Ukraine Disaster

Ukraine Disaster

Of course they are going to keep it going until the election in Nov 2024…

They caught one of the Moscow shooters.  You can bet he will talk…



Ukr Disasters Pile Up: Rus Missile Strike, Power Cuts, FAB-3000, Rus Advance, Kremlin Floats Ukr End (1:21 min)


$1.2T spending bill. FAB-3000 mass production. Scholz; $50B Freedom Bonds. Ursula, EU war President (40 min)

The Vampire Ball Is Over

The Vampire Ball Is Over


They filled their bellies with flesh and their pockets with money….


Russia Elections: Vladimir Putin wins fifth term as President | Syriana Analysis (7 min)

Rus Breakthrough: Orlovka Captured, Ukr Defence Collapses; RUSI Study Rus Attrition, West Cannot Win (1:12 min)

Scholz, Putin is not legitimate President. Graham wants more mobilization. Michel, EU war economy (41 min)

Vladimir Putin’s election victory (28 min)

US Government-Funded Polling Validates 2024 Russian Elections – West Simply Doesn’t Like the Outcome (18 min)






Ukraine Destroyed

Ukraine Destroyed

EU Leaders Isolate Macron, Scrounge MidEast/Africa for Shells; Ukr May Coup Rumours; Rus Orlovka(1:19 min)

BREAKING! New details in Navalny’s DEATH revealed by Ukraine | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris (16 min)

Scholz & Macron fight. FT, Western forces in Ukraine. Elensky road trip. Biden loses to uncommitted (28 min)

Colonel Douglas Macgregor gives his insights on the Ukrainian war (37 min)

You‘re LIED To About The Syrian War | Syriana Analysis (60 min)

Only available on YouTube:



Boris, Trudeau, Scholz meltdown

Boris, Trudeau, Scholz meltdown

It is funny to see all these morons meltdown.  Boris the clown, black face Trudeau and Scholz the eye patch pirate.  Supposedly these people run the world.  Not only are they incompetent idiots and liars, they are also dangerous.

Boris, Trudeau, Scholz meltdown. Biden, $61B criminal neglect. Syrsky, hold on to Avdiivka (28 min)


Ukr Crumbles: Avdeyevka Cauldron, Sinkovka, Bakhmut, No AD From March, Zelensky Syrsky Protests Grow (1:14 min)

Zelensky finally fires Zaluzhny (22 min)

The World Needs to Wake Up | Scott Ritter (1:14 min)

“Sanctioning Russia Is Killing The U.S Dollar!” – Putin Tells Tucker Carlson (16 min)

Tucker GRILLS Putin About Freeing Imprisoned U.S. Journalist! (15 min)



No Talking to Kiev

No Talking to Kiev

Putin: No Ukraine NATO Ever, Lavrov: Not Talking to Kiev, US; Ukr Losing Krynky; US Yemen Strike (1:22 min)

Putin, no interest in West Ukraine. Elensky, US will not betray us. Colorado removes Trump (45 min)


German Chancellor Scholz struggles to keep coalition together (13 min)


US Races to Provoke Conflict Over Taiwan Before China’s Irreversible Military and Economic Rise (29 min)

Russian Winter Offensive

Russian Winter Offensive

Biden CAN’T STOP Fearmongering About Russia! (16 min)

The Fall | At This Rate, Russian Winter Offensive Will Get To Dnieper. Military Summary 2023.12.10 (18 min)


Alex on X. Tucker & Gonzalo. Challenger tanks, A NEW HOPE. Scholz saved Germany from The Putin (40 min)

David Icke is correct….but who controls Icke? We are being nudged and maneuvered into the NWO by both sides.  Time to put my reptile face on.




Kiev Considers Big Retreat, Ukr Surrounded Avdeyevka, NATO Debacle; BRICS Outplay US, UN Backs BRICS (1:25 min)

West’s “New” Strategy for Ukraine Victory: Same as the Old One & Why it Can’t Work… (28 min)