Red Sprite

Red Sprite

Powerful Explosion At Krakatau Volcano – Rare Lightning Event Australia – Red Sprite Lightning (8 min)

Two Stories You HAVE To See, Solar Storm Update | S0 News Nov.26.2023 (3 min)

11/26/2023 — Earthquake Forecast — New M7 activity due in Central America, M6+ in South Japan (29 min)

Graphene & the Skynet Grid Control (1 :20 min)

World Wide Wickedness (www)

World Wide Wickedness (www)

You have enslaved yourselves….a brilliant move by the powers that be.  People carry around the keys to their own prison.  The only phone I have is an old android that I never carry and barely use.  I swap out the SIMS so that I can register different twitter accounts. I already use four different browsers for different purposes.   I also have a VPN which I use for sensitive data and not Google search engines on some of the browsers.  You do not want a centralized digital ID.  Nevah!

Is Skynet watching you already? (1:04)

Disturbing Proof the WEF and UN Are Quietly Deleting the Internet (9 min)


Epic Meltdown As Elon Musk Will UNBAN Donald Trump & Alex Jones According To Text Messages!  (13 min)

This is all part of the game-plan.  No billionaires are coming to save you.

SMART City Dumb People

SMART City Dumb People

If you think that the IoT or internet of things has been developed to make your life easier, safer and more convenient then you better think again.  Even Adelaide which is a lovely city and a bit of a “country town” (or a backwater as some of the unkind would say) is being turned into a control center for the NWO.   Most people are blissfully unaware (hence the dumb people quip….the people of Adelaide are no dumber than anyone else).  

The trouble is that all these changes are being introduced at break neck speed and they all seem relatively innocent.  Even the people working for these companies will believe that they are working to combat climate change etc, etc.  What they are actually doing is turning the earth into a prison for permanent LOCKDOWN.  Once the system is fully integrated with UBI, digital currency and social credit score your fridge will order you food for you and your toilet will monitor your shit. You will be completely controlled.  Told what to eat and where you can go.  In China they have facial recognition cameras on the garbage bins to check what you are throwing away.




Ships of Tarshish

Ships of Tarshish

There is a particular Christian view that understands Great Britain and its proxy the USA as the biblical “ships of Tarshish”.    This view is very closely associated with Christian-Zionism and is both scripturally misinformed and politically naive.  Perfidious Albion may well be a friend of Israel but that does not make it a friend of God.   Great Britain is in the hands of the globalist Rothschild dynasty and despite the outward appearance that it has left the EU (Brexit) it is pursuing ever closer relations on the security and defense fronts as the UK column (see  7 Dec episode on this site) makes abundantly clear.   Britain has not left Catholic Europe (lol) and is a linchpin of the NWO beast system. Besides which the true wielders of power (the black pope of the Jesuits) are fully on board with the new ecumenical Jewish push for Noahide laws etc.  

David Ellis Report: Skynet


One Web


They are even in Adelaide

Skynet (One Web) are even in Adelaide (Mawson Lakes).  Doesn’t that make you feel safe?  I am sure China doesn’t mind.


There are no good guys.  Certainly not Great Britain.  Certainly not Israel.  Nor the USA nor China. All these countries operate out of self interest and they all want to dominate the world.  A great game is being played and no corner of the earth is safe from these power games.  Whoever wins they want to subject humanity.  We have met the enemy and it is us.

Christians need to wake up and smell the coffee. There is only one allegiance we must have and that is to Jesus Christ.

 The world that the tribe is building is anti-human and anti-freedom. It is based on drones, robots, surveillance trans-humanism and artificial intelligence (AI).  If you are not warning your flock you are part of the problem. The Lord is at hand and his reward is with him. This is a final call to wake up or face judgement.   It is not for nothing they have called the new system skynet.  More predictive programing. 

Skynet Takes Over And Becomes Self-Aware – Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines