Mow the Grass

Mow the Grass

That is the phrase the Israeli’s use regarding keeping the Palestinians in check.  Every now and then they have to “mow the grass”.  Looks like the grass decided to fight back.

Israel’s WORST Military Defeat Since 2006: Jenin Raid (22 min)

Hostilities intensify following ambush on Israeli force; Iran-SA to deepen ties TV7Israel News 19.06

BOMBSHELL! China Announces Support For Palestinian Statehood (8 min)


Multipolar Shift

Multipolar Shift

Not just a geomagnetic shift but a geopolitical shift.

Saudi Arabia oil production cut (12 min)


Saudi Arabia Clashes with USA and Looks to Multipolar Reality

US and Iran, tanker wars (14 min)


AfD rises to match SPD in latest polls. Green collapse (24 min)

What do they say about Greens?  They are like watermelons – green on the outside and red on the inside.  Eco-commies.


Banana Republic USA

Banana Republic USA

The choice is between the Orange messiah or the Rainbow messiah.  The Hegelian dialectic at work.  The USA has been subverted internally and there is more than one faction at work.  Zionists and Globalist with an overarching banking elite manipulating all the oligarchs. Deep state, MIC all vying for power. Corrupted by think tanks, NGOs and Philanthropic “trusts”.  Manipulated and blackmailed by Israel. Frankly it is a confusing mess (deliberately so). Chabad and the Rothschild-Rockefeller alliance play a bigger role.  They are abusing a nation that is largely patriotic and Christian. They need to destroy any notion of sovereignty in order to impose total control.  None of them are good guys.

Everything to Know About Trump Indictment and Espionage Act (28 min)

Saudi Arabia threatens to fundamentally alter relationship with the US (7 min)

STUNNING new details emerge about Jeffery Epstein’s death in prison | Redacted with Clayton Morris (22 min)

Now O’Connell maintains that America did it.   I am sure that the USA did have a big hand in it just as I am sure that China also had a hand in it.  But this must not distract from the old East India Company as the UK has also played a huge role.  In the end this will turn out to be supra-national with the involvement of all the five eyes and Israel and especially  private-public  partnerships of the big corporations and banks (fascism to you and me). So there is plenty of blame to go around.  Plenty.  But above all keep your eyes on Rothschild, Rockefeller and Chabad.

189. The Origins Of Covid Revealed! America Did It! (1:19 min)

Zelensky World Tour

Zelensky World Tour

Elensky in Saudi Arabia, soon Japan. Politico, freeze conflict. Boris, Macron was a lickspittle. U/1 (44 min)

Secretive Bilderberg Gathering of Global Elites Kicks Off In Portugal, Agenda Includes AI & Banking (3 min)

Zelensky world tour lands in Saudi Arabia, next stop G7 Japan (38 min)

Zelensky Makes Surprise Visit at Arab League (14 min)

Russia Storms Last Bakhmut Positions, Bombards Ukraine; US Seeks Frozen Conflict, West Prepares F16s (1:17min)

Legion of Doom

Legion of Doom

The Legion of Doom is uniting against the West.


Gravitas: Syrian President visits UAE | Iran’s President to visit Saudi Arabia (7 min)

Xi Jinping, multipolar order is unstoppable. Pavel, Ukraine one last chance. Legion of Doom. U/1 (27min)

Xi Jinping meets Putin. AUKUS, preparing for conflict (20 min)


Putin and China just named a COMMON THREAT to their sovereignty | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)