Notification: Doc Kek vs.Virginia

Notification: Doc Kek vs.Virginia

I only just got around to watching the video report/interview between Kevin and Doc Kek (aka Anthony Pena) who brought a case against the state of Virginia regarding informed consent (second video on this page; . Governments have what is known as sovereign immunity.  In other words you need their permission in order to sue them. They are not likely to give you permission and his case was found of “no standing”.  Doc Kek is a private citizen trying to set a legal precedent (not make money) and he did his own research to present his case.

The Gov (state) must tell the benefits and risks as well as to the extent they are both known and unknown… that is required from Section 564. Doc Kek is trying to get them on the the S1 subunit being the causative agent for Long Covid means the S1 subunit causes disabilities. If he can demonstrate harm then the Spike Protein is ipso facto causing a known harm and the vaccinations can be stopped.  Doc Kek is hoping to appeal the decision and looking for a heavyweight lawyer to jump onboard.  In any case he has shown the way forward.

The law is not your friend and this has been planned and legislated for well in advance.  As George Carlin said “they have the judges in their pocket”.  I detect the hand of Jewery in this because they love lawfulness and Pilpul.   Here is Doc Kek’s sub stack:




Jonathan Couey and Charles Rixey are approaching this from different angles and we need to synthesize their discoveries rather than dismiss or disregard.

Is the Defuse proposal and the FOIA requests theater? (Johnathan’s theory) then we have nothing with which to hold them accountable. What mitigates against this is that they were already working on these concepts long before any FOIA requests.

For this reason I post both videos on this page.  The interview between Kevin (now back from the USA) and Charles is excellent (been listening to it) and I am embedding it while it was still running live.

Latest SARS FOIA With Charles Rixey

Version on YT (

Some of Johnathan’s ideas have caused tensions but that is OK if it leads to new insights.  We will keep digging and exposing.  Here are some comments (from different people) on the Discord sever.

He just said at about 1:46:00 that ralph baric observes 20-30% recombinant virus gene mixing with natural swarms.
these systems can find more than one steady-state in the multivariate environment they live in.
jay still hasnt justified his assertion about interfering non-replication competent particles or the error rate of CoV genome replication, or the fidelity of CoV protein synthesis

Jay's new theory is this (please correct me if I've been unfair):
1) the process of replication of rna creates a lot of dud copies called "replication incompetents"
2) the imperfect copying process causes the original "alpha predominant" and infectious swarm to rapidly revert to the relatively harmless "normal" quasi species swarm of coronaviruses
3) therefore, since it is impossible for a viral swarm to long remain infectious, the only way to get a significant number of infected people is to have a huge intentional release of a clone-predominant swarm.
4) then a few hundred people die, and the rest of the damage is fabricated by the complicit media
5) probably 3 big initial releases - Wuhan, Teheran, Lombardi (Italy), and potentially some other smaller releases, to keep the narrative rolling until the vaccines came out.
1) a. I'll take him at his word that there are a certain number of replication incompetents. I was not able to find on his Twitch where he substantiated that, and I have not been able to come up with any numbers on the percent of replication error.
b. The cell machinery hijacked by RNA viruses is the same machinery for generating your body's proteins. How likely is it that this machinery is largely generating incompetent proteins?
c. Be careful listening to Jay and Mark - viruses don't reproduce sexually, and there is precious little recombination or mixing done amongst virions. Thus the mixing is mostly just mixing of populations, and the virus that causes the most coughing is going to get spread the most.
2) As Kevin said, clinical presentation of symptoms was stable for over a year. Implying the swarm was plenty infectious, all over the world.
3,4,5) Just listen to those guys hypothesize "gushers of infectious clone" and many intentional releases. The probability of a conspiracy theory being true is inversely proportional to the number of necessary silent conspirators.

I can't find the paper, but if I remember correctly PRRAR.S is meant to signify TMPRSS2 cleavage between R & S. However, there are other enzymes that would cleave at PRRA.RS which would leave the MSH3 class oncology gene for Hermansky Pulak Syndrome exposed

He is still trying to find a correlation to pathogenicity without spike. That limitation in his hypothesis is tainting his biological analysis
In essence he is only looking for confirmation and is trying to discount reality in order to prove it
The full spike protein is not as pathogenic as S1 by itself. That biological reality itself should give pause to the certainty of his analysis of transfection
The generalization of pathogenicity caused soley by peptide synthesis, irrespective of what is being synthesized is a novel hypothesis, unfortunately he really needs to get into the physics of biology in order to explain what LNPs are doing and how they mirror what is seen with S1

Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International: Gigaohm Biological Presents (2:32)

Ryan Cole Pathologist

Ryan Cole Pathologist

An excellent interview. The nucleocapsid (N) protein is a protein that packages the positive-sense RNA genome of coronaviruses to form ribonucleoprotein structures enclosed within the viral capsid.  In other words (simplified) it is the “outer shell” of the virus (round ball).

So, if you stain for (N) and find (N) you know someone died from the virus and if you stain for the Spike Protein (SP) and you find (SP) in the absence of (N), you know they died from the vaccine not from the virus.   Pathologists are afraid to test because they don’t want to lose their jobs. According to Cole Peak Death occurs five months after vaccination but as the body keeps making (SP) and no one can tell you when it stops…..?????


Ryan Cole is the only pathologist in the US willing to test for the vaccine “fingerprints” (11 min)

Porky gets shredded

Porky gets shredded

Well they say all is fair in love an war and  insults and salty language are directed at Stuart Niel. I have run out of sympathy for these people and they are fair game as far as I am concerned.  They have blood on their hands. This was Stuart Niel’s  tweet:

Some responses:

Lethal Dose 50 (LD50)

We already know that the LNP distributes the spike protein everywhere and that it can cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB).  So the quickest way to test if inflammation and amyloidosis can be artificially  induced is to introduce it into the Brain.  They did not do LD50 testing on the vaccine.  They have tried everything to shut this experiment down including removing banking options.  Why are they so frightened?  I thought is was safe and effective?

They lied, and they coverd-up, then they lied some more.

These people cause the problem (heart attacks and strokes) then they offer their solution.  The gas-lighting is epic. This is what we are dealing with:

Dr. Peter McCullough speaks out on War Room about his Twitter lawsuit (5 min)


Graphenos Spectaculos Boyz R’ Back in Town (35 min)

This is a short stream (starts at 11 mins). Kevin has reached the running costs for this month ($2500). More lab work coming soon. They will do everything to stop it.


Spike Protein Destroys Mitochondria

Spike Protein Destroys Mitochondria

Covid is not just “a flu” as some suggest and the vaccine is not a cure it is a toxic transfection which codes for the spike protein.  This article is part of an ongoing series about mitochondria and lipids because I have a special interest as my family carries the Fabry mutation causing  Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSD).  Fabry disease modifies mitochondrial structure in four different organs.  Fabry disease, an X-linked genetic condition, results from alpha-galactosidase deficiency and increased accumulation of glycosphingolipids in cardiovascular tissues.  The other blogs in this series can be found here:

So this subject is of specific interest to me. At the moment my feet are fine. No sensations or numbness, no swelling, no red toes and no stabbing pains. My hypothesis is that every-time I encounter the virus it triggers the latent Fabry (I only have an 11% loading) so my strategy is to strengthen overall immune health and particularly mitochondrial health.  I just completed a 24 hour fast (without taking any supplements but drinking percolated coffee) and feel great but I need to lose more weight.  I have been taking Lipoic Acid (ALA and RLA) , CoQ10, Niacin as well as other supplements (Skullcap, D with K2 MK7, quercetin,NAC, C and Zn and the occasional melatonin etc etc). As well as that I am making and drinking my own kefir water, kombucha, kefir milk, making natto and trying to walk every day (got 2 hours in today). I am gardening and pickling my own veg and my chooks are laying eggs.  The Powers That Be have effectively pulled the pin on bio-warfare and we need to stay as healthy as possible.

Spike Protein Destroys Mitochondria (Studies)

It seems that my coffee and fasting are really doing the trick:

Caffeine and Autophagy To Reduce Fats in Liver


One of the comments under Walters article was particularly interesting.

Both ozone and UVB (Ultra Violet B) cause lipid peroxidation – the main difference being the amount of antioxidants and ROS produced.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are natural byproducts of cellular oxidative metabolism and play important roles in the modulation of cell survival, cell death, differentiation, cell signaling, and inflammation-related factor production. Mitochondria are an important source of ROS (reactive oxygen species) within most mammalian cells. This ROS production contributes to mitochondrial damage in a range of pathologies and is also important in redox signalling from the organelle to the rest of the cell

“UVB irradiation induces lipid peroxidation and reduces antioxidant enzyme activities”

“Ozone causes lipid peroxidation but little antioxidant depletion”

What conditions do we have at altitude – high UVB and low oxygen – those are the environmental conditions produced by the spike protein! Why are athletes more at risk of sudden death? – because their highly metabolic cardiac cells/mitochondria are under so much stress from both the spike protein and the exercise, they release a ton of UV (biophotons) and ROS/free radicals and blow the casket (heart). And all the medications found to be effective in covid have a great capacity to absorb UV light and therefore reduce this “Stress” eg Quercetin

“Inhibition of UVA and UVB radiation-induced lipid oxidation by quercetin”

It is this primordial REDOX balance in life/nature, between UVB and Oxygen that controls the actions of an aerobic cell – evolution has simply allowed adaptation on a multicellular scale.

This is not as fanciful as we have already seen the benefit of light on metabolic health:

Light and Life

Further Research

Fenofibrate protects lipoproteins from lipid peroxidation: synergistic interaction with alpha-tocopherol

Liothyronine (T3 thyroid hormone) seems to help upregulate mitochondrial biogenesis while decreasing Reactive Oxidative Species ROS, both in patients with mtDNA mutations and normal people. Effect of thyroid hormone on mitochondrial properties and oxidative stress in cells from patients with mtDNA defects

Lipid oxidation that is, and is not, inhibited by vitamin E: Consideration about physiological functions of vitamin E

Side note to self:   Get some vitamin E and eat more almonds

Planet of the one-eyed monkey

Planet of the one-eyed monkey

Kevin and Walter discuss amyloid

Kevin and Walter discuss amyloid

$3600/$5000 Raised



Highly recommended

Walter is a high IQ savant who reads medical and scientific papers and proposes hypotheses and Dr Kevin McCairn is a systems neuroscientist.  In this video they discuss amyloid and prion disease or protein misfolding.  It has been hypothesized for a long time that amyloid was the cause of dementia and other neurodegenerative  diseases. The aggregation of amyloid-β is thought to trigger a cascade of disease-causing processes such as inflammation, tau-tangle formation, synapse dysfunction and cell death, which ultimately leads to dementia. However….“The amyloid hypothesis has never been universally accepted, and the failed drug trials have only emboldened its critics”.  (The amyloid hypothesis on trial).  Basically, people who received treatments that dissolved the amyloid plaques did not show any improvement. This leads neuroscientists such as Dr McCairn to understand the amyloid as a signal or symptom of the disease rather than the causal factor.

Whatever the case might be, the Spike Protein is triggering problems all over the body particularly in high metabolic areas like the heart and brain and amyloid is at the very least a signal.

Dr McCairn has now raised $3600 towards lab work and that is about four days.  He is under DOS attack when he streams.  I have embedded the WTYL version and downloaded a version from Dlive and placed it on Odysee. The audio is slightly out of sync in that version and the frames freeze toward the back end but the audio is good.

WTYL version:

Kevin and Walter discuss Amyloid (2:20)

Odysee upload (embed):

Systemic Amyloidosis as an Autocatalytic Reaction

Systemic Amyloidosis as an Autocatalytic Reaction

This is an article by Walter Chestnut and his hypothesis strengthens the observations by Dr McCairn and others regarding the systemic and progressive nature of the disease. (It seems to me that the prion is acting like a  polymer reaction and I find it interesting that PEG forms a part of the delivery mechanism).   In any case the following articles are fascinating.


Lumbrokinase,Nattokinase, saunas, and intermittent fasting all contribute to the destruction of amyloid.

For completeness here is Kevin’s previous stream:


And the HIV inserts chart:

HIV inserts chart

Down but not Out

Down but not Out

Dr Kevin McCairn has been experiencing technical problems and it looks like he was hacked. He has acquired new equipment and has been setting up his streaming again.  The osp sever on which he had his platform is also down.  He is not the only one. Jim from climate viewer was removed from Discord (with all his followers) and his own website was temporarily hacked and went off line.  However, Jim is a cybersecurity expert and an ex-hacker himself and his website is now functioning. Jessica Rose who has a substack and is a biologist and mathematician who lives in Israel was recently intimidated by men with guns (probably Shin Bet) demanding her identity and threatening to follow her home.  It is becoming increasingly harder to get the truth out and new laws are on the books in the UK and other Western countries with regards to online censorship.

Kevin is back…he has a new system but he still had audio problems on his previous stream (Streamed on 2 April  3:48 mins) with sections that were silent.  I have still posted it (see below) as well as the most recent stream because the scientific papers are extremely important and they vindicate Dr Kevin McCairn and his warnings over the last two years.  The streams can also be found on the Dojo but are not time-stamped yet:

If you are offended by any salty language or memes then get over it. You are now living in Raccoon city where men can be women and predators want sex with your children while they experiment on us all.  No time to be offended by hurty words. Put your battle gear on and fight.

Here are the papers etc from that stream presented as a number of tweets:


Latest SARS Neuroscience: Of Mice & Monkeys Spike Protein Demonstrated To Cause Brain Lesions (3:48min April 2 -audio glitches)

More On Biowarfare, Biden’s New World Order Coming To A Country Near You, And Clinical Evidence For Long COVID Neuroinvasion Pt 2  Most recent 6:25 mins 3 April