Neuroscience and Consciousness

Neuroscience and Consciousness

I include this stream from Dr Kevin McCairn because I find it fascinating and intriguing. The question of consciousness is according to many materialistic scientists an emergent quality of the complex electro-chemical and neurological reactions.   Dr McCairn discusses the topic and criticizes this reductionist and (often deconstructionist) approach.

 I only manged to get 1.5 hrs into this video because I can hardly keep up!   However, I will watch the full video because it is fascinating.  I have left this unedited so skip the first 46 minutes which are mostly  (rude lolz) memes etc.

When Dr McCairn talked about plasma (cold plasma) and the universe he got my attention. The brain is after all not merely driven by chemical process but is electrical.  Our scaling in relation to the universe and the fact that the inner workings of our brain looks like an image of the universe is (can I say it again?) fascinating.  

If the universe is interconnected with plasma and electro-magnetic filaments (like Suspicious Observers expound) then we can posit that everything is connected.  Perhaps the universe is a giant brain (only half joking) and our small brain has been created to understand it (a brain within a brain).  When the Bible says everything lives and moves and has its being in him perhaps that is literal.   In the end everything is energy (the second law of thermodynamics) and it is all energy flows and quantum mechanics.  Kevin often talks about “the super-ordinate consciousness” (God) and that we are meant to  lean -in (towards) that, which always reminds me of the word that was (literally towards) God.

In any case I will enjoy watching the rest of this marathon session and pondering it when I find time!

Start at 46 minutes: