Notification: Streamfags/GayPal

Notification: Streamfags/Gay-Pal

Dr Kevin McCairn the systems neuroscientist has had his payment method removed again (see last stream: They have removed Tip-Jar as well as streamlabs/PayPal account so he has set up another account called Streamfags/Gay-Pal (Peter Thiel the co-founder of PayPal is Gay) to circumvent the payment method.   PayPal has gone completely “woke” and has changed its terms and conditions and can now “fine” people for so called infringements.   However, this is not about salty language or “hurty words”  …these corporations are in bed with pharma and the banks.  They want total control of what you think and what you say.  WE ARE AT WAR.  They will eventually de-bank anyone who does not tow the line.  Dr Kevin McCairn has built an alternative platform and is raising money for animal experiments.  First on rats and eventually on non-human primates.  He is also calling out the propaganda on the Ukraine war and the woke cultural Marxism.  They are trying very hard to shut him down. Please support him if you can.You can access everything through the Dojo website.  This from Jason Bermas:

PayPal Insanity And The Normalization Of The Unthinkable (1:01)