The Pink Swastika

The Pink Swastika

I was right….controlled opposition.  This is a psy-op.

Problem, reaction, solution….

The NA$! Melbourne PSYOP.. The Police Marched them Through. Wait for it – MOVE ON LAWS TO CHANGE (3 min)

Video Show Notes:

The narrative is these spooks rocked up in response to Antifa saying they were going to be there. This is an old technique. Gang/counter-gang agitation is what is happening in Melbourne with ‘Fake Na$is’ and Police. It happened during Covid with ‘Protesters’ and Police and wasn’t authentic. Remeber Steve Booth Flag Guy Pay close attention in the fake freedom circles Rukscam etc and fake lefties -Tanuki and co who gives this clear PSYOP oxygen. That’s what happens - gang/counter-gang movement played out in the US (Portland/ Kenosha etc) and it looked suspiciously like intelligence/operatives on the ground there, and the same here. lots of money involved and media is hyping it. Justification for facist legislation. Its most likely that a large part of this Psyop is the cops letting them through. #defundthepolicePsyop Just looking at the comments on Andrews twitter Loads of calls for POLICE REFORM. And Move on Laws to change. “Later I saw the police seemingly usher these men right through the centre of the buffer zone in between our event and the counter-protestors, which is when I saw those men raise their hands in a Hitler salute. Deeming said that after the event she was informed that the masked men had performed the NA$i salute on the steps outside Parliament. The organisers of the ‘Let Women Speak’ event were informed by police that they had no powers to move the Nazis as Labor had removed those powers, claimed Deeming.  “If Daniel Andrews had not repealed the ‘move on’ laws, they could have been removed. The ‘move on’ laws need to be strengthened and I also welcome moves to ban the NA$i salute,” added Deeming. This Pokie Parker is another actor in the contrived Culture War, no wonder Uk’s zio shill Tommy Robinson has appeared at her rallys. This ones about as believable as all the Staged Sov Citizen vids being shown by NEWSCORP. Only through total control these nuts think they can see there zio prophecies fufilled. Thessalonians 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon


So not Nazi boys but Nancy boys. All staged.

From the Discord:

Two years ago Scott Lively started doing a series of YouTube videos where he read through The Pink Swastika with additional commentary, but he dropped it after the first six parts, and his YouTube channel later got deleted. The first two parts were also posted at Rumble, but I think my BitChute channel is the only place where all six parts were archived:


This is a psy-op to stop all protests.  In future all they have to do is have one agent-provocateur throw a Nazi salute and they will arrest the whole crowd as being far-right Nazis. Very obviously staged but the stupid sheep will fall for it anyway.

War Crime Propaganda

War Crime Propaganda

They are saying that Russia committed atrocities in Bucha before they withdrew.  They say Russia is losing the war.  They say that Putin is being lied to by his military about massive loses.

This is the girl in the video. And this is a mainstream newspaper report.

And here a report by the lying BBC telling the truth for once. Russian soldiers are being tortured.


The Ukrainians are staging false massacres.

Which is of course denied by Russia:

Propaganda BTFO – Gonzalo Lira

A “glowie” is someone who “glows” because they are radioactive – they are a paid CIA agent.

Bucha: More Lies GONZALO LIRA

All staged

All staged

It is all kabuki theater.  All staged.   Martial law next.  Have you still not figured out who is behind it?   Are you a bit dim?   Let me give you a hint:

  1. Who controls the media?
  2. Who controls international finance?
  3. Who enabled the Russian and Chinese Revolutions?
  4. Who hates Christians?

Still don’t get it?   My you are a bit slow.  Let me give you a tip – Trump will not save you.