Freedom Day

Freedom Day

Please remember that all the vaccine mandates, mask mandates, vaccine passports, propaganda and the beatings are for “your health.”ย ย  The beatings will continue until morale improves.









UK Column News – 13th July 2020

UK Column News – 13th July 2020



Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.

START โ€“ Good cop, bad cop: mask confusion continues
Scotland: face coverings must be worn in Scotlandโ€™s shops and public transport
Susan Michie (SAGE): …but thatโ€™s not enough
Masks: a voluntary code unless you donโ€™t complyโ€ฆ
No risk assessment is available from government on wearing of masks
Royal Society President: face masks should be seen in same way as wearing seatbelts
Why is this policy being so heavily pushed in the UK and USAโ€ฆ?
US virologist didnโ€™t have CoronaVirus after weeks of daily NBC (fake) news updatesโ€ฆ
Peter Hitchens: forget face masks and fear โ€“ letโ€™s relax and accept the risk
How deadly is the CoronaVirus in realityโ€ฆ?
Testing rises: Florida breaks US CoronaVirus record for most new cases in a day
Floridaโ€™s new case numbers have been significantly inflated in recent weeks
BuryFreePress: Suffolk CoronaVirus infection rate one of the lowest in England
Public Health England takes steps to avoid any further double-counting errorsโ€ฆ
Matt Hancock: by acting collectively to test & trace, we will keep Covid cornered
By โ€˜protecting the NHSโ€™, government has ended up killing people by shutting it down
Hancock enjoying his โ€˜swift and silentโ€™ powers to remove individuals for screeningโ€ฆ
Serbian government caves to public pressure and cancels new lockdown
Ireland to impose quarantine on incoming travellers
Areas and regions are creating their own unique rules to prevent freedom of movement
The China model is coming: fully automated medical mass surveillance
34:26 โ€“ Covid culture: pub PPE confusion
Treated like a herd of cattle: Cornwall pub installs electric fence at the bar
Meanwhile, US government deficit for June: $863 billion in a monthโ€ฆMSM ignores it
39:02 โ€“ Ian R. Crane crowdfunding donations continue to rise
39:33 โ€“ Councils prepare massive cuts in jobs & services after losing cash on investments
Shades of the Icelandic banking crash losses โ€“ when will this endโ€ฆ?
Councils using hidden reserves from Council Tax payments to gamble with public money
43:11 โ€“ Brexit: the UK transition โ€“ check โ€“ change โ€“ go
ยฃ750 million investment to be made in UK borders
47:00 โ€“ Turkeyโ€™s Hagia Sophia cathedral museum to become a mosque
21 Wire article: Turkeyโ€™s 6th religious council โ€“ dawn of a sharia-compliant new Turkey
Plenty of mishief can be wrought in this area by the EUโ€ฆ
54:57 โ€“ Ireland: protests against mass-sexualisation of children & new childrenโ€™s minister
The creeping normalisation of paedophilia