Hottest Year on Earth

Hottest Year on Earth

(2/2) Hottest Year on Earth Explained Why It’s So “Hot” and What’s Next (23 min)


Galactic Field, Sunspots, Beaufort Gyre | S0 News July.9.2023 (3 min)


12,000+ Earthquakes On Fagradalsfjall Mountain Iceland – Severe Flooding In The Northeast US (16 min)


Massive Dust Cloud to Hit South US; Another Round of Suspicious Canadian Smoke Will Cover Northeast (3 min)

What Are They Doing to the Sky? Strange Patterns Appearing Above Us! (2 min)

Sunspot Counts

Sunspot Counts

This is from  July 4 report.

SUNSPOT COUNTS HIT A 21-YEAR HIGH: The sun is partying like it’s 2002. That’s the last time sunspot counts were as high as they are now. The monthly average sunspot number for June 2023 was 163, according to the Royal Observatory of Belgium’s Solar Influences Data Analysis Center. This eclipses every month since Sept. 2022:





Above: This plot is based on NOAA’s interactive Solar Cycle Progression. Check it out!

Solar Cycle 25 wasn’t expected to be this strong. When it began in Dec. 2019, forecasters believed it would be a weak cycle akin to its immediate predecessor Solar Cycle 24. If that forecast had panned out, Solar Cycle 25 would be one of the weakest solar cycles in a century.

Instead, Solar Cycle 25 has shot past Solar Cycle 24 and may be on pace to rival some of the stronger cycles of the 20th century. The last time sunspot numbers were this high, the sun was on the verge of launching the Great Halloween Storms of 2003, which included the strongest X-ray solar flare ever recorded (X45), auroras as far south as Texas, and a CME so powerful it was ultimately detected by the Voyager spacecraft at the edge of the solar system.

X Class Solar Flare, Brain Spirals & Solar Impact | S0 News July.3.2023 (3 min)

7/03/2023 — Large Earthquake activity returns — M6.9 — Two areas already struck — BE PREPARED (1:17 min)

Tammy Nemeth: Demonizing hydrocarbons | Tom Nelson Pod #122 (54 min)

Natural change and Geoengineering

Natural change and Geoengineering

A Dangerous Volcano, Sunspots and Coronal Holes | S0 News June.14.2023 (3 min)

Live North America Smoke Map – Preparedness Livestream – Save Your Health And Crops

Down Is Up (5 min)

6/14/2023 — Earthquake activity + Canada Fires , WEATHER MODIFICATION using Radio waves


14 Planes to Geoengineer the Planet (50 min)


Mantle Induction

Mantle Induction

Mount Etna Erupts Raining Ash On Catania, Airport Shutdown – Large Hail Falls – Aurora Watch (22 min)

Strong M5.5 Earthquake Hits Offshore of Northern California, M6.1 Solomon, Loyalty Islands Swarming (3 min)

Sunspots, Solar Flares, Stroke Risk, Mantle Induction | S0 News May.21.2023 (3 min)

Google Is RIGGING Search Results For “Climate Change” (6 min)


Volcanoes and Catastrophes

Volcanoes and Catastrophes

Oregon Landslide Cuts Off Highway – Massive Snow Totals In The West – Drought Reduction – Santorini (16 min)

Santorini complex: The volcano has erupted nine times in the previous two thousand years with the last blast occurring in 1950. It emits 99% pure CO2.

This is one of many on the planet that naturally spew out CO2


This is doom mongering. There will be no global Tsunami. Magnetic excursion occurs regularly. There will be increased radiation, seismic and volcanic activity. The sun will flare to throw of the accumulated dust etc brought by the galactic sheet. There will be regional tsunamis and probably arc discharges (electric). Our ancestors survived this many times. Civilization will not survive this but many people will.

Solar Watch, Big CME, More Air Trouble, Magnetic Sense | S0 News Jan.12.2023 (4 min)

I know Brand is a Masonic shill but it is important to hear what Hancock has to say.

Historic Cold Forecast

Historic Cold Forecast

Historic Cold Forecast – White Christmas Watch – Sun Diving Comet – Mound Builder’s Artifact Enigma (22 min)

Beautiful Sun Diving Comet 12/17/2022 – Lasco C2 Imagery (2 min)


6000 Year Disaster, Pre-Seismic Signals, More Sunspots | S0 News Dec.18.2022 (3 min)

Mythical Floods & The Scientific Evidence Supporting Their Occurrence – Atlantis – Noah – Gilgamesh (55 min)

Everyone is lying

Everyone is lying

These videos are very  good especially the second one from Diamond (Recommended). In the first video we see how it is getting much colder in parts of the USA and the effect of Hunga-Tonga on the climate is largely ignored by the media.  The second video by Diamond is excellent and refers to a paper by Zharkova.  It gives us a time frame to work with, one that I think is correct.    The third video is the Zharkova lecture in case you missed it.

EVERYONE’S Lying!! North America’s Worst Disaster Is About To Happen!(15 min)

Frozen Mammoths In Black Muck – Solar Outbursts – Volcanic Eruptions & Solar Activity – Zharkova (56 min)

#42 – Valentina Zharkova: “in next 30 yrs, global warming prob. will be last thing in our mind” (1:22)