Operation Sea Spray

Operation Sea Spray

I created the long overdue tag bioweapons for this article. Covid 19 is a bioweapon and the vaccine is dual use technology.

Operation Sea Spray (19 min)

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US Army Walter Reed Institute of Research:

My comment: Thanks must have missed that episode will place it on my blog. I already knew about the spraying in San Fran but you back it up with the actual reports etc. Interesting that the Newspaper report was published 42 days after 911 on something that happened in the 50’s. The bio-warfare operation ties in with Mark Kulacz from Housatonic’s theory that we are dealing with two deep state factions one that wanted to use bioweapons and the others wanted to maintain the status quo with conventional weapons. Their bio-freak plans were interrupted by 911 but now they are back on track. Have a look at these articles:

Computer and human viruses

The Human Genome Project