Hail Satan

Hail Satan

Have you offered your prayers to Lucifer today? (lolz).. Satan is wandering to and fro in the earth looking for the next Eddie Barzoon (lolz).  They are Malthusian Eugenicists and they are evil.

World Invocation Day And The LUCIS TRUST!!! (17 min)


The Theosophists-Kabbalists-Gnostic cultists do not even stay true to their own “gospels” (lolz)

The Gnostic View of Women (6 min)


This is not Christianity it is Theosophy.    It is Gnosticism.    It is Kabbalism. It is Christ consciousness.  It is apostasy and the great deception.

COALECING – featuring Scott McKay and “His Glory” – they are in fact equally yoked! (6 min)


It is weaponized religion by the intelligence agencies.  They need to destroy and reformulate Christianity in order to introduce a New Age Religion to host their dystopia run by Artificial Intelligence and controlled by the oligarchs.  A New Age Religion based on Virtual Reality and psychedelic drugs to fool the masses into believing that are in a higher spiritual state all the while milking and tokenizing their behavior in the noosphere. The fevered dreams of fantasists and madmen.  A global apostasy.  Christianity has been heavily under attack.  It has even been presented as a “Jewish PsyOP” (lolz) which  is patently untrue. Christian-Zionism is a Jewish PsyOp (and the Jews love it) but true Christianity is hated by the Jews.  Islam on the other hand is rabbinic in origin and the Jews would have little trouble accommodating and absorbing a law-and-works based religion as they share similar practices. 

Larry Johnson: Religion and The End of Times (2 mins)

Elensky, this is not Hollywood

Elensky, this is not Hollywood

Watch this and tell me that Putin is wrong. He is visibly upset and moved and I think it is genuine.
President Putin reminds us of history – Bandera (5 min)

Biden, I shot down balloon & Xi is a dictator. Elensky, this is not Hollywood. F-16s in Romania. U/1 (39 min)

The US is conducting a proxy war in Ukraine and baiting China.  Idiots.

Biden blows up China rapprochement, calls Xi Jinping a dictator (24 min)

You Won’t Believe The Latest Excuse For Sending BILLION$ MORE To Ukraine! (5 min)

US-backed Terrorism Targets Vietnam & Myanmar in Wider War on China (26 min)


Masonic “Dark” to “Light” Transition

Masonic “Dark” to “Light” Transition

I think it is important to be aware what is happening on the wider Christian scene and John Brisson who is a born again Evangelical is well informed in this space especially regarding CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference).  This video starts with clips from THE MAGICAL MYSTERY CHURCH a channel that debunks the false Christian movement

The video commences with a Satanist who “converts” to Jesus (lolz) and is filled with love.  This video highlights The  Great Awakening which is meant to be the counterpart to The Great Reset.

Both JFK Jr and a number of Trump acolytes (including Trump himself?) support The Great Awakening Tour . There are prominent Scientologists there and no doubt other cultists.  It is a big tent (lolz).  At about 42 minutes  a clip from a video is shown in black and white of John F. Kennedy predicting the rise of Trump and the “good guys” taking the country back.  Obviously this is an AI video framed as an operation looking glass CIA project in remote viewing. Fake nonsense but some people will believe.  I still maintain that we are going to see JFK Jr and Trump join forces and they are all going to push for a one world religion with Noahide Laws.  I think John Brisson is correct in that.

At 1:05 John Brisson gets lost in  Acts looking for a quote – so skip to 1:15 where he notes that he was looking for John 16:2:

"They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me" (John 16:2-3).

The point that he is trying to emphasize is that the Great Awakening will produce dogmatic, brainwashed cultists that will persecute true Christians, all the while believing that they are doing God a favor.  It was ever thus.

Has the Masonic “Dark” to “Light” Transition Begun? – The Beast and the Harlot 23n(1:26 min)


SATAN spotted in UK sky

SATAN spotted in UK sky

At this point they are just taking the proverbial (lolz)

Researchers Launched a Solar geoengineering test flight in the UK last fall (6 min)

Enjoy the following propaganda. See if you can spot the falsehoods without me telling you.  Think critically.  It is a hack job.  And by the way it is full of false representations and false figures.


Gnosticism in the Modern West

Gnosticism in the Modern West

I am still making my next video on this subject….trying to find time…very important.

Before you watch James Lindsay (who is always excellent) watch the short video below where Gnosticism is clothed as “New Age Religion”.

Gnosticism in the Modern West (2:23)


Cosmic Forces of the ‘I AM’ Presence & the ‘Company of Heaven’ Are Shaping this Whole New Future! (12 min)

See if you can spot the Gnostic terms:  As above so below (hermeticism),aeon, separation and the trap=wheel of karma (materialism is a prison), our divine plans, trapped (imprisoned) and all in all (pleroma).

My comment under the video:

Gnostic nonsense. Sorcery and hermetic from Egypt via Thoth. You do not possess special knowledge or Sophia. You believe the lie of the Serpent who promised illumination and all you found is that you are naked (vulnerable). This cycle is about to end and a new one about to begin. "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are a children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes. Arise, O God, and judge the earth: for thou shalt inherit all nations" (Ps 82-6-8). You will not elevate your consciousness through an act of apotheosis or jab yourselves into eternal life with your adenovector monkey juice. The magic and pharemekia (φαρμακεία) of Jannes and Jambres will not work nor will the lie of the serpent triumph. The synagogue of Satan who has transformed himself into an angel of light will be consigned to the abyss where it belongs.



Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole


I spent more than a day making this video.  I believe that Christianity is under attack. It is insidious and subtle and all encompassing.  The shocking thing is that so many Christians do not even realize.  They are asleep.

Transhumanism, Kabbalah,Marxism and Gnosticism  (2:13)

Also uploaded on Bit Chute:




Gnosticism Hannock
THOTH’s PROPHECY read from the Hermetic Texts by Graham Hancock (10 min)


Gnosticism Hannock
The Creation of the Universe, The False Reality, and The Divine Spark (27 min)

Rough notes on video:
-as above so below
-upper Egypt Gnostic texts Nag hamadi
-same time as DSS
-Contain pseudigraphia…..knowledge being witheld
-300 BC-400 AD sects gnosticism
-divine spark
-liberate the divine spark
-true nature
-you are in a game a simulation
-creator of the univrse a frequency Sophia Wisdom pesonification
-fractal energy golden mean DNA etc
-could the gnostic text be describing the frequency of creation and reality?
-universe pure consciousness…wants to create…so it can experience itself
-everything is an illusion
-sophia the flow of reality
-hidden hidden
-Satan (Enlil) appears in the garden as Yahweh to enslave mankind
-The serpent appears to free mankind
-How did good and evil get so flipped
-We forget…it got flipped
-Hebrews pass on information over generations
-We have forgotten
-Pre-existing spirit – circle everywhere -circumference nowhere
-the pleroma -the fullness
-pleroma -frequency
-quantum physics
-pre-existent tension – archons pre-exist in light
-Sophia (godess) aeon she dreams and creates singularity anthropos
-she splits some remains above some below
-celestial Sophia
-earthly Sophia- corrupt world-material world -prison
-deep within us the divine spark
-the “demiurge” the creator of the material world. Demiurge is the architect or craftsman
-Demiurge created himself and the archons – to get rid of the divine spark to snuff it out
-the earth a prison for souls
-to keep us separate from the Monad
-The Apocraphon of John
-the archons – the planets -SATURN -Yaldabaoth or Samael
-Gohst in the machine-Sophia reincarnating herself
-It really feels like science fiction…the films express the same
-Ti-am-ata- mothergodess -all powerfull -the lizard mothers
-Enuma Elish -Sumerian..Ti-am-ata (sophia energy) taken over by the demiurge (not the true creator)
-Enki keeps the sophia alive.
-All the suff excevated in Egypt….Enki becomes Osiris
-The sophia returns to the logos
-Energy release from the sun (solar flare)
-Massive transformation
-Do the gnostic texts support Sumerian story
-We are lost, we have forgotten etc
-Everyhing unified we are separated by misguided perceptiom
-a seed planted in the bible instead of the lies that the demiurge has spread.


John the Baptist, Mandaesim and gnosticism

According to the Mandaean text the Haran Gawaita, the Nasoraean Mandaeans, who were disciples of John the Baptist, left Judea/Palestine and migrated to Media in the 1st century CE.The reason given for this was their persecution in Jerusalem. The emigrants went first to Haran (possibly Harran in modern-day Turkey), or Hauran and then the Median hills in Iran, before finally settling in the southern provinces of Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq).
****Note that Paul found disciples of the Baptist in Asia Minor (Ephesus see Acts 19) who had never heard of Jesus. The Mandaean sect held Gnostic tpe beliefs.
Either merge with AI or be left behind
i can’t hide this any longer

As philosopher of science Rasmus Jaksland points out, this eventually implies that there are no individual objects in the universe anymore; that everything is connected with everything else: “Adopting entanglement as the world making relation comes at the price of giving up separability. But those who are ready to take this step should perhaps look to entanglement for the fundamental relation with which to constitute this world (and perhaps all the other possible ones).” Thus, when space and time disappear, a unified One emerges.
What is Hermeticism? (29 min)


HIDDEN Connections Of The Hermetics, The Kabbalah, Alchemist’s, Freemasons & Egyptians!!




The 7 Hermetic Principles of The Kybalion Explained (new Age Stuff)
THE KYBALION (nt Kabbalah)



WEF inspired globalist banker coup

WEF inspired globalist banker coup

It is late and I am rushing this out but it seems the next PM of the UK is Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak and his wife sit on a fortune of £730,000,000.Remember this whenever he talks about making “tough decisions” that working class people will pay for.Five months ago Rishi Sunak whose net worth is £730 million, said he ‘blames people on benefits’ for high inflation. His wife,Akshata Murty is the daughter of NR Narayana Murty, the billionaire founder
of the global IT firm Infosys.

After graduating, he worked for Goldman Sachs and later as a partner at the hedge fund firms the Children’s Investment Fund Management and Thélème Partners. Thélème Partners is a London-based hedge fund manager founded in August 2009 by Patrick Degorce, a former founding partner at The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation and also worked at Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers.Hedge-fund manager Patrick Degorce was an early investor in Moderna.

Originally, Patrick Degorce together with Sir Christopher Hohn, co-founded TCI. The Children’s Investment Fund Management (UK) LLP (TCI) is a London‐based hedge fund … CIFF initially received a portion of TCI’s profits and other donations.  CIFF is worth USD $6.6 billion, it is the 5th largest global development philanthropy in the world.  Who knew doing good deeds and charity work for the chilrun would be worth that much money? (Lolz) A quick scan shows it is heavily involved with young girls in third world countries and “family planning/reproduction” (this involves self injecting the DMPA-SC contraceptive) and also with “activism” to do with climate change and sustainability.Patrick Degorce left CIFF and took Sunak with him to found Thélème which name is reminiscent of François Rabelais and the Abbey of Thélème which influenced Aleister Crowley the satanist and occult social or spiritual philosophy Thelema with its law “Do whatever you want”. Maybe I have an overactive imagination but it creeps me out and makes me think of the Temple of Doom full of child slaves.

In any case Sunak is here to bring in Digital Slavery and the hypnosis is done through the propaganda:


Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas and don’t forget to slaughter the innocents it is a Xmas tradition ask Herod (p.s. I know Xmas is not Christ’s birthday).  Line your kids up for the jab.  They are already on the 4th one in Israel. You are falling behind. The psychological war against Christianity continues.  The Jewish cabalists together with the satanists, occultists and masonic brotherhood have already lost they just don’t know it yet.

His Disposal

His Disposal

Extremely important

Someone picked up something very creepy in Prince Charles Speech at COP26.   Now whatever you want to make of this it is unusual.  Of course it has a lot of Christians talking about the AC (antiChrist) and Satan, Lucifer etc and others talking about aliens, lizard people blah.

However, leaving aside any crazy speculation we know that something unusual is going on …..and this is very strange.

Note that Charlie uses the personal pronoun………HIS DISPOSAL

He talks about trillions (of dollars) and the inadequacy of governments to  deal with the coming problems.

One thing all Christians know for certain…..the messiah does not need trillions of dollars to fix the world.   Whoever is the subject matter of this speech is definitely not the messiah.



Whatever happens be alert and prepare  and pray always