Hung out to dry

Hung out to dry

With friends like America who needs enemies?  Ask Germany….ask Ukraine.   Good analysis by Richard.

Ukraine Applies for NATO Membership: WW3 Coming? (13 min)

Russia Mobilises, Ukraine New Kherson Offensive, Suffers Heavy Losses, Slowed by Autumn Rains (41 min)

SMO coming to an end, conflict paradigm shift. Lavrov, Russian diplomacy success (34 min)

Ukraine’s Offensives vs. Russian Mobilization (30 min)

Ukraine Referendums: are we heading for ALL OUT WAR? (30 min)




Russia Upgrade SMO to ATO

Russia Upgrade SMO to ATO

Russia is upgrading the Special Military Operation to an Anti-Terror Operation.   Good.  Putin is no choir boy but I am sick of these globalists and the West is utterly corrupt.   Bring it on.   Great quote from Dayz of Noah (video in previous article):

The worse the world gets the better the Good News (Gospel) looks.

Amen to that. Bring it on.  Bring the worst you have got.  Sow the wind reap the whirlwind.  Nothing you can do will separate us from the love of God in  Jesus Christ.

Russia Upgrade SMO to Counter Terrorist Operation on Entry of Regions; Putin Talks to Erdogan, MBS (59 min)