Food Supply Shutdown

Food Supply Shutdown

This is very serious and deliberate. The Rockefeller Institute wrote a document about the pandemic years ago called Lockstep (exposed by Harry Vox in 2014) but they also wrote one  called Reset the Table and Podesta was involved with the Food Chain Reaction Game. Please start growing and storing food and withdrawing from the system as much as you can.

Food Supply Shutdown: Deer, fish, pigs euthanized; crops not planted (22 min)


Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (Victoria). Of course there is a need for such legislation but it is open to abuse and the amendments are authoritarian.  This is not about agriculture but legislation to bring societal and political change using health and carbon emissions as excuses.



Food Disappears Globally How Your Families Can Survive (1:16)

Perfect Collapse Storm Commences

Perfect Collapse Storm Commences (20 min)

With farmlands being bought up to offset carbon footprints across the globe with reforestation, food is not being produced, not Russia moves to a gold backed currency, Shanghai locks down all ports so most Chinese goods are not coming, fertilizer shortages already are shattering agriculture in Central and South America. Now its time to thing foraging wild edibles to keep you stocks up. 

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