Moar War

Moar War

You have to give them credit they are trying real hard to expand the war. 

Russian-Led Forces Primed To Storm The City Of Severodonetsk

Russia River Crossing Setback, Advances Elsewhere, EU Drop Oil Sanctions, Erdogan Opposes NATO Bid (40 min)

Russian – Ukraine War: Civilians Under Fire Everyday (Special Report)-21min

Do they want nuclear war?

Do they want nuclear war?

Seems to me that they are doing everything they can to provoke Russia. Keep poking that bear and see what happens.

Putin Accuses West Of Russophobia l Medvedev’s Nuclear Warning l Russia Bombs Sumy, Luhansk (7 min)

Russia Advances on Ukraine Troops Trapped in Severodonetsk, Finland Rushes to Join NATO (35 min)

  EU’s Josep Borrell calls for seizing Russian assets to “rebuild” Ukraine (2 min)

This is very interesting:

Hamas Delegation Arrives for Talks in Moscow (13 min)


No Good Choices

No Good Choices

Ukraine Forces in Severodonetsk Face Encirclement, EU Undermines its own Oil Sanctions (43 mins)

Russians Advance In Donbass Leaving No Good Choices For Kyiv’s Forces

Russian Gains In Donbass Leave No Hope For Ukrainian Grouping In Severodonetsk

Russian Missile Strikes Shopping Center in Odessa – Inside Russia Report (13 min)

Russian Ruble Strongest Since March 2020 (3 min)