We Want War (WWW3)

We Want War (WWW3)

We are already at war with Russia and China but it is about to go hot.  It is for this reason that Sunak is standing down:


But don’t worry this will be nothing like WW1 and WW2. They were just trailers. This one promises to have all the goodies. Bird Flu and Nukes (lolz) with Great Depression and PsyWar as an added bonus.  Your rulers really love you.

Not at all Suspicious

Sunak is holding elections on the day that the former colony became independent 248 years ago.  Thursday, 4 July 2024. There are 90,580 days between Thursday, 4 July 2024 and Thursday 4 July 1776.      90,580 days F=9x5x8=360 R=9+5+8 =22 (360 = Babylonian year
and 22signifies the beginning and end (Alpha and Omega or the A to Z). Similarly 130,435,200 minutes (1x3x4x3x5x2=360 R=9).  All related to the year cycle and Beginnings and Endings.  Is this a message being sent from the globalists?  Who knows…but the occult features large in the reckoning of all these Psychos and we are going to escalate. They want to break the USA.

Sunak, independence day elections. Pressure grows in US to attack Russia. Byden, Putin wants Gotland (33 min)

Rus Enters West Chasov Yar, Ukr Volchansk Trapped; Blinken Ukr Strikes Rus; MidEast Peace Summit (1:26 min)

MUST WATCH: Kyle Anzalone: Anti-War Wrap Up. (27 min)

Patrick Lancaster: Live from Russia/Ukraine Eastern Front (27 min)


The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse



**His stuff about “bird flu” spreading in cow-milk is …..bs and it is suspect that he is hyping it.  Bird flu is spread as an aerosol not by ingestion.


How I came to hate The Duran (10 min)

He means that unlike Zelensky who telegraphed the “summer offensive” for months in advance and even speculated the route (lolz).  I am shocked that Putin uses propaganda and kept his plans hidden. Shocked I tell you. (lolz). The fact is that Putin did not invade all of Ukraine as the Duran highlighted “you can’t invade a country that size” (with the troops they had at the border) it was about liberating the Donbas which had voted to join Russia because they were sick of the slaughter. That is why Putin called it a Special Military Operation (SMO) and not a war. People may think that is semantics but the distinction is important. The West did not want peace and that clown Boris Johnson deliberately sabotaged peace. The feint by Russia towards Kiev with minimal troops was just posturing to force a sensible negotiating stance. Is the Duran pro-Russia and pro-BRICS? Yes, and they make no secret about it but the WHOLE of Western media is captured by ZOG as is everything else, so I am inclined to give the Duran a free pass. So far their analysis has been good, and I will keep featuring them. Propaganda is part of war and used by both sides but right now I trust Russian reporting more than the West. That says it all.

Ukr Front Collapse Continues, 2 Villages Fall; MSM Ukr 6 Months Collapse; Senate Approves Ukr Aid (1:25 min)

Sunak, UK war footing. Szijjarto, EU war psychosis. Europe troops in Ukraine. 2026, EU defeats Putin (33 min)

Israel-Iran strikes; Out of danger, but risk very real (18 min)

Here we go! Europe ready to send TROOPS to Ukraine to stop Putin’s move | Redacted w Clayton Morris (18 min)


The ‘war on drugs’ to further isolate Syria – with Clayton Morris of Redacted (18 min)

🔴 Armenia under Nikol Pashinyan: Heading Towards Imminent Downfall? | Syriana Analysis (1 hour)

Easy Meat

Easy Meat

Rochdale the home of Cyril Smith the gross homosexual pedo politician buggering young boys (he got an MBE for that) and the home of Muslim grooming gangs.  I used to live in Huddersfield and the truth is that the police turned a blind eye.

Is Sunak in a panic along with other globalists?   Yes. But you are watching theater and controlled opposition.  Gorgeous George is not your savior.  People have no idea how deep the deception goes and the psychological nudging employed.  The cognitive dissonance induced is enough to encourage people to just accept the narrative.  Obviously  we are seeing real in-fighting but NEVER let go of the fact that there are no good guys.  One way or another they will impose the NWO on you….it is easier if you believe that the “good guys” are winning.  In the end we are all easy meat being groomed by a bunch of psychopaths.



Making “easy meat” Rochdale Great again (lolz)

George Galloway: ‘It’s my job to make Rochdale great again’ (3 min)


Fear and panic grips UK establishment (24 min)






It looks like George Galloway is controlled opposition. I always suspected gorgeous George and at one point I stopped following him on Twitter because he was pro-vax but when I looked just now I could only find him being very anti-vaxx. I think they cleaned the internet. I know it is true because I called him a sell-out on twitter and George Go-away.😂 Then I found a video from Feb 16 2021 in which he shills for pharma (see below).

Isn’t it interesting that both Trump and George supported the “military” vaccination but with caveats…….. “….it should not be mandated…” so they left themselves a get out clause and they are now either anti (like George) or they simply don’t talk about it (Trump). They are all on the same side.

Airstrip One was George Orwell’s depiction of the UK as a a trans Atlantic American base.  However, the Anglo-Zionists are the the left-over from the marriage between the old East India Company and the Zionists and ZOG runs both the UK and the USA.




Sunak meltdown. Macron WW3 tripwire. German Crimea bridge audio, cui bono? Biden, Giorgia on my mind


More EU Panic, Quarrels, Germans Talk Kerch Bridge, Krasnodar Strikes, Putin Warns Counter Strikes (1:24 min)

Heated Debate on Ukraine – Andrei Martyanov vs. Mark Sleboda (21 min)

G7 frustration trying to seize Russian frozen assets (16 min)


Sunak is not Moses

Sunak is not Moses

The establishment is rattled and gorgeous George gave Sunak a verbal slapping which I tweeted to the PM (lolz).  People are angry.  The likes of Sunak presided over a democide at home, a genocide abroad and a brother-war.  I clipped the interview and sent the tweets to Sunak.


George Galloway just gave a masterclass in monstering the media! (14 min)

Neil Oliver TEARS into ‘unelected PUPPET’ Rishi Sunak for ‘GASLIGHTING’ the British people(11 min)

British Elites FREAK OUT Over George Galloway Election Win! (22 min)


Analysing Rishi Sunak’s ‘blatant bigotry’ after ‘extremists’ speech (8 min)











A Plant

A Plant

Looks like this John Watt is a plant.  They are “cooling the mark” and letting some of the anger out of the situation.  They are also going for a narrative change.  They always vet the audience before “live” questions….so this was staged.  I am so sick of the gas-lighting and psyops.