Fire sale

Fire Sale

A lot of speculation out there concerning the fire on Hawaii with some blaming arson or DEW (Directed Energy Weapon).  We know now that the winds blew down electric lines and that infra structure had been neglected. We also know that the emergency warning system did not work. Neither was any back burning done. Very suspicious.


What the Media Won’t Tell You: Maui Fires (13 min)


SMART Cities

SMART cities

They are building SMART cities for dumb people.   Note how much of these cities are underground.  I wonder why.

Why Egypt Is Building a New Capital City (15 min)

Why Saudi Arabia Is Building a Linear City (15 min)


The Great Harlot will control it all

From the river of Egypt to the Euphrates she will control the land promised to Abraham until they turn against her and burn her with fire.