Jan 20

Demonizing Persia

Demonizing Persia

War has been avoided.   At least that is what most people believe.  The media also promotes the idea that the US is deescalating.   That is not true because we are already at war with Iran and have been for some time.  And the demonizing continues (all part of the plan)

"Which Path to Persia?" was written in 2009 by the Brookings Institution as a blueprint for confronting Iran. Within the opening pages of the report, acknowledgments are given to the Smith Richardson Foundation, upon which Zbigniew Brzezinski sits as an acting governor and 4 of the 6 authors are Jewish (no surprise there).

Given that, so far, all attempts to hijack the Iranian regime have failed, I would tend to believe we are not very far from (or maybe squarely in) the stage called “US Sponsored Terrorism and Armed Insurrection” of the Brookings’ report “Which Path to Persia?”

1. “Sanctions”
2. “Invasion”
3. “United Front Against Iran”
4. “Manufacturing Provocations”
5. “Foreign-Funded Color Revolution”
6. “US Sponsored Terrorism and Armed Insurrection”
7. “Fomenting a Military Coup”


So, this has planned for a long time.  See the following links and read the Brookings Institute PDF:

https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/02/brookings-which-path-to-persia.html (Part 1)

https://landdestroyer.blogspot.com/2011/05/which-path-to-persia-redux.html (Part 2)

Censorship of anti-war narrative













As the US escalates its hybrid wars, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are suspending accounts and censoring content that conflicts with Washington’s pro-war narrative. The Grayzone spoke to several people silenced in these social media purges.


They will not forget

The Persians will not forget.  The Shia concept of Martyrdom has been shaped by the deaths of the early martyrs of the Shia faith, Ali and Husayn ibn Ali,  and Iranian society and government have further shaped the understanding of martyrdom in the modern age.  They still celebrate centuries later and you have given them another martyr slaughtered not in battle but by a dastardly, deceptive cowardly act.  Despite your propaganda Soleimani was much loved and respected.   Do you honestly think that Iran firing some rockets at empty military installations is the end of the matter?   You are the boy who stuck his stick in a hornets nest.  You gave them a martyr.   Soleimani himself would be pleased with such a death.  You have united the Iraqi and Iranian Shia like never before.  Who are you using as military analysts?   Who are your strategists?   You are good at firing people....you should definitely fire them.




Jan 20

New websites

A few new websites to bookmark and add to your alternative news etc.  We try to recommend websites that are unbiased and propaganda free.  Some of the sites are left-leaning (anti-imperialist). However, sometimes we refer to a "patriot" (Zionist) website as it is good to know what everyone is thinking (like X22 report or the mysterious Qanon intelligence drops).  

 New bookmarks

The following website is completely pro-Trump "patriots" and is often quite crazy. It is called Sorcha Faal  and all the intelligence drops purport to be reports to the Kremlin (LOL) presumably made by the Nuns of Sorcha Faal (LOL).   Yes, I know. It is craaazeee.   The reports consist of many hyperlinks woven together to tell a story. Sometimes (often) the story makes no sense.  However, the work that goes into this production suggests that it is run by a team (not one person) and it is interesting to see what "spin" they put on events.  The next images comes from one of their reports.   The story was ridiculous and obviously spun to place Trump in a good light.....but I found the links very interesting.  So, I have gone to some of their links and reinterpreted the story.  In their story Trump is acting (the assassination) in order to help unite the Muslim World (LOL).


President Trump’s intention to destroy Saudi Arabia
so the remainder of the Islamic world can make peace
with the West—and explains why Trump didn’t inform
the Saudis before assassinating General Soleimani—
because if Trump had, the Saudis would have done
everything in their power to stop it—because the
killing of Soleimani was a direct attack on
Dar al-Islam (House of Islam), not on Iran itself.


This article throws Saudi Arabia under the bus and even mentions them as the perpetrator of 9/11. This is very good propaganda because it contains an element of truth.  What this story says is that Saudi Arabia corrupted the Islamic world by adopting the Petrodollar system.   It made the Islamic world dependent on the USA (the Jews).   On the 18-21 December the Islamic world (52 countries) including IRAN but excluding SAUDI ARABIA had a conference wherein these combined Sunni and Shiite powers announced the launch of a common currency called the dinar to be used between participating Muslim states to forever replace the US Dollar.    Apparently Trump wants peace with the Islamic world and the US is OK with their desire to get rid of the dollar (LOL).   Those stupid Iranians why can't they understand that killing their revered general was a gesture of peace (LOL) meant to punish Saudi Arabia (LOL) and unite the Islamic world behind a new currency (LOL).  Anyone who believes this bull has been lobotomized.  So why do I include this website?


Spinning a story

The website is included because the links are good (placed at the end of this piece) but the story is complete spin as a moment of critical thinking  reveals.

1. What the article says about the Petrodollar is true

2. The Anglo-Zionists do not want the end of the dollar

3. The end of the dollar means the end of empire

 This article is complete disinformation  and I cannot believe that Trump voters would be so stupid as to believe it.  It smacks of desperation and damage control.  What is interesting is that (((they))) whoever they are admit the truth (partially).....it was all about the petrodollar and the conference.  Now for some images from the article.






























Note that there are 52 countries attending. 

That number stuck in my head because of this tweet  (coincidence???):







Here is their other image (all true):















So, now when a Trump supporter hears about the assassination it is a "peace initiative" (LOL P.S. Didn't Trump say that it was done to prevent war?  Perhaps the Iranians should assassinate a few US generals and politicians to help prevent war. This is classic Orwell doublespeak War is Peace) and the disappearance of the Petrodollar is Trumps greatest desire.   Listen up Trump voters......I am not partisan. I am a Christian (like many of you).  I do not vote. I am not American.  I do not like the progressive, liberal cultural Marxists and detest Hillary as much as you do.   However.....do you really believe this crap?   Trump is not the orange Jesus.  He is not the chosen one.  The Saudi's could have dismembered Jamal Khashoggi on the Presidents desk in the White House and he would have DONE NOTHING.   Grow up...you are being played.  If you are not honest (even with yourself) what hope have you got? Trump executed the man (general Soleimani) most responsible for the systemic destruction of ISIS and neutering of Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. He's also a man, over the years, who has fought the U.S. to a standstill across the Middle East.

The link to the original story is here and here is the link to the Islamic summit.    The other story that attracted my attention was the one about drones doing a grid search of Colorado.   I have read this mysterious info on other sites. The speculation is that an atomic weapon is "missing".  There is no way to know if that is true or not but a US atom bomb (dirty bomb) explosion by Iranian terrorists would never happen would it?    Very unlikely.  About as unlikely as two planes hitting three buildings. I think we are going to see the "mother" of all false flag attacks.   After all they got away with 9/11 didn't (((they)))?    So, shall I call it?    The big bang.   That should deflect from economic collapse and give an excuse for "total war" (LOL).   Oh, and a side benefit is that all dissent can be crushed under the guise of more "security". 

More Sorcha Faal Reports





Other Websites




This blog seems pretty good (I will be exploring it).  Robert David Steele is ex-intelligence don't mix him up with the infamous Christopher David Steele of the Trump pee-gate golden showers nonsense "dossier".





This website is good for providing confirmation (additional information) on military matters. As always, with all websites THINK CRITICALLY.  Investigate. Make up your own mind.


Honorable mention of a Wire article

I am going to highlight certain sections of this article - Awaiting the Mahdi: Soleimani’s Martyrdom and the End of Stupidistan. First, however, I place my own image next to the quotes as I find it more suitable:


The point that I want to emphasize is that what is coming has a HUGE RELIGIOUS ELEMENT. It doesn't matter if you believe or not, whether you are an "infidel", atheist or believe in faeries.   This is "Holy War" Batman!  Whether you are Muslim, Evangelical Christian or a Jew who believes that the Third Temple needs building before the Messiah can arrive.   It does not matter if you believe any of that stuff.   It will shape the world around you whether you believe it or not.  Not only that, it will inevitably be manipulated by the Psycho's who run the world to maintain power.



And it seems, the Iranian authorities really do regard
Soleimani’s murder as a crime deserving serious punishment,
a punishment that might even conjure up truly eschatological
dimensions involving war and violence on a grand scale, a
scale that might portend the end of the world and the return
of the ‘Hidden Iman’ (Muhammad Ibn al-Hasan)as the ‘Mahdi,’
which means ‘The Guided One’ who ushers in the union
of Islam preceding the end of the world –an expectation that
has a “major ecclesiastical importance in Shia Islam.”

On the day before the unfurling of the Red Flag in Qom,
President Trump told a crowd of fervent Evangelicals in
Miami the following:“I do really believe we have God on
our side.” In other words, we now seem to have arrived at
a situation where both opponents appear to act in accordance
with their deeply held beliefs rather than their appreciation
of reality on the ground.

P.S.  All we need now is for the Dome of the Rock to be "accidentally" hit by an off-target "Iranian missile" and the site would be cleared for the Third Temple.  



Jun 19

Trump retarded

Name Calling

Diplomatic negotiations have moved into the delicate phase of name calling. Trump has been called retarded and mental and Iran has been threatened with obliteration.  I wonder where the Iranians got the idea from?









The clock on regime change is ticking


The clock is ticking

The clock is ticking













Iranian President calls White House 'mentally retarded'


The Big Picture

In order to understand the big picture you need to select the link below the thumbnail to get the "big" map.

Shia distribution select link to enlarge

Shia distribution select link to enlarge










If we are going to descend to the level of the "playground" then let us use the analogy. We have a big playground with two gangs. One gang calls themselves Shia and the other gang calls themselves Sunni.  They both want to be in charge of the playground.  We have a smaller kid who has pushed into the playground and has a special relationship with the headmaster (who some consider retarded).  The small kid was often bullied when he was younger. He cries a lot and was forced to move away because he was naughty but now he wants his spot in the playground back. The small kid who has claimed a part of the playground has kicked out another  kid and won't let him play marbles in the corner anymore.   Some consider the small kid a bully always running to the headmaster (who he has some kind of hold over) and telling tales.  Suffice to say the small kid and the headmaster had a good idea.  What if they suck up to the Sunni gang?  If they can get the Sunni gang to ignore the kid who wants to play marbles in the corner then the Sunni gang together with the retarded headmaster and the crying kid can beat up the Shia gang and have the playground to themselves.   And they lived happily ever after (NOT).  Because bad actors like that always end up slapping, pinching and pulling each others hair.  And the chief  of the board of governors is coming to inspect the playground and the school.  And he will kick the backside of that retarded headmaster, the small crying kid and all the gangs until they say that they are sorry.  He did the same thing to the naughty cry baby a long time ago and the kid is still not sorry:

"When the lord therefore of the vineyard cometh, 
what will he do unto those husbandmen?
They say unto him, He will miserably destroy those
wicked men, and will let out his vineyard unto other
husbandmen, which shall render him the fruits
in their seasons" (Matthew 21:40-41 ).

Are ye not entertained?






It is very difficult to get up-to-date maps with the ever changing sands of the Middle East

Here is an excellent map put together by a university (from 2011):


Here is an important article with maps from 2017 describing the Shia/Sunni struggle (good read):

Medieval Times in the Modern Middle East

By George Friedman and Kamran Bokhari

June 26, 2017