Die-varsity and bio-weapons

Die-varsity and bio-weapons

Race and gender  have been weaponized to shut down debate.   The misfits behind the double-speak use language to terrorize and impose self-censorship.  Dr Kevin McCairn is fighting a memetic war against the miscreants who pilpul their opponents into submission. The only option that works is to take their weapon away by being absolutely blase and obnoxious and anti-woke. Kevin has people send in memes and he is building quite a library of funny but shocking memes with which his raccoons bombard the enemy.


He has already done an excellent job of exposing the swamp creature and CEO of Eco Health Alliance Peter Darzak. Do not pity these people for they have blood on their hands and they will shed a lot more before they are done. That is not hyperbole. They need to be exposed to the light and if ridicule is part of the process, so be it.  Admittedly Kevin’s tactics are offensive and his live stream is not for faint hearts or the easily offended.  I have condensed a four hour live stream down to 42 minutes of presentable (lol) science etc interspersed with some of my own comments.  His videos get taken down almost immediately but he re-posts them on his own website.  If you subscribe you get notifications and can watch his work gratis but please offer some financial support if you can.  He will never work again in academia, that I can guarantee. The science he offers is sound and he answers any questions during the live stream and even by email. He is effectively building an intelligence gathering network. It is people like Kevin and Brendon who are exposing the malfeasance.  Like Brendon he now his own tag. The following tweets have links to some of the articles discussed:

University of Death = Die varsity

Kevin also refers to Dr David Martin.  Here is the original clip:

Silent weapons for quiet wars

In the UK they are employing the military (77 Brigade) on Social Media to  counter “disinformation” They have a “behavioral science” team in government to ramp up the fear and compliance. The DOD just released a paper on “human-augmentation” and the minister of defense talks about there being no peace or war but “asymmetric conflict”.  So, just who is the enemy then?  Who is the threat?  I get the distinct feeling it is people like me and our kids.

Saber Rattling, Neurological Sequala From Vaccination, Vincent Racianiello Shills CCP

Here follows my 42 minute summary:

Running Order

Due to You Tube Censorship The Full Stream Is available at the following link.

The video begins with 20 mins of memes then Kevin discusses how the UK destroyer HMS defender enters the Black Sea without any air support or other support. What were they thinking?  The Russians shot across their bow and forced them to veer away from territorial waters. They were being deliberately provocative (and stupid).  At 57 minutes Kevin made the interesting remark that they seem to be sealing the Southern Hemisphere off.  Australia and NZ have very low Covid rates.  Many of  the rich are building bunkers in NZ.


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