rough times and they are not linked:

37:00 Putin Covid Zombie
40:00 Grain ships hit in the black sea
46:00 Ukrainian Bio labs
54:00  Science: vaccine uptake by liver (see Dojo link above)
1:19 White blood cell count drops
1:30 Vaccine investigation Dr Fleming
2:04 Chat etc
2:20 Diversity NATO (lolz)
2:32 New Platform:
2:33 Chat and war footage
2:39 A lesser war
2:50 Discord censorship policy
2:55 More war footage
3:03 Dr Flemming
3:10 Kyiv more war footage
3:20 Bio-labs
3:21 Historical footage Tet offensive
3:31 Budo -Khazar chat clips etc
3:42 Dead soldiers (Ukrainian?)
3:52 Taiwan
3:55 Russian invasion maps of Ukraine bio weapons
3:56 Dilyana Gaytandzhieva bio labs
3:59 war
4:12 phantom honking
4:30 Experiment de oxygenating blood and chat etc



Dilyana Gaytandzhieva

These labs are co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and rumor is Russia’s entire military operation right now is unofficially to either secure and/or destroy these labs and gather evidence.

Bio-labs resources

Are US-run biological labs in Ukraine one of the reasons behind Russia invasion? Read how Russian govt had raised ‘bioweapons’ alarm
Feb 25, 2022

Research reveals new details about US biolabs in Georgia and Ukraine
Jan 27, 2021
Alternative link:

Ukrainians ask themselves what biolabs supervised by the US Department of Defense might be doing in Ukraine
Apr 23, 2020

On April 23rd the US Embassy in Ukraine acknowledged that there are biological laboratories in Ukraine that are under the control of the Pentagon.

The statement of diplomats came after an open letter from people’s deputies about the threats posed by these research centers to Ukrainians.

Biothreat from US on the Rise
Jun 03, 2020

He added that 15 laboratories had been established in Ukraine since the so-called Orange Revolution in 2005.

Putin is now being portrayed as anti-globalist in the same way as his best buddy Trump is anti-globalist.  Are you picking up what I am putting down? The moral of the story is be very careful.

Many countries are blocking Russia Today because it is propaganda (which it is) becaue the West, on the other hand, always tells the truth.

Direct link (you may need VPN).

The Planning

The Planning

This is one on my watch-list.  I have parked it here.  Mark does some great shows and archives all his evidence.  Together with the Dojo, Nick, Drastic, Gigaohm and dozens of others we are building a formidable open source intelligence gathering operation.  And you know what?  We have been right about most things whether that is science, history or medical.  I believe we have done a decent job of sorting through the propaganda and disinfo.

Ep 91.C : #### 2003 : The Planning (long-format Sunday night livestream) 3:39


The website: Housatonic

SARS CoV-2 was Lab Made

SARS CoV-2 was Lab Made


This is a pretty good video by Chris from Peak Prosperity.  It summarizes what has happened so far and Chris explains about D.R.A.S.T.I.C. and basically points out what Dr Kevin McCairn already has done but he does it very clearly in a structured manner.

They have been exposed.  It was made in a lab and it was released on purpose. 

Episode 028

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:49 – An Explosive Document Leak to DRASTIC
  • 01:58 – The Bombshell! Insertion of Furin Cleavage Sites to Enhance Pathogenicity
  • 08:07 – DRASTIC’s Opening Statement Part I
  • 11:58 – DRASTIC’s Opening Statement Part II
  • 14:50 – Key 2020 Moments in the Lab Leak Cover-Up
  • 20:24 – The Bombshell
  • 29:48 – Creation of Viruses Exactly Like the One That Causes COVID-19
  • 32:33 – The Smoking Gun
  • 39:38 – Conclusions for the DRASTIC Document Leak

Do you believe you deserve to know if the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has upended the world, and your life, for the past 20 months was made by humans? I know I deserve to know that, as does everyone. Well, the field of that battle just got a little bit clearer. A leaked document shows that in 2018 the EcoHealth alliance had pitched DARPA to fund a huge amount of work on bat coronaviruses including mixing and matching the most dangerous elements of them (so-called chimeric virus assemblies) as well as identifying and inserting the best human furin cleavage sites in them to increase pathogenicity. All of this work was to be done in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology up to and including playing a significant portion of “the bat lady’s” salary. DARPA declined to fund this work over obvious concerns. No matter, this same work was funded by the NIH, which also, for unknown reasons, by-passed the usual institutional oversight governing such dangerous work. So far the media is stone silent on this matter. We hope this video is allowed to stand on YouTube, as it is presenting facts and drawing some very obvious conclusions. However, it will also be embarrassing to certain layers of bureaucracy, so we all know the risks here. The emperor would very much like to continue believing he’s wearing a fine set of garments. We are in the final moments of that old narrative being contained. People are waking up. The good news is that you can always join our completely uncensored conversations by becoming a member at Peak Prosperity. Just click this link:… You can also take a stand against censorship and medical nihilism! Become a free subscriber to Peak Prosperity here… OR better yet, become a full paying member for only $7 for your first month here:…. Access to all of Chris’s content, live webinars twice a month, and much much more is available to our paying members. Part I Links: DRASTIC Files https://drasticresearch.files.wordpre… EcoHealth Alliance Website The Seeker (DRASTIC member)… Media poo-pooing lab leak theory in 2020……… LANCET TASK FORCE… Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2… Baric-Shi paper 2015… No Close Relatives of SARS2 with cleavage sites…



Dr McCairn debunks Dr Dan Watson natural origin fairy story. At this stage there are still people pushing the “natural origin” narrative.  With all the evidence that has emerged they no longer deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.  In my view those who support proximal origins are  IIA (Interactive Internet Agents).   This video  is a cleaned up version (believe it or not) of  the stream and I added the ABC intro (Lolz).  The section about Chinese toilets is funny.  You have to laugh about something.

Debunking Da Funk of Dr. Dan Watson (1 hr 18mins)

Here is the original video.

Big Tech is the conspiracy (8 mins)

Censorship around the origins of covid. They don’t want you to know where it came from.

Covid Belt and Road (5 mins)

Dr Kevin McCairn looks at the geopolitics of the fall of Afghanistan


Here is an interesting thread on the origins (click and follow the thread):


Room 911

Room 911

Here are a number of  one minute truth videos from Mark at Housatonic.  I will create a tag for his material as he his one of the good guys.  This is part of a growing internet base of open source intelligence.  They cannot and will not stop us investigating and revealing the truth.  There is more to come.  Gradually I am filtering all the grifters, the money grubbers, the con men the IIA agents and the controlled opposition out of my website.  We need to have a laser like focus now and expose them all.

 The ones to follow are Brendon O’Connell, Dr. Keven McCairn and Mark from Housatonic which has a great research page and brilliant videos. A top grade researcher who finds archived newspaper articles etc and does deep dives. His website:

His Research page has a name index and you can look up people in order to find the connections. What is happening now runs very deep and has been planned for decades.   I have just watched 8 hrs of video that blew my mind and I will attempt to condense into an accessible short format for my blog.

Stay away from Room 911

The first one minute video talks about the 2002–2004 SARS outbreak  from about 10 years ago which was spread by the anonymous Chinese-American Johnny Chen (think here of John Doe) who caught it from a couple staying in room 911.  They are mocking you.  This was obviously a practice run but first SARS pandemic got cut short for some reason.  Probably needed to fear program the dumb goy a bit more…because people just shrugged it off.



On 21 February, Liu and his wife checked into room 911 on the ninth floor of the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong. Chinese-American Johnny Chen caught it and carried carried to Hanoi, Vietnam, where he died on 13 March (infected 38 staff members)

The Wikipedia entry can be found here:

One minute Truths

We remember Johnny Chen, the Snohomish County Man equivalent from SARS1

So much smoke we don’t know if it’s from a gun or from a clam bake gone wrong

Moderna mRNA vax factory construction started July 2018 – they were planning on Zika vax (ya right)

Fast tracked Zika mRNA vaccine … right around prep time for 2019 military games in Wuhan …

It’s like the point of the pandemic was making gene therapy the new standard

Why did this have to happen?

The Zika narrative made it all possible

Valera Moderna

I suspect Valera was doing mRNA vax research on HIV-1 since 2017 (helpful, presumably, for CV19)

I said Heymann nice shot, mRNA makes a good shot man, Heymann nice shot! Unleash your panic on man!

Dr Xiangguo Qiu was a lead on the Ebola vaccine in 2014/2015 and worked directly with Fauci

Qui is missing. Plummer is dead. Fauci is alive and demanding to jab your kids. Who do you trust?