Maui Part 1 and 2

Maui Part 1 and 2

I have not watched these videos by Alison yet and am only one hour into her previous  four hour video but I am taking notes and it is absolutely fascinating and relevant.  I will produce a report on her four hour video when I am done. It is a critical piece of work.  She never disappoints so I am betting that these are very good as well.  I will watch and report when I find time.  Always refresh your browser to get the latest version.


JumpSMART Maui Part 1 – Signals, Systems Thinking, and Polynesian Culture (2:07)

JumpSMART Maui Part 2 – Web3, Sociotechnical Systems, and Glucose Monitoring (LIVE)




15 Minute Prison

15 Minute Prison

SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) cities are for DUMB  (Disenfranchised Untermensch Mouth Breathers) people.

FURY at 15 minute “prison” cities boils over (6 min)

I told the idiots scanning their QR codes at the supermarket…..keep doing that and see where it gets you.  Yes….that was me.  The “nutter” without a mask.  That was me watching and warning the frightened and stupid masses to STOP.   Just stop playing along.

Take your dog for a walk, or perhaps your dog will take you for a walk (lolz).

I am no fan of Alex Jones because I know he is a Zionist Shill and in the end those in control are playing one side against the other.  Never the less his information here is correct.  This is what the globalists are pushing and Covid was the starting gun.

PRISON PLANET ALERT: 15-Minute Cities Prepped To Control Populations’ Movement, As Predicted By Alex Jones (40 min)


NWO Australia

NWO Australia

They used to call Australians from England POMs (Prisoner of Mother England) because many were transported to Australia as punishment.   An open air prison.   Now Australia is being turned into an open air NWO prison (SMART cities for DUMB people).  This will happen slowly at first in incremental stages until the whole system is set up ready to be activated.  The masses are dull and stupid and don’t even notice the trap being built around them… fact they are willing participants until the point is reached when they suddenly realize that they are slaves.  Australia girt by idiots not girt by sea (national anthem).

🚨🚨 Your ‘SMART’ city is tracking you!  (3 min)
This is in Adelaide….seems innocuous doesn’t it?  Just like Woolworth’s etc having car to boot ordering and everything going online.  You are already in a SMART city and soon they will geo-fence you.   They are already legislating 15 min cities (suburbs) in the UK where you are rationed car travel options.  Wait until they tighten the screws. You will need permission to go out your front door.


What next? Permission to say anything online and a visit from the police if you say something they deem naughty?

Well at least they are not taking your kids off you yet.

The Australian Babies Case (58 min)


This is just the start and it will get worse.   Food will be used as a weapon and so will energy.  You will comply.  They own you and you will do as you are told.  As it gets colder they will tighten the screws.


Interview With 82nd Airborne

Interview With 82nd Airborne

Interesting interview from 5 March with ex-paratrooper from 82nd airborne. Very informative and still relevant.  His prediction about Ukraine collapsing by the 20th of March proved incorrect but I believe that the Russians are winning and the Azov brigades are being thrashed.

Johnny The Paratrooper (a pseudonym) spent 5 years Airborne and tours of Iraq. He has worked the basic issues of counter insurgency in real life, and mixes with specialists in the field. He gives a perspective on where Ukraine is at, whats to come, and whether they stand a chance. How likely is a counter insurgency and how much of the action is pre-planned operations with the blessing of Kissinger & Associates informal networks? How deep will the Russia CCP relationship go. Will both Russia and China experiment on the Ukrainian people with 5G surveillance systems, Smart City infrastructure, drone technology? Will their experiences translate into data to be used on Americans in the future? Is the Cold War 2.0 forming? Yes. 

The American partisan website;


120. Ukraine – Interview With 82nd Airborne – Whats To Come? (57 mins)


SMART City Dumb People

SMART City Dumb People

If you think that the IoT or internet of things has been developed to make your life easier, safer and more convenient then you better think again.  Even Adelaide which is a lovely city and a bit of a “country town” (or a backwater as some of the unkind would say) is being turned into a control center for the NWO.   Most people are blissfully unaware (hence the dumb people quip….the people of Adelaide are no dumber than anyone else).  

The trouble is that all these changes are being introduced at break neck speed and they all seem relatively innocent.  Even the people working for these companies will believe that they are working to combat climate change etc, etc.  What they are actually doing is turning the earth into a prison for permanent LOCKDOWN.  Once the system is fully integrated with UBI, digital currency and social credit score your fridge will order you food for you and your toilet will monitor your shit. You will be completely controlled.  Told what to eat and where you can go.  In China they have facial recognition cameras on the garbage bins to check what you are throwing away.