SARS Insurgency – Round Table

SARS Insurgency – Round Table


This is a mega Round Table nearly five hours. Round Table: Charles Rixey, Johanna Dienert, Jessica Rose, Spartacus, Walter Chesnut, Mathew Crawford, Richard Fleming, Kevin McCairn.  This team has fought the SARS operation from the start.

On a side not Reiner Fuellmich (who I never trusted) has embezzled €1.35 million from the Corona Committee.  His name means fill me with purity (He is certainly full of something lolz)  but he filled his pockets.  In the end all the grifters will be exposed.


SARS Insurgency – Round Table: Charles Rixey, Johanna Dienert, Jessica Rose, Spartacus, Walter Chesnut, Mathew Crawford, Richard Fleming, Kevin McCairn (4:43)

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Double Stream

Double Stream

Not watched either of these yet but I will.    Dr Kevin McCairn now has funding to a least start his monkey experiments.  Think about this for a moment.  They tested the new “bivalent” vaccine that Moderna is rolling out on eight mice (who all caught Covid) but it is OK to roll out to billions of people under “Emergency Authorization”.  The bivalent vaccine contains 50% of the Wuhan strain (which no longer exists) and 50% Omicron (BA.4 /BA.5) which is now endemic and largely processed…..but keep assaulting your immune system by transfecting with a gene therapy.  What could possibly go wrong?   At least Kevin will try to replicate the symptoms that we are now seeing and provide evidence of protein miss-folding.  Please support his work.  This is real science.   The first stream is a lab update and the second stream features Spartacus.

SARS & Lab Updates (2:56)

The Spartacus Stream – The MIC & Transhumanism (3:00)

Gigaohm Biological (15 July)

Gigaohm Biological (July 15)

Not watched this yet but I will. It is JC’s reaction to the Spartacoon interviews. We are at war. I don’t know how but I still find time to walk the dog, shop, do the garden and make Kombucha tea. Sleep? Well that is wasted time (lolz…actually not it is extremely important for good health…but…)

McCairn and Spartacus: Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:27)

Spartacoon and Housatonic Live

Spartacoon and Housatonic Live

Not watched this yet but it is only a 5 hour stream (lolz).  It promises to be very good and is a follow up of the Spartacoon chronicles.  I do not have time to post a running order and will listen in the background while I do other things.  The information stream is accelerating.  A good thing that I am already half -cyborg.  I will just up the clock-speed and process faster. If the stream disappears it can be found on WTYL (in two parts I think).

The Spartacoon Housatonic Live Chronicles – 5th Gen Neuro-warfare (5 hours)

This is the previous  Spartacoon stream:

The Spartacoon Chronicles

The Spartacoon Chronicles


The Spartacoon Chronicles

Highly recommended

In the early hours of Monday, September 27, 2021, an anonymous letter  went viral on social media.  That letter was featured on ZeroHedge and also by Dr Kevin McCairn and this video features an interview with Spartacus.  Although it is four hours long I highly recommend it as it highlights what they do not want to talk about -namely, dual use technology, bio-warfare and transhumanist evolution.

These people are insane – the hubris. Ehud Gazit wants to leverage amyloid to build drug delivery systems (and more) …what could possibly go wrong?   It reminds Dr McCairn of this:

Alien – I Admire Its Purity [HD]

"Oops, that didn't work"

The last words detected by aliens from a dying planet (earth) spoken by someone referred to as a scientist.

Ian Malcolm Speech – Could/Should

Coincidences abound, for example;

Prof. Ehud Gazit went to Tel Aviv University (also Weizmann Institute of Science then MIT  and so did Josef (Yossi) Triest (PhD). Training Psychanalyst (IPS; IPA) and Clinical Psychologist; Tel Aviv University giving talks at Tavistock institute in March 2020 who gave talks on how to levarage FEAR (which I featured in an article on this blog) and last but not least Yuval Noah Harari University of Oxford in 2002 and is currently a lecturer at the Department of History in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A cabal of transhumnaist Jews all deeply involved with the psychological,philosophical and biological aspects of this wonderful revolution that is killing us all and destroying our world.

I recommend you read the articles on the Spartacus Sub-stack and watch the video by Ehud Gazit and let the implications sink in.  These people have cast off all restraint. They are moral imbeciles and if not stopped they will kill us all.  They want to be gods but …..

"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad" is quoted as a "heathen proverb" in Daniel, a Model for Young Men (1854) by Reverend William Anderson Scott (1813–85).

This is the video by Ehud Gazit featured at 03:00 it is 16 min long.  Imagine that, using amyloid proteins associated with brain and heart disease to build transhumans (lolz). What could possibly go wrong?

Ehud Gazit – Manipulating molecular self-assembly for drug development (16 min)

The Spartacoon Chronicles – 5th Gen Neuro-warfare  (4:13 min)


Rough Running order:

00:00 Intro
14.00 Covid 19 a web of Creation and The Weaponization of Biotech
16:00 Spartucus letter
18:00 Steroid methylprednisolone bone necrosis
19:00 vascular not just respiratory-coagulopathy
21:00 WHO designated the virus Novel but what SARS-1 et al crona viruses
22:00 Murder suicide Bing Liu -pathology of covid -oxidative stress neutrophil
27:00 Nitric oxide
30:00 The NO/ONOO-Cycle as the Central Cause of Heart Failure
31:00 The calcification of cells…Low vitamin D levels intaracellular calcium pathways
32:00 braidykinen and Renin-angiotensin system
37:00 Charles Lieber nanotech guy indicted for working with China
42:00 Wireless brain interface
01:19 OCD
01:26 Calcium very tightly controlled in the brain it can be toxic if calcium channel dysregulated
01.30 Iron pathway dysregulation
01.32 Dystonia
01:35 Anthrax military vaccine programs
01:37 DARPA
01.42 Ralph Baric corroborating with China
01:36 DARPA funded Moderna
01.40 Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Therapeutics
01.45 Spartacus monologue: HIV coated wires -nano particles -synthetic biology
01.50 Immune re-programing
02:01 Released not an accident
02:03 MSH3 Homology
02.13 Iron channel
02.23 Conceding ground to anti-vaxxers because they want to hide the bio-warfare and transgenic aspects. Controlled opposition.
02:26 We’ve got to talk: The militarization of biotechnology
02:27 Ground truth DHS -Peter Daszak is President of EcoHealth
02:29 Biodefense mafia targeting EcoHealth Whistleblower Andrew Huff
02:31 Information and data gathering
02:34 They want to control everything…
02:40 Drugs and video games no spirituality or tradition
02:42 people do not understand the magnitude of industrializing oligimeers (amyloids) biochemistry/neurochemistry
02:44 Just meat automatons according to Harrari
02:48 fetal cell-lines
02:52 What is amyloid?
02:56 Prions very hard to destroy-bodies hazardous waste
03:00 Ehud Gazit – Manipulating molecular self-assembly for drug development
03:03 Just a poor organic chemist
03:04 Amyloid fibrils self-assembly
03:06 We can fully control-HUBRIS
03:11 Scene from aliens…I admire its purity
03:29 Fat/lipid as microwave communication channel
03:35 People tied to govt and institutions on an emotional level-treat it like a religion
03.40 Harrari: under the skin-machine learning
03:49 Consciousness, neo-morphic architecture, reservoir computing
03:53 Seeding amyloid on a mass scale?
04:00 Humans become gods says turd pusher
04:04 Life extension immortality
04:08 Compartmentalized science



In this video Kevin discusses the Spartacus letter which is hosted on the Racoon website. The Spartacus Letter comes from Kev and his associates and it has gone viral and got a million views on Zerohedge alone. The virus is a stepping stone to integration with AI and transhumanism. The racoon bunker strikes back.  This was just released. Spooky.


Remember this comes after the CDC used the example of the Zombie Apocalypse.

Here is the Spartacus Letter:


Your web browser doesn’t have a PDF Plug-in. Click to download Covid articles

Here is the video (4 :11) uncensored with running order below.

Running order

00:00 Memes
14:00 Intro – The Spartacus Letter comes from THE RACOON BUNKER
23:00 DRASTIC is finished…it has been taken over by the likes of the Atlantic Council
26:00 Sign the Petition
28:00 Religion
31:00 We can get through to the other side – 1. critical thinking skills 2. Facing the Almighty
37:00 Eric Weinstein
43:00 Fetal cell lines – ZeroHedge and Veritas
57:00 Dr Zandar Botha (South African) graphene oxide(?) and warning *Boergle rant
1:00 Spartacus Letter with 500 references
1:15 The Live stream taken down? Then sorted.
1:22 Nano particles contamination
1:30 Graphene Oxide?
1:33 Fact Check = straw-man arguments
1:35 Scientific debate
1:36 Gish Gallop (lolz)
1:38 Secret Conspiracy —-It is not secret (lolZ)
1:41 – Spartacus is a work in progress and will be updated
1:44 Ivermectin
1:49 SARS-CoV-2 infection aided by antibody-dependent enhancement
1:53 Masks
1:54 Nothing linking Fauci to Wuhan
1:57 Choices
2:04 Responses (chat)
2:13 Graphene oxide
2:20 organ transplants
2:30 Will Australia be the first to mandate vaccines?
2:33 Back on the letter – masks graphene
2:36 The woke dismissal
2:39 Charles Lieber nanotech transhumanism
2:43 Kaufman the grifter injected into the narrative
2:44 SINOPEG and graphene
2:54 Inaccurate? -correction required
2:57 Graphene oxide reference – correction required
3:00 Magnetism plays key roles in DARPA research
3:03 Rice University
3:06 To help patients (lolz)
3:10 biowar
3:19 brain-machine interface
3:27 response (chat)
3:29 Graphene oxide
3:30 Magnetoelectric Materials for Miniature,Wireless Neural Stimulation..
3:33 Size-dependent intranasal administration of magnetoelectric nanoparticles
3:37 Dual use nature
3:38 Predominance of antibody-resistant SARS-CoV-2 variants in vaccine breakthrough cases..
3:40 Experimenting on humans
3:59 Document needs adjustment (correcting)