Heavy Defeat for Ukraine

Heavy Defeat for Ukraine

Heavy Defeat for Ukraine as Russia Captures Severodonetsk, Hold East Bank of Seversky Donetsk River (23 min)

Boris Johnson loses conservative heartland. Macron faces lame duck presidency (25 min)

MEP demolishes the EU over Ukraine LIES (2 min)

Is the West BLACKBALLING Russia? (3 min)

RUSSIA DEFAULTS ON DEBT For First Time Since 1917. DISASTER For Russian Reputation & Future Debt.(22 min)

Have  not watched this yet but all of Russia’s assets placed in Western accounts were stolen.

Folly upon Folly

Folly upon Folly

At fourteen mins Alexander mentions that war between Israel and Iran is inevitable (I believe that is true).  And what he has to say about Lithuania (and the USA) using Kaliningrad to provoke Russia (see the next video).

Russia Fighting in Lysychansk, Ukraine Announces Tactical Withdrawals, EU Distances from Lithuania (30 mins)



Russia takes control of Severodonetsk, Ukraine vows to continue fighting | World News | WION (3 min)

Ukraine Forces Trapped

Ukraine Forces Trapped

History repeats. Trapped in another factory (chemical works). Not Azov but Azot.

Ukraine Forces Trapped in Severodonetsk Azot Factory, UK General Criticizes West Leaders’ Strategy (39 min)

“Ukraine Should Cede Territory to Russia” | Did Biden Said That? (15 min)

Venezuelan Wannabe President Guaidó KICKED OUT of Restaurant (7 min)

I’ve been SMEARED by Pseudo-Academics as “Russian-Influenced” (23 min)


Ukraine Retreats

Ukraine Retreats

Ukraine Retreats from Severodonetsk, Biden Confirms Kiev Fighting to Improve Negotiating Position (56 min)

US to Send “Game-Changer” HIMARS to Ukraine: The Rest of the Story (15 min)

Harald Marer warns of “ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON” – Inside Russia Report (17 min)


Russia halts gas supply to Netherland, Germany, Denmark | EU reels under rising fuel prices | WION (3 min)

Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine: Rocket Launchers and Lost Cities (36 min)

“This is NONSENSE” Says Koreiba – Inside Russia Report (13 min)


Western Shops In Russia Are LYING, But To WHO?? – Inside Russia Report (6 min)


Russia’s New Land Bridge To Crimea (Special Report) 6 min

Crimean Bridge: The Most Controversial Bridge in the World? (11 min)

The Snowball Effect

The Snowball Effect

He could have called it the avalanche effect.  Russia will win this war on the ground but it could be turned into a strategic defeat if the Zelensky Govt refuses to negotiate thus forcing Russia to conquer the whole of Ukraine dragging in Poland and NATO.  This is what Kissinger warned (and dirt bag that he is, he is right).  It seems that the madmen in charge are determined to have nuclear war.

The Snowball Effect by Jacob Dreizin (24 min)

Russia Moves into Severodonetsk, Ukraine Suffers Heavy Losses in Kherson, EU Split on Russia Oil Ban (32 min)

Denmark To Be CUT OFF From Gas. Russia Announces DEBT FOR ROUBLES scheme – Inside Russia Report (8 min)


No US Long-Range Rockets For Kyiv l Putin’s Troops Storm Severodonetsk l Mass Graves In Mariupol (6:47)

Is the Ukraine psyop already wearing off (Part 1) ( 9min)

Russia ‘Storming Severodonetsk’

Russia ‘Storming Severodonetsk’

Russia ‘Storming Severodonetsk’, EU Leaders Call Putin as West Runs Out of Options (32 min)

Kissinger’s Controversial Idea: Would Ukraine Giving Up Land to Russia Stop War?(16 min)

Finland & Sweden Risk Nuclear War with Russia | Scott Ritter & Richard Medhurst (4 min)


Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine

Russian Ops in Ukraine: West Changes Tune as Russian Gains Continue (30 min)

Shaun Pinner & Andrew Hill to be PROSECUTED. Greek Nationals UNDER THREAT – Inside Russia Report (14 min)


Russia Tests Zircon Missile, Street Fight in Severodonetsk | Russian Media Says Putin Eyeing Kyiv (7 min)

Kiev Places All Hopes on Western Weapons, Erdogan Repeats Opposition to Finland, Sweden NATO Bids (45 min)


Moar War

Moar War

You have to give them credit they are trying real hard to expand the war. 

Russian-Led Forces Primed To Storm The City Of Severodonetsk

Russia River Crossing Setback, Advances Elsewhere, EU Drop Oil Sanctions, Erdogan Opposes NATO Bid (40 min)

Russian – Ukraine War: Civilians Under Fire Everyday (Special Report)-21min