The sun,storms and earthquakes

The sun,storms and earthquakes

The Sun & Major Storms, Hurricane Watch, AMOC Shutdown | S0 News Aug.28.2023 (3 min)

8/28/2023 — Large M7.1 earthquake deep below West Pacific and Rare M4.0 by Ohio Nuclear plant (2:25 min)


Hurricane Control: Debunking Fact Checkers (2:08 min)


We didn’t start the fire

We didn’t start the fire


Canadian Wildfire Smoke Disrupts U.S. Air Travel -Mayon Volcano Pyroclastic Flow -Aliens Have Landed (8 min)

Prepare for Wildfire Risk to Explode to “Above Normal” In Upper Midwest and Northeast US States (4 min)

UK has a Chief science adviser to warn us its warm (3 min)

Valentina Zharkova – Heartbeat of the Sun – Terrestrial Volcanic Eruptions Links With Solar Activity

Dark Days Indeed (10 min)


The Sun Declares War on Earth (4 min)

Liquid Sun, Earth Wobble and Rotation, Magnetic Plants | S0 News June.9.2023 (3 min)








Climate Scam

Climate Scam

Is the climate changing?   You bet, it is about to change rapidly and for some regions the changes will be disastrous.  It will bring extremes of flooding and cold as well as heat and drought.  There will be increased volcanic and seismic activity.  In general (average temps) it will get cooler.  There will be crop failures and infrastructure failures. They cannot stop what is coming only make it worse.  And they will.  They intend to benefit from the chaos and allow as many people as possible perish.

These next videos by David DuByne are very good.  They focus on the Summer forecast for the Northern Hemisphere (USA) but the info is there for the Southern Hemisphere (Australia) as well.  Recommended.

(1/2) Summer Forecast 2023: Climate Lockdowns Ahead Due to Natural Catastrophes (22 min)

(2/2) Summer Forecast 2023: Climate Lockdowns Ahead Due to Natural Catastrophes (23 min)

Earthquake in Melbourne last night

Popocatépetl Volcano Continues To Erupt! – Severe Weather Threat – Albino Bison – Camas Geoglyphs

Disaster 6000 Years Ago | China Event (2 min)

Missoula Floods – The Channeled Scablands, Was The Biggest Flood In The World With Geologic Evidence (55 min)


This video is 3 days old but his theory on the earth core being plasma and receiving its charge from the sun is one that I agree with.  It is not “molten Iron” that is impossible as such depths and pressures there would be no convection.

5/25/2023 — Large M6.6 Earthquake strikes Central America Panama Colombia – Expected region struck (26 min)

Seeing Red

Seeing Red

A very good short video with profound implications.   Light is used to measure distances in the Universe -especially “red shift”.   But what if the light is being distorted by cosmic dust and giving the wrong distances.  The implication is that the Universe is not expanding.  The Big Bang did not happen.   The Universe (like God) has always been here and will always be here.

Wal Thornhill: JWST – Cosmic Dust Proves Arp Invariably Right | Thunderbolts (15 min)

Ozone Destruction

Ozone Destruction

Do you think burning tons of vinyl-chloride will help the Ozone layer?  Do you think chlorine helps Ozone formation. What would I know…I am just a bucket chemist who took a separate course in environmental protection.  I am sure that the biggest methane release from Nord stream will help alleviate global warming.  Greta has not said a word about it so it must be all good.

Ultra-Dense Eruption, Deadly Earthquake, Ozone Destruction | S0 News Mar.19.2023 (3 min)

Let us hope that the sun doesn’t burp or fart….

Massive Coronal Hole To Face Earth, Large Quake Possible – Record Cold South – Tulare Lake History



Tony Heller’s dogs frolicking in the snow that according to climate scientists is not supposed to be here anymore. Someone tell the dogs. When lies meet reality.

Declining Spring Snow Cover (3 min)