Mystery on Uranus

Mystery on Uranus

If you need to view Uranus a mirror works better than a telescope (lolz).

Solar Flare Watch, New Mystery on Uranus | S0 News Jun.17.2024 (3 min)

Unprecedented Solar Storm Effect – Bad News for Earth (2 min)

Post Fire North Of LA Grows To More Than 12,200 Acres – Massive Coronal Hole About To Face Earth (7 min)

Storm on the Way

Storm on the Way

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Erupts – CME Impact / Minor (G1) Storm – ‘Forever Chemicals’ In The Home (11 min)

Solar Impact Timing, Sun Makes Big Quakes | S0 News Jun.3.2024 (3 min)

Solar Storm Coming – Now Everyone Agrees (2 min)

Joseph Fournier: CO2 Emissions: Climate forcing or effect? | Nelson Pod #221 (1:06 min)


Killer Tornadoes

Killer Tornadoes

NOAA Issues Highest-Ever Forecast For The Coming Hurricane Season – 4 people Dead 35 injured Midwest (16 min)

Killer Tornadoes Slam Iowa – Knee-Deep Hail Hits Colorado Town – Large Filament Threat On The Sun (25 min)

Pole Shift – Last Line Of Defense (3 min)

Space Mystery, Pole Shift State of Mind, Solar Storm Comparison | S0 News May.23.2024 (3 min)

Earthquake Live Stream — Past 48 hours of activity up to current

Plasma and Electromagnetic Phenomenon

Plasma and Electromagnetic Phenomenon

There is still much that is unknown.  The sky certainly looked different in paleolithic and neolithic times and that is reflected in their mythology. But is Innana the planet Venus  as in Ev Cochrane’s theory or is it “squatter-man” as in Anthony Perratt’s Z-pinch theory attested by the petro-glyphs.

Electric Weather – Part 2 – “We’re in Trouble” (3 min)

Another “Unexpected” Solar Storm | S0 News Apr.20.2024 (3 min)

Gobekli Tepe: Gradual Evolution? Or Transfer Of Technology? Or Both? The Graham Hancock Controversy

Ev Cochrane: Turquoise Sun – Prequel to Discovery | Thunderbolts (14 min)



Unexpected Solar Storm

Unexpected Solar Storm

Unexpected Solar Storm | Earth’s Magnetic Defenses are Weakening (6 min)


Merapi Volcano Pyroclastic Flow – Massive Snow Totals Coming To The West – Stone Age Europe Cultures (15 min)


True Blue Climate Scientists (6 min)


I wasn’t worried about climate change. Now I am. (22 min)

I stopped watching her when she started promoting the transhumanist idea that we have no freewill and now she is on the climate bandwagon. She is a shill for the NWO.  I left a comment under her video (it will probably deleted):

I suspected that you were controlled opposition now I am sure. Cherry picked data and “models” but you neglect to mention the ongoing magnetic excursion and space weather. Space weather is connected with cloud formation, earthquakes etc. Remember Hunga Tonga blew up and put 13% more moisture in the atmosphere. CO2 is not a problem.