Russian warships enter Havana harbour

Russian warships enter Havana harbour

This is Live:

Russia-Ukraine war LIVE: Russian warships enter Havana harbour for joint military exercises | WION (Live)

Russian navy fleet, including frigate, nuclear-powered sub, arrives in Cuba (7 min)


Scott Ritter Dire Warning: “Russian Nuclear Sub Exercise in Caribe … (22 min)

Biden’s response:

Cuba 2.0

Cuba 2.0

Don’t worry, we have Joe Biden.  I am sure he will do better in a crisis than JFK. His very good in a crisis.He knows exactly what to do when he poops his pants.

I will be OK down under. I will let you know what happens.🤣













Putin sends Russian warships, nuclear submarine to Cuba. What happens next? (6 min)

“Russia could WIPE the U.S. East Coast off the map” Fmr. Marine Scott Ritter | Redacted (28 min)

Down Under Clown World

Down Under Clown World

Can’t keep the power on but money well spent on Submarines that won’t be built (lolz). Remember it is your money that is being spent to defend democracy.  We have to keep the Chinese at bay otherwise we loose our freedom (lolz).  Now go get your mandated jab or no work for you.

Australia to Pay France $500M Settlement Over US Nuclear Submarines (11 min)

China demands the extradition of an Australian  journalist because they want to jail him for 175 years for reporting Chinese war crimes. Oops made a mistake….not China…the USA… Anthony Albanese (AnAl) our new Prime minister is gallivanting all over the world but don’t worry if you are a citizen in trouble he has your back (lolz).  

UK approved extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States (10 min)

Australia the New Zion

Australia the New Zion

Of course I say that tongue in cheek but something is going on here.  They are obviously preparing.

French fury as Australia scraps submarine deal

And this from Brendon (I hope he does not mind please support him):

Tucker Explains Australia under Covid Brendon explains Western Australia


Why is Victoria so bad? Why is Western Australia so good? Not even T.C knows, really.

I have a few theories.

W.A, my home state gets a mention. It has no masks and no lockdown. Though it did early on. As it is the economic powerhouse of the state – mining oil and gas – some might say that’s the reason and they’re probably right.

Perth set to return to pre-lockdown life, small businesses offered $3,000 support grants

Also W.A made it official policy to hammer any troublemakers, groups or individuals. They chased them all back to Sydney and Melbourne. “Troublemakers?” That usually means “Muslims”, particularly Sydney’s Lebanese community. But it also means criminal elements.

In the mining boom of 2006-8, prices of resources were sky high. Nickel went from $13,000 a ton to $52,000 a ton

Every half wit across the nation was told you could go to Western Australia and pick up a job driving a truck on a mine and make $5000 AUD a week. It was ridiculous. And the State was flooded. Criminal sentences were tripled. Police set people up non stop. They eventually drove the hoards back across the border.

On buses, low life street level dealers bragged openly to their friends back east the price of drugs was sky high and the city beautiful. Come on over! The generous Australian un employment benefits make sure such lavish street lifestyles are plentiful. Free food. 5 star homeless shelters.

In 2010, 4 members of a neo nazi group shot up the local Perth Turkish Mosque with a high powered rifle. They actually tried to make contact with me. Brendon wasn’t that stupid.

I was in the midst of my court case and multiple hearings. You can bet 4 members of a neo nazi Combat 18 Group…committing an act of out right “terrorism” would get a hefty sentence. Right? They were charged with criminal damage and discharging a firearm in public. They all got a suspended sentence.

They say three people. It was 4. The shooter was Daniel JEWEL. Ex Australian Defense Force. He was never mentioned in the media dispatches.

Seeing as Australia’s special forces base is in Western Australia – Campbell Barracks, SAS – maybe a few of the members there were giving Danial JEWEL advice? It was the height of the war crimes being committed in Afghanistan.

Killing Field: Explosive new allegations of Australian special forces war crimes | Four Corners

Meanwhile, less than a year later, I was sentenced to three years jail for offensive words and incitement. Calling a hard core Zionist activist and Israeli future Intel asset a “racist Jew, with a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing.”

I kid you not.

Diane, a Orthodox Jewish convert to Christianity told me, W.A was “new zion”. Jews “in the know” were moving in. W.A was slated as the go to place for Jews with money world wide. This is not the first time this was planned…

Australia’s “Kimberley Plan” for the Jews

In 1939, Isaac Nachman Steinberg—lawyer, ex-Bolshevik, former comrade of Vladimir Lenin—arrived in Perth, Western Australia. His objective: to establish a homeland and safe haven for thousands of Jewish refugees in The Kimberley, in Australia’s far north-west.
Steinberg was the founder of the Freeland League and a proponent of territorialism, a political movement that sought to establish semi-autonomous Jewish colonies outside of Israel. An Orthodox, bearded,  teetotaling Yiddishist with a fiery temper and passion for Jewish  education, Steinberg charmed the Australian political establishment and  undertook a long, grueling journey through The Kimberley, surveying the  land for its economic and cultural potential.
The scheme gained serious momentum, but was ultimately nixed by Prime  Minister John Curtin, who could not “entertain the proposal for a group  settlement of the exclusive type contemplated by the Freeland League.”  Curtin was not the only one who regarded Steinberg as a dreamer. The  Jewish community saw him similarly, but after his death in 1957,  German-Jewish philosopher Erich Fromm lauded  Steinberg as a realist who “could visualize a flower when he saw a  seed… To have faith of [his] kind means to have courage.”

Everything is new in the state. From the curbs to the park benches. Masonic symbolism is everywhere in new structures.

Even the court I was tried in was covered with Masonic symbolism.

One of the top coppers in the state is a proud Mason.

Kerry Stokes, Australia’s media magnate, of The Seven Network is a big fan of Lord Jacob Rothschild and bought his families Bible for a cool $14 million. In August 2014, just after I got out of jail.

Mr Stokes is also a very good friend of none other than James Packer, on bribery charges with Benjamin Netanyau. This gets better…stick with me…

Mr Stokes is also very close to Mr Netanyahu himself. And Arnold Milchan – nuke part smuggler and Hollywood producer…maker of the movie JFK. Who is besties with Keanu Reeves who is friends with…Alex Jones. Shit gets deeper…wait for the video.

Mr James Packers father was the notorious Kerry Packer’s son. Kerry packer was blackmailed by Australia’s Jeff Epstien, Abe Saffron. Saffron was pure Mossad black mail operations to the highest levels of the Australian business and government levels.


Mr Stokes is also the employer and close confidant of one of the super stars of the current ongoing inquiry into Australian Special Forces and war crimes in Afghanistan. 

Kerry Stokes promises to stand by SAS 

But it gets better…

Once I left western Australia I was dealing with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop. Despite repeated assurances I would have my matter dealt with – lawyers talking to her office – they refused to get back to me with her Chief of Staff. I have repeated calls and emails – all recorded for posterity.

Well now, who is Julie Bishop chummy with?

My little Masonic enclave of Western Australia produces the finest people [networks]. A little birdy, we’ll call him Gerald, told me Ms Bishop was summarily told by Australia’s intel community to “F off” and forget about politics when she was ousted. And she did. She’s hob knobbing around the U.N looking for a piece of the Rothschild Rockerfella pie. And lets not forget Kissinger…Julie Bishop…The Kissinger Fellow at the McCain Institute. Oh my.

And let us round off this little collection of dot connecting with a final pic of Kerry Stokes with our fave death squad organizer of all time…drum roll please…

I wish I could tell you Kerry Stokes was a babies blood drinking monster, but every one tells me he’s a really nice guy which I find supremely frustrating. I like my enemies Netanyahu and Kissinger style – pure asshole. 

Western Australia? No masks? No lock downs? Can anyone suggest to Tucker why this may be? Neo Nazi terrorist groups given slaps on the wrist shooting up Mosques, SAS terror squads on Perth streets back from Afghanistan, Masonic Rothschild loving media magnates in love with Bi Bi and the Packer clan…Surely a “special case”.






The Narrative is shifting before our very eyes. Another post about Australia because we seem to be the focus of attention. Here is a monologue by Riccardo Bosi – AustraliaOne Party who some believe is controlled opposition (a Freemason and Zionist shill).  This blog does not promote any political party.  Whether he is controlled or not, much of what he says is true.  The political landscape is shifting:

Riccardo Bosi – AustraliaOne Party (4 mins)

Turning Point – Clive Palmer

Federal MP Craig Kelly has been acting like the peoples hero in Parliament. He has challenged the narrative especially the banning of Ivermectin as a treatment. He linked one of his tweets to TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) report on adverse events and deaths.  He has now joined Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party (UAP) which has since seen an explosion in membership.  It is good to see the major parties threatened but how much of this is part of the game plan?   Clive Palmer is no hero.  I have a feeling that everyone is being played again. I don’t trust any of them.

This from Wake Up Australia.

Comments from the video:

Sure this sounds legit, and is probably true. He will only go so far to draw us in, how can you believe anything from someone connected to Turning Point. These people will never tell you the full truth. Interestingly Bosi tried joining Turning point.

Who got Liberal into power last election Clive Palmer spent $60million on ads, and was rewarded with his mine. All the new voters for Clive will be preferences to liberal. Gotta set up a safety net to catch all the punters who stray from the liblab cartel and herd them back into the pen.


Indo-Pacific: AUKUS alliance causes anger in France and EU | DW News (11 mins)

Paris has expressed a feeling of betrayal after Australia went back on a deal to buy French submarines. Canberra says the decision was necessary for Australia to meet its strategic needs. Australia's decision to accept the US submarine deal was announced alongside the unveiling of the Indo-Pacific security agreement with the US and Britain. The pact allows Australia to develop a nuclear-powered fleet — an option that was not open to Canberra when it struck a deal with France in 2016. The European Union announced its own strategy to boost political and defense ties in the Indo-Pacific on Thursday. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Thursday that Brussels had not been consulted on the pact, which has been dubbed "AUKUS." "We regret not having been informed, not having been part of these talks," Borrell said as he presented the strategy. 

Brendon O’Connell comments:

This is a very interesting DW report. No nation state behaves like this except under extraordinary circumstances.
Australia walked away from a $55 billion dollar submarine deal with France. Took up contracts for a US nuclear sub design.
How is this significant?
It’s part of a UK, US, Australia brand new defense pact. And Australia didn’t even consult with France, just walked away. Are Australia and France still friends? If I ended a HUGE contract with you and simply slapped you in the face on the way out the door…would we still be friends? The head of the E.U was told nothing about the new US, UK, Oz alliance.
Because the E.U is deep in bed with China. Always has been. Was most likely nudge and wink “in” on the Covid release along with their good buddy Klaus and Co. A destroyed petro dollar is good for the E.U and dreams of planetary world domination. Switzerland is at the center of the E U 😋
Both Switzerland and Germany are extremely close to Iran. You would know nothing about this unless you’d been there. Iranians worship Germany. I can’t blame them.
Both Germany and Israel have done all they can to prevent good relations between Iran and the U.S. The China fix is in – the Grand Chessboard. The US can go now.
And in Australia, to simply start a *nuclear* submarine deal with no public debate? Never. But they have.
Something VERY dramatic has occurred. Lil old hair sniffing child snuggling senile Biden admin is seemingly out for CCP blood…or Raytheon and General Electric Boat systems needed a boost.
I’d say it was a simple Military Industrial Complex hand out from Colonial Outpost Oz to the USA…but the bitch slap given to France and the EU on the way out the door has me thinking.
It’s either very fine Rothschild stage acting or things are getting out of hand.


Battleground Australia?   Who knows?  I don’t trust any of them.  Everything has been subverted and everything is a lie. My advice is similar to that of Dr McCairn.   Withdraw. Keep calm and wait while the wheels fall off their narrative and all the liars reveal themselves.  Kevin just showed an article about an Army Lieutenant Colonel who resigned and walked away from 19 years pension over vaccine mandates.  That takes courage.  This is no longer about vaccines – this is a slow process of submission to the beast system. More vaccines are coming and more mandates. They are using debt and bullying as well as propaganda to coerce people.

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Rev 18:4).