Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles

Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles

Borrell trashes China. Baerbock warns SA. Storm Shadow hits Lugansk. Elensky, Eurovision lies. U/1 (45 min)

Either you attack the Russians now or you might as well surrender (46 min)

UK media admits, ‘shock and awe’ sanctions have failed (19 min)

Ukraine Receiving Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles + the Propaganda Storm around Bakhmut (29 min)

Russia Advance, 20 Bldngs Left; Ukr Flank Attacks, Storm Shadow Strikes; Egypt, S.Africa Defy US (1:07)

Ukraine is FINISHED

Ukraine is FINISHED

Ukraine is FINISHED and Blackrock is taking over | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)


UK escalation, Storm Shadow long-range missiles to Ukraine (16 min)

Spring offensive false start (33 min)


MoD Says Ukr Attacks Repelled, Prigozhin Feud Intensifies; UK Media Admits Sanctions Fail (1:14 min)

UK Storm Shadow. Biden hunts Russians. Georgia must ban Russian planes. Elenksy Eurovision snub. U/1 (39 min)