Imperial Overreach

Imperial Overreach

Slithering Into World War III (4 min)

US Aggression & Manifest Destiny in the Indo-Pacific, w/ Prof. Ken Hammond (51 min)


Video: Students Force Police Off Campus! (8 min)


Rus Storms Kharkov Towns, Syrsky Troops Encircled, Ukr Crimea Strike; Putin Xi Forge Rus China Ties (1:25 min)

Xi-Putin multipolar hug. Elensky blames world for Kharkov. New Caledonia uprising (37 min)

Robert Fico, Slovak patriot (24 min)

Russian forces are STUNNED by what they just found in Ukraine!!? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (10 min)


Ukrainians Surrendering

Ukrainians Surrendering

Col. Douglas Macgregor: Shakeup in Russian National Security (36 min)

“Ukrainians SURRENDERING like never before” & Putin hasn’t even STARTED the full invasion | Redacted (18 min)

Kiev Panic, Budanov Blames Syrsky, Troops Surrender, Shoigu Runs Rus MIC, Belousov DefMin (1:17 min)

Belousov MoD. Shoigu promoted. German, UKR no-fly zone. Volchansk surrounded, Budanov blames Syrsky (42 min)

Putin’s new administration & the Security Council of Russia (30 min)

US Think Tank Admits Russia’s Massive & Growing Military Industrial Output (48 min)



NATO started this, Russia will finish it

NATO started this, Russia will finish it

John Mearsheimer: Ukraine Conflict, is American Trap – A major war Russia vs. US-NATO (29 min)

‘It’s to conceal from the world that this has been a FAILURE’ | US Colonel SLAMS Ukraine aid bill (18 min)

The Bloom | The Russians Captured Kyslivka | Netailove Has Collapsed. Military Summary For 2024.4.28 (18 min)

Ukr Panic, Rus Advance; Syrsky Confirms; US/Ukr Crimea Bridge Attack; Xi Blinken When Will He Leave? (1:24 min)

Syrsky, fighting Russia is hard. Lithuania hints Crimea bridge attack. Dr. Jill Stein arrested (33 min)


Georgia, Armenia and the death of the NGO state (16 min)

Brother War and Genocide

Brother War and Genocide

Tell me again that we are good guys…..

Zelensky put on his cleanest green T-shirt and would like to talk to Russia.  I thought he passed a law forbidding talking with Russia?  He obviously wants to delay the inevitable with a ceasefire.  Russia is no longer listening. Zelensky will soon have a Kinzahl up his bum.

Huh?  I thought Russia was just a gas station with nukes?  Germany banned the export of washing machines to Russia because they were using chips out the washers for military use (lolz).  They had so little ammo they were fighting with shovels?  The absolute garbage that people believe.

Terrifying! Putin Visits New Tu-160M Bomber Factory (8 min)

Russia Sends WARSHIPS To The Red Sea! (9 min)


Elensky, ready to talk 2022 borders. Lavrov, Macron WW3 distraction. Ukraine, cancel Bulgakov (40 min)

Rus Prepares Blackout East Ukr, 2 Ukr Towns Falling, Ukr Troops In Trap; Zelensky Syrsky Interviews (1:20 min)

The Bloom | Russian Promotion Along The Entire Donetsk Front | Blackout | Military Summary (22 min)

Kyle Anzalone : Ukraine on Life Support (24 min)

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson : The State Dept Lies for Israel (26 min)

Counter Attack Fails

Counter Attack Fails

Pistorius wins DC! Germany blames Putin, Russia hybrid attack. New $66B Ukraine package. SU-34 receipts (33 min)

Syrsky Avdeyevka Counterattack Fails, Huge Ukr Losses, Abrams Lost, Pistorius Spins Taurus Debacle (1:23 min)

Larry Johnson: A Global Chessboard New Alliances and Emerging Threats (30 min)

Ray McGovern: Germany caught off-guard by leak of secret Ukraine war talks (24 min)



In Vogue

In Vogue

Nothing is as glamorous as having your limbs blown off.  As for the movie, I have already reserved tickets.


Gaza airdrop. WSJ, Putin’s not so punishing terms. Ukraine summer collapse. Price of victory (32 min)

Berlin Admits Taurus Kerch Bridge Talk, UK MSM Admits EU Panic; Syrsky Sacks Generals, Rus Advances (1:26 min)

Ukraine Losing Ground as Weapons Wear Out & Ammunition is Depleted (37 min)










Defenses Disintegrate

Defenses Disintegrate

SnowStorm | The Second Line Of Defense Collapsed | Sarmat Is In Full Combat Readiness. MS 2024.02.29 (26 min)

Ukr Defences Disintegrate, Rapid Rus Advance, 3 Key Villages Fall, Syrsky Blames Commanders; ATACMS (1:18 min)


McConnell resigns. Russia direct threat to France. Transnistria protection. Meloni wanted to meet MJ (33 min)

Col. Douglas Macgregor: How Close Is WWIII? (29 min)

Why Erdogan’s Turkey Turned Against Assad’s Syria | Syriana Analysis (1 hour)

Aggressive Attrition Dramatic Collapse

Aggressive Attrition Dramatic Collapse

Cui bono? Not Putin. Avdeyevka falls. Lavrov, EU aims at Russia’s heart. Scholz-Elensky 10 year deal (44 min)

Avdeyevka Total Collapse, Syrsky Full Retreat, Rus Unresisted; Euroclear Rus Asset Seizure Illegal (1:20)

Ukraine Flees Avdeevka as Russian “Aggressive Attrition” Takes Toll (1:08min)

SnowStorm | Russian Victory In Avdiivka | The Orikhiv Offensive Started. Military Summary 2024.02.17 (30 min)

Troops Flee

Troops Flee

Ukr Collapse: Avdeyevka Defence Breaks, Troops Flee, Rus Missle Strikes, Syrsky Admits Rus Advances (1:17 min)

Senate warns Putin, Xi. Syrsky, defense plan. EU needs nukes. Mediazona, Kallas & Russia wanted list (39 min)

Saudi Arabia public rebuke of Biden White House (12 min)

How the US Air Force is Preparing for War with China, and Why it Won’t Work (33 min)

Col. Karen Kwiatkowski: Biden’s Fantasy Foreign Policy (29 min)

American Exceptionalism

American Exceptionalism

This is funny….

Joe Biden on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (4 min)

Senate; $61B to Ukraine, damage Trump. Syrsky, elite units to Avdiivka. Orban, Ukraine buffer zone (28 min)

Ukr To Defend Avdeyevka, Rushes Best Ukr Brigade, West Warns 2nd Bakhmut; NATO Reels Trump Comments (43 min)

Putin and China are watching Biden make a DEVASTATING mistake, this is bad! | Redacted News

Col Doug Macgregor – The Deadly Myth of U.S. Invincibility (38 min)