Gigaohm Biological (12 May)

Gigaohm Biological (12 May)

Starts at approx 4 minutes about 1:31 long.

Really good section on bird flu and culling flocks. They are killing millions of chickens and turkeys and putting farmers out of business. They are destroying the food supply but are they also seeding (pre-programming) the idea of a global “avian-flu” pandemic (a la Spanish flu 1918) from those “dirty birds”. Does this suggest that they are going to release something else?

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Most infections are Multi-viral infections…..

Gigaohm Biological (12 May)


Gigaohm Biological (13 April)

Gigaohm Biological (13 April)

A nearly three hour show by Dr. Jonathan Jay Couey bringing you sound biology. He has been on track  from the beginning. To paraphrase the words with which he ended the show… “Love your neighbor, family and friends…forgive them for being bamboozled. That is a very important message and he is correct. There is an all out onslaught from the Main Stream Media, big Pharma, science and the medical establishment to indoctrinate and confuse everyone.  They have abused our trust and lied about the biology.

This is an all out attack against humanity…and against God.  Very few have not been confused and whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated we all risk the chance of disease or long-term harmful outcomes because of what they have done.

Double Follow Up

Double Follow UP

I watched both of the previous Gigaohm videos that can be found here (see below) and thought that they were that important (especially the one with Rixey) that I have posted a follow up article as a separate blog post. I highly recommend watching the Rixey interview.

Gigaohm Double (1 March)

Firstly, Charles Rixey is an ex-marine and a WMD expert and were it not for his obsessive search for the truth we would not have the evidence that we now have.  Some of it has already disappeared but not before Rixey documented it. We owe him a burden of gratitude and he (and his family) should be supported because it is all he does.  He is like a dog with a bone and he won’t let go. Indefatigable.   Below is his sub-stack and vast data archive. Please send a small donation on paypal.

JC on a bike

Another who called it correctly was Jonathan Couey who told us nearly two years ago that it was lab origin.  Without such people standing up and losing their livelihoods we would be nowhere. They deserve your support.  His video presentation has four parts:

1.SNL Skit tells ALL
2.WEb MDs watch TV
3.T cell exhaustion(I vs,T)
4.Orthornavirae refrain

I especially recommend his analysis of the SNL skit. Also the Jimmy Dore segment makes me wonder if Omicron is itself an “airborne vaccine”.  Who knows?  JC does a great take down of the doctor teaching us about T cell exhaustion.  It is frightening when medical professionals know so little about immunology.  They are just pharma stooges selling a product.


Gigaohm Biological (21 Feb)

Gigaohm Biological (21 Feb)

Watching this now (1:36 min)

This is the important paper that JC refers to:

MSH3 Homology and Potential Recombination Link to SARS-CoV-2 Furin Cleavage Site


We did an article on this previously based on work by Dr Ah Kahn Syed and Jikky mouse:

Blasted Liars


Cut out or fail safe

This was not an accident but a series of cut outs and fail safes to hide the true intention.  This was not a template switch “accident”. Perhaps they were using the MSH3 to enhance the pathogencity (over expression) for research.  But this is just throwing more mud at it…see it is not intentional….it was inadvertant, an accident, “oops”. We are meant to believe that they were just trying to cover up that Moderna had a patent on the MSH3 and that they made a mistake.

I am calling bull on this. They knew…or at least a small in-group knew (not all the researchers). They gamed this because they knew that if they could not frame it as a natural jump they could then frame it as an accident. And they could get evryone to go along with it because which scientist wants to put their hand up and admit they accidently destroyed thwe world.
They have gamed this. They knew. The twelve neuclotides (RNA version) ccucggcgggca has a gematria of 72 (English ordinal) as does Covid 19 (53+19) as does the word gentile.  There are 72 gentile nations in Chabad theology. Chabad has cloes ties with Mossad and the Rothschild bankers. This is all about a bankers reset.  The Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines is Chabad and attended EVENT 201 with George Gao chief of the Chinese CDC and a number of other prominent people who are WEF members or affiliates. None of this is an accident. The Federal Reserve started Repo on 18th Sept 2019 and directly we have a “pandemic”.


1. The Furin Clevage Site (FCS)  did not emerge naturally

2. The FCS is part of a patented (Moderna) sequence

3. This was no accident it is meant to reset the 72 nations in a NWO.

Gigaohm Biological (3 Nov)

Gigaohm Biological (3 Nov)

This show address some of the objections that Dr Wilson brought up in the debate and has other interesting material. The shocking arrogance of the CEO of Pfizer is on display when he relates vaccine hesitancy with a lack of understanding science or data.  Another interesting segment is were all the vaccine injuries are shown to come from particular batches.  Are they contaminated?

Dr Wilson has now put the debate on YouTube ( and I placed this comment underneath:

Well I think you did very well on immune-mythology but you were certainly not intent on having a discussion. No wonder Jay became frustrated and lost his cool. You have chosen your path which is clearly with the establishment and big Pharma and their transhumanist and oneHealth agendas. So, let me get your position straight. 1.The virus is natural spillover 2. The mRNA vaccine is not a transfection it is effective therapy even though it is a non-sterilizing treatment. 3. It is perfectly OK to keep giving boosters of the same transfection every few months 4. The virus is not being forced into an evolutionary bottleneck and ADE is just scaremongering 5. The S-protein is changing extremely rapidly but that is perfectly normal. 6. The reports of death and injury are anecdotal and mostly fake. 7. It is perfectly OK to jab young children (despite the JVIC in the UK ruling against but then your FDA is utterly corrupt and conflicted). 8. The only side-effect of the "vaccine" is mandates and totalitarianism (lolz).

I see (above) that you go to the time stamp where Andrew Read says his work is misrepresented. Of course you do, and of course he will say that if he still wants a job in academia. The ones who speak out like Jay and McCairn will never work again. They have integrity....and I might add that McCairn has pointed out the massive conflicts of interests many of these "scientists" have with the Epstein circle (and his "scientific" philanthropy) and big pharma. McCairn also (correctly) pointed out more than a year ago that there would be neurological damage and we are starting to see amyloidosis and other CNS injuries because the spike does cross the BBB and is distributed throughout the body....but...meh.

My approach is simple and based what I see in Australia. We had no covid deaths for six months (even during winter) until we started vaccinating. Of course everyone will say "coincidence" and correlation is not causation blah...but in every country? Really? We also have increasing deaths and injuries on our Govt TGA website. But it is all fake (lolz).

I will tell you now that a wave of death is coming in the following months, especially in young children. There will be a reckoning and a price to pay. We know that another 270 mRNA vaccines are in the pipeline and this is meant to be the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We know that humanity faces an existential threat as these psychopaths converge their climate and pandemic agenda into a new form of digital monetary control and social credit score. We will remember who stood by as this assault was unleashed against humanity.

I have put the debate on my blog and am busy transcribing the whole debate and dissecting it. I will place articles and links as well as video clips under the debate as well as the complete transcription. It will probably take me about three weeks to complete the project.

Couey vs Wilson debate

Gigaohm Biological (1:56)

Gigaohm Biological (29 Oct)

Gigaohm Biological (29 Oct)

Another masterclass. Looking forward to his next show where he will debate the FUNKSTER (lolz).  As Jonathan notes at roughly the 1 hour mark, the only rapid changes (mutations) are in the S-protein and that is the very protein that they are transfecting everyone with.

Gigaohm Biological (1hour 20 min)

Previous show with review and links:

Gigaohm Biological 27 Oct

Gigaohm Biological 27 Oct

Gigaohm Biological 27 Oct

Johnathan has said that watching the FDA approval process and all the malfeasance kept him awake at night. I am not surprised. They voted almost unanimously to jab children. They have deliberately politicized this and made it a left -right issue. They are lying about immunity and a host of other issues and they released a bio-wepon and propaganda campaign.  You need to know the biology to protect your children. You have the moral obligation to look after your children…learn the biology. I have turned the most important part of the video into tweets with 2 minute clips. It is imperative to get the message out.

Gigaohm Biological 27 Oct (1 hour 11 mins)

The Updated Review made by Jonathan containing all the links can be found and downloaded here -everything in this review is backed up with references to the latest scientific research. This is not someones “opinion”. These are facts.

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