Ophelia Pain

Ophelia Pain

Tropical Storm Ophelia Make Landfall – Geomagnetic Storm Watch – Snow Has Arrived – Yurt Life (7 min)

Assessing Government Climate Agencies (5 min)

First Burning Of The Earth – Cosmic Impact Oral Traditions – The Cycle Repeats Itself (55 min)


Space Weather, Dark Matter, Galactic Surprise | S0 News Sep.24.2023 (3 min)

Climate Cult

Climate Cult

The Climtards are a cult.  They worship the very earth that is about to spue them out (lolz). Better that they repent to God.  Gaia is not listening.

And if you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you. (Lev 18:28)

Religious Leaders Gather to WORSHIP Greta Thunberg! (21 min)

Shishaldin Explodes To 32,000ft – Tropical Storm Lee To Rapidly Intensify – Burners Mass Exodus (9 min)

What is Space Weather | Introduction (10 min)

John Chizmadia: The Climate Scam | Tom Nelson Pod #144 (1 hour)

Scientists Terrifying New Discovery In Antarctica That Changes Everything (28 min)

I seldom post from “Future Unity” because it is doom porn and exaggerated and I believe driven by Gnostic ideology. However, this one is pretty good.  Ignore the “anthropogenic change” – they just told you about forests in Antarctica (lolz). Have a look for yourself but trace it back further than 800,000 years.  It is changing rapidly but CO2 is not the cause of global warming it is a lagging indicator.  Something is changing and it is not man made (magnetic reversal)  also, Ozone depletion will increase because of the Hunga Tonga explosion.  Also natural and not man made.

A Graphical History of Atmospheric CO2 Levels Over Time

The sun,storms and earthquakes

The sun,storms and earthquakes

The Sun & Major Storms, Hurricane Watch, AMOC Shutdown | S0 News Aug.28.2023 (3 min)

8/28/2023 — Large M7.1 earthquake deep below West Pacific and Rare M4.0 by Ohio Nuclear plant (2:25 min)


Hurricane Control: Debunking Fact Checkers (2:08 min)


No DEWs -Space Weather

No DEWs -Space Weather

Tropical Storm Harold Landfall In South Texas – Lake Mead Rises – No DEW’s In Lahaina -Space Weather (16 min)

Climate Deniers (7 min)

Electric Climate, Pre-Earthquake Signals, Plasma Surge | S0 News Aug.22.2023 (3 min)

Patrick Frank: Nobody understands climate | Tom Nelson Pod #139 (1:26 min)





Space Weather Incoming

Space Weather Incoming

Big Sunspot, Space Weather Incoming, Magnetic Microbes | S0 News July.6.2023 (4 min)

NASA Sounds the Alarm on Solar Superstorms (10 min)

4000+ Earthquakes On Iceland Beneath Fagradalsfjall Region, Reykjanes Peninsula – Hottest Day Ever? (20 min)

7/05/2023 — Earthquake activity across North America , Fires in Arizona + California (1:04)

Professor Ian Plimer on ‘Green Murder’ (1:21 min)

South Pacific Quake

South Pacific Quake

7.7 Mag Quake Causes Small Tsunami In South Pacific – Smoke Cast – Volcano Alert – Cosmology Trouble

Mount St. Helens Erupted Today May 18, 1980 – Wildfires Burn Millions Of Acres In Canada – M-Flares!(18 min)

Big Earthquake, Big Solar Flares, Record at Enceladus | S0 News May.19.2023 (3 min)

5/18/2023 — Very Large M7.7 (M8.0) Earthquake strikes West Pacific — Tsunami Threat Warning issued (12 min)

The “new hydrologic reality” (6 min)