Global Censorship

Global Censorship

Australia vs. New Zealand: Thought Police Edition (2 min)

No matter Elon Musk and Orange Jesus will save us from corperate fascism (lolz)

NPR stands for National Public Radio a broadcaster with roots going back to the 1960s. It is supposedly an independent broadcaster but how independent when George Soros just bought out 235 radio stations. The CEOs of these institutes are either spooks or WEF stooges. They all want to tell you how to think and what to see.


NPR Whistleblower SCORCHES NPR! (21 min)

It’s OVER! They just killed NPR and the Main Stream Media is FINISHED | Redacted w Natali Morris (23 min)

Testing weapons and surveillance

Testing weapons and surveillance

Highly Recommended

Israel working with death squads and genocide regimes everywhere. Giving them surveillance technology, weapons and training.  The have their own “test lab” where they can experiment with new technologies and sell them as “battle tested”. Many police forces get “special” training in Israel.

Israel is not a light to the nations.

As Gaza goes so the rest of the world goes.  As the Palestinians so everyone else.

Artificial Intelligence, vaccines, computer tech….you name it and Israel is at the forefront.



Bunga,Bunga, Boris the Super-spy

Bunga,Bunga, Boris the Super-spy


An interesting video but very obviously biased and most probably a product of intelligence agency propaganda. Is Putin ruthless and ex-KGB? Yes, there are certainly no good guys in this story, neither from the West or the East. Does the KGB/FSB use “comprimat” (blackmail). Yes. All the intelligence agencies like to compromise their assets. This video has no nuance and simply asserts certain things as true. Are Evgeny Lebedev and his son Alexander Lebedev ex-KGB and are they oligarchs and media moguls with enormous influence? Yes, but so was Ian Robert Maxwell who was a Czechoslovak-born Jew and a British media proprietor, member of parliament (MP), suspected spy, and fraudster. He is thought to have been a triple agent for MI6, Russia and Israel and his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell was the handler of Epstein who worked gathering “comprimat” for Mossad (and MI6??). Oh, what a complicated web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Do we detect a pattern? Media Mogul’s with connections to Russia-Israel-MI6. Then the video mentions the Steele dossier, also known as the Trump–Russia dossier, which is a controversial political opposition research report written from June to December 2016, containing allegations of misconduct, conspiracy, and cooperation between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the government of Russia prior to and during the 2016 election campaign. Christopher David Steele is a British former intelligence officer with the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) from 1987 until his retirement in 2009. So, once again MI6 involvement with the “pee gate” story of prostitutes peeing on Trump in a Moscow Hotel room (lolz). Now, the Independent (now owned by Alexander Lebedev) ran stories about Boris and Prince Andrew but Boris’ own sister pointed out his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell. Moreover, so did the Daily Mail.

In April 2018, while he was foreign secretary, Johnson was photographed looking somewhat disheveled at San Francesco d’Assisi airport at Perugia to attend a “Bunga Buna” party held in the castle -estate of Lebedev where he was supposedly compromised. However, barely a month before on March 4, 2018, there were nerve agent poisonings in the historic English city of Salisbury close to the bio-warfare lab Portondown.  Sergei Skripal and his daughter were supposedly poisoned with novichok according to the reports. The British government blamed Russia for the attack.

Sergei Skripal was a former Russian intelligence officer who was convicted of spying for Britain before coming to the U.K. as part of a 2010 prisoner swap. So why would they poison him eight years later? The whole story stinks of false flag and then a month later Johnson flies out to the “bunga, bunga party” just after he attended a confidential meeting of NATO foreign ministers where Russia and security were discussed. Does anyone think for one minute that MI6 was not aware of the trip? What an utterly ridiculous notion. As foreign secretary he was the head of MI6. So he nipped of for a quick sex party where Lebedev drugged him with royphnol and now Putin has pictures of him with a donkey (lolz). Interestingly, a false story was leaked two years later in 2020 “citing unnamed sources” that Boris went again to Perugia on 911 (lolz). Obviously this was done by his enemies to highlight that he sneaked off in 2018 supposedly for “bunga, bunga” sex but obviously for a high level liaison about which he is not allowed to speak. Probably something to do with the Skripals who where kept incommunicado for a year in an MI6 safe house and are now out of the public eye living in New Zealand (since 2022). My conclusion is that we will never know what is really happening behind the scenes which is why people can spin it every, which way. However, if Boris is a Russian spy why did he sabotage Putin’s peace plan and why was Boris against lockdowns until he got “sick” with Covid? (lolz). We are dealing with Jews, spies,blackmail, false flags, propaganda and stupidity. Good luck trying to find the truth. My view is that there are no good guys but this reeks of MI6 poopaganda.

Boris Johnson’s KGB Links EXPOSED – John Sweeney FULL Documentary (34 min)

The Restrict Act

The Restrict Act

I know this is American legislation and I know it is not passed yet but should it get passed it will probably trigger similar legislation globally. The restrict act is a draconian act that will turn the USA into a dictatorship.  It is supposedly written to stop the Chinese app TikTok spying and hoovering up metadata but TikTok is not even mentioned in the Act. 

In this video one of the co-sponsors of the Act senator Lindsey Graham does not even know what is in the Act that he is sponsoring (lolz).  I have no doubt that the Act was written by someone like the CIA.  The whole thing sounds fishy to me.  Either the Act is proposed so that someone like Trump can knock it down and become a hero (if he wins the election) or they have proposed a draconian authoritarian Act  because they know they will have to withdraw it and adjust the contents which then makes them look reasonable and democratically responsible. In other words they are creating a straw-man that they can knock down.  Stupid, tiresome, games. What a bunch of corrupt morons. Frankly they are idiots and criminals.

The Restrict Act Takes Away ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS – Not Kidding!(27 min)

Those Talpiot boys

Those Talpiot boys

(A discord post by Henjin)

The head of strategy at the WEF’s Centre for Cybersecurity is someone named Goldstein, who is a graduate of the Talpiot program, who led the formation of Israel’s cyber security strategy at the Israel National Cyber Bureau, and who served in Israel’s Military Intelligence Directorate: []


It’s this guy who’s gonna be the brains behind ze comprehensive cyber attack: []

The Israeli intelligence angle is especially important when examining WEF-PAC, as one of its architects and the WEF’s current Head of Strategy for Cybersecurity is Tal Goldstein, though his biography on the WEF website seems to claim that he is Head of Strategy for the WEF as a whole. Goldstein is a veteran of Israeli military intelligence, having been recruited through Israel’s Talpiot program, which feeds high IQ teenagers in Israel into the upper echelons of elite Israeli military intelligence units with a focus on technology. […] In addition to his past as a Talpiot recruit and 8 years in Israeli military intelligence, the WEF’s Tal Goldstein had played a key role in establishing Israel’s National Cyber Bureau, now part of Israel’s National Cyber Directorate, now a WEF-PAC partner. The National Cyber Bureau was established in 2013 with the explicit purpose “to build and maintain the State of Israel’s national strength as an international leader in the field” of cybersecurity. According to Goldstein’s WEF biography, Goldstein led the formation of Israel’s entire national cybersecurity strategy with a focus on technology, international cooperation, and economic growth.


Goldstein was thus also one of the key architects of the Israeli cybersecurity policy shift which took place in 2012, whereby intelligence operations formerly conducted “in house” by Mossad, Unit 8200 and other Israeli intelligence agencies would instead be conducted through private companies that act as fronts for those intelligence agencies. One admitted example of such a front company is Black Cube, which was created by the Mossad to act explicitly as its “private sector” branch. In 2019, Israeli officials involved in drafting and executing that policy openly yet anonymously admitted to the policy’s existence in Israeli media reports. One of the supposed goals of the policy was to prevent countries like the US from ever boycotting Israel in any meaningful way for violations of human rights and international law by seeding prominent multinational tech companies, such as those based in Silicon Valley, with Israeli intelligence front companies. This effort was directly facilitated by American billionaire Paul Singer, who set up Start Up Nation Central with Benjamin Netanyahu’s main economic adviser and a top AIPAC official in 2012 to facilitate the incorporation of Israeli start-ups into American companies. Goldstein’s selection by the WEF as head of strategy for its cybersecurity efforts suggests that Israeli intelligence agencies, as well as Israeli military agencies focused on cybersecurity, will likely play an outsized role in WEF-PAC’s efforts, particularly its ambition to create a new global governance structure for the internet. In addition, Goldstein’s past in developing a policy whereby private companies acted as conduits for intelligence operations is of obvious concern given the WEF’s interest in simulating and promoting an imminent “cyber pandemic” in the wake of the COVID crisis.—The-End-of-Online-Privacy


Unlimited Hangout

The WEF & The End of Online Privacy

In this video, Whitney delves deep into the WEF’s Partnership Against Cybercrime and how its efforts are aimed at eliminating financial and online privacy to pave the way for CBDCs and complete online…




Lord Rothschild

Lord Rothschild

Historic video where Margaret Thatcher accuses Rothschild of being a Soviet spy (we know Robert Maxwell was a triple agent – UK/Mossad/Soviet).

Lord Rothschild Accused of Working as Soviet Spy (4 min)

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The spy who loved me (not)

From Iran with love

Trump has released a tweet to counter Iranian propaganda regarding the arrest of seventeen spies.

The question is whether this is propaganda or based on fact?  The reports have been garnered from Iranian news websites and twitter accounts and reported in Western Media.

Iran announces breakup of ‘CIA spy ring’, some sentenced to death

Iran says it dismantled CIA spy ring, arrests 17, sentences some to death: report

Iran says breaks up CIA spy ring, some sentenced to death


Trump spy tweet
Trump spy tweet

Context is everything

It seems that the Iranians are going out of their way to “troll” and “provoke” the USA even posting pictures of the “spies” with their families.   The reports are confusing because in some cases it is not the “spy” that is shown but the spy-handler (who is American not Iranian).  One can only assume that these posts are a warning because Iran knows that spies are already operating.  In fact, some of these spies were arrested much earlier and we cannot help but see the aftermath of the Mossad inspired Stuxnet   campaign with its targeted assassinations and spreading of the virus.


Zero Day



There are also MEK terrorists that have attempted to infiltrate the Iranian population for recruitment. The same MEK that Clinton took off the US terrorist list in 2012 and for whom Bolton and Guiliani gave paid speeches. MEK also organized a  rally in Washington awhile back supported by prominent US  politicians. MEK is the organization that Bolton wants to replace the mullahs with.  Iran has problems with Mossad, the CIA and a fifth column (MEK).  In all probability they are releasing pictures to send a shot across the bows. Perhaps it is propaganda, or just perhaps it is a warning….we know who you are (the handlers) and where you live (LOL).