Climate Confusion

Climate Confusion

There can be no doubt that the climate is changing and we seem to be in some kind of transition period as everything adjusts and stability and equilibrium are found.  I have included a video (four months old) at the end that talks about the methane problem.  Methane is a far worse green house gas than CO2 and at least half of what is released is natural (although the fact that the biggest man made release was caused by the USA bombing Nord Stream- lolz).   The fact that huge methane holes are exploding in the Siberian tundra does not help.  The situation is complex with feedback loops sometimes giving counter intuitive results.  Melting ice changes salinity of sea water and sea currents, which can make places that were once warm colder (think here of the gulf stream bringing a warm climate from the Caribbean to Cornwall in the UK. People conflate the Gulf Stream with a more complex system of currents known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, or AMOC. “The Gulf Stream plays a role in the AMOC, but it is also distinct from the AMOC and the AMOC is slowing. 

We are undergoing a magnetic excursion and that increases volcanic  and seismic activity which in turn influences the climate.  They are also messing with geoengineering which makes the instability greater.  I believe that the sun is also changing under the influence of our passage through space and the dust and plasma brought by the galactic sheet.  Any model that relies on one single input (CO2) as the game changer is wrong.  I know for a fact that we are facing extreme UV levels in Australia and everyone says the sun looks different (more white and less yellow).  I believe the hypothesis that the sun throws off the dust and gas plasma in a micro-nova CME explosion and that it is a cyclical event that occurs at regular intervals. The Great Reset if you will.

I think it will get colder above and below the 45th parallel and that a new grow zone will emerge in North Africa and the Middle East.  Much of the geopolitical posturing that you are now seeing has to do with climate change and food.  You cannot be a superpower if you can’t feed your people.  They know what is coming they are just not telling you.



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Magnetic Reversal Dynamics

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Solar Flare Impacts

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Climate Expert Zelensky

Climate expert Zelensky

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My comment:
It is very good up to about 12 minutes and then garbage. Does it mention magnetic excursions? Not at all. There have been very rapid temperature increases and decrease in the past causing extinction events and they are not due to "oxidation". We are entering a Grand Solar Minimum the sunspot count is very low, so it will get colder. The sudden uptick of the graph at the end is "modelling" and inaccurate (heat sink) temperature measurements. What will happen? The jet streams ill change giving droughts in some regions and floods in others. Ocean currents will change. giant hail, massive electrical storms, seismic and volcanic activity and then everything will stabilize with some areas being green (Sarah desert) and others becoming desert. Probably much colder (ice age conditions) above and below the 45th parallel. Who knows? We are living through it but it is not man made. Watch out for the CME. It is a killer


Large eruption at Kilauea

Large eruption at Kilauea

We are starting to see the impact of the Cyclical Climate change.


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Civilizations cycles follow natural cycles.  Every civilization and every empire has always fallen because of climate cycles.   Humanity realized that they were naked and vulnerable when they left Paradise and built the first cities as a type of sanctuary.  You can’t stop natural cycles.



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