Dark Days

Dark Days

Jeffrey Sachs Drops INSANE Truth Bomb About the US (15 min)

The UK Economy Is F*cked (15 min)

Get used to being poor and invaded (5 min)


Forget the farmers! Dutch government is now taking people’s HOMES too | Redacted w Clayton Morris (12 min)

Tis But a Scratch

Tis But a Scratch

Patriot damage, Tis But a Scratch. Odessa missile strikes. Pope, void Jesus icon. Sanna HBO MAX. U/1 (31 min)

30 Patriot missiles in 2 minutes. Zelensky returns to Kiev (25 min)

“Putin just launched the BIGGEST attack of the war so far | Redacted with Clayton Morris “(10 min)

BOMBSHELL! Zelensky’s Pro-Russian Speech Uncovered! (3 min)

Kinzhal hits Patriot

Kinzhal hits Patriot

Trump-Russia hoax. Kinzhal hits Patriot. Macron, Russia vassal to China. Sunak-Elensky BFFs. U/1 (36 min)

“Most of them are dead!”- Ukraine’s army DECIMATED says Col. MacGregor | Redacted w Clayton Morris (20 min)

Col. Daniel Davis: UKRAINE JUST PROVOKED PUTIN (26 min)

Bad Day for Ukraine: Bakhmut Days from Fall, Missiles Pummel Kiev; Patriot Destroyed; RU Oil Exports (1:05)

We want more war

We want more war

War is good for the economy.  We want more war.  The fat bankers love wars.

From Ukraine to Russia to China to Syria – what connects them all? Conversation with Brian Berletic (57 min)

Douglas Macgregor & ex-CIA Tony Shaffer: “Russia is one step away from victory” (41 min)


recession is here? OPEC+ raised oil prices, Gold prices shooting up, Liz Truss & CPTPP, Finland NATO

We don’t want Peace

We don’t want Peace

Instead of peace we are going to send depleted uranium shells and cluster bombs.  We want to poison the incredibly fertile black soil of Ukraine and maim as many civilians as possible. We want our wrath to be felt for generations.

Sunak, one step closer to nukes. Hungary, no to ICC, Borrell & NATO. Elensky, call me, maybe. U/1 (35 min)

UK sending depleted uranium to UKR, ICC hypocrisy and reasons for arrest warrant, Xi & Putin meeting (27 min)

Peace In Ukraine Is “Unacceptable” Says Biden Spokesman (7 min)

Putin and China just dealt a KNOCKOUT blow to the west with this move | Redacted News (26 min)

The US freaks out over New World Order shaped by Xi Jinping & Vladimir Putin

The Loan Boat

The Loan Boat

There are many financial tricks that might slow the pace of a credit crash, but not by much. And, here’s the kicker – Unlike in 2008, the Fed has created a situation in which there is no escape. If they do pivot and return to systemic bailouts, stagflation will skyrocket even more. If they don’t use QE, then banks crash, companies crash and even bonds become untenable, which puts the world reserve status of the Dollar under threat. What does that lead to? More stagflation. In either case, rapidly rising prices on most necessities will be the consequence.


The Loan Boat (2 min)

Clayton Morris: They want to watch the banks burn on purpose (19 min)


Tucker Carlson: This is why our big banks are incompetent (12 min)

It started in 2008? (lolz).  You mean because they got rid of the Glass-Stegal Act?

Try again.

It started more than a hundred years ago in 1913 with the private Jewish Bank you call the Federal Reserve.

Biden, banking system safe. SVB, don’t call it a bailout. Elensky needs $38B. Sunak heats pool. U/1 (23 min)

Buy gold (2min)


Russia’s Special Military Operation

Russia’s Special Military Operation


Russia’s Special Military Operation 1 Year On: How the US Started this War & Where it’s Heading..(51 min)


Ukraine War Was ALWAYS About Dividing Russia & Germany (9 min)

Sunak doubles down as Homes for Ukraine end, EU spends 800B on energy,EU 2 seize RU assets, Baerbock












Warmongering Intensifies

Warmongering Intensifies

And  he wants to lock up the unvaccinated?

Break your hands under anesthetic to avoid the front line.

Sunak & King Charles Meet With Zelensky. UK Promises Long Range Weapons Pilot Training To Kiev (11 min)


Sweden focuses on NATO as economy, law and order declines (11 min)


2023.02.09 Confirmed: The Americans Destroyed Nordstream