Do you Xi it now?

Do you Xi it now?

Is China really collapsing?   That is what they want you to believe.  It looks like it to me  but….  

I am always wary.  I don’t trust anyone.

China’s People Go Absolutely Insane As Grocery Stores Run Out Of Food Right Now (14 min)

Hang on! So China can’t do BRUTAL lockdowns but we can? | Redacted with Clayton Morris (19 min)

And yet the people of Taiwan vote to be part of a country that is starving and persecuting its people?    Go figure.

Elections in Taiwan, ruling party suffers massive defeat (16 min)




Taiwanese choose China

Taiwanese choose China

A lot of Taiwanese actually work in China (they commute).  Can someone explain to me why the Taiwan voters would choose China when millions are being locked down by an oppressive regime?   Do Turkey’s vote for Christmas? 

Something does not smell right.

Taiwan Voters Choose China Over Independence! (8 min)

China and Taiwan

China and Taiwan

Wait, is China about to go to war with Taiwan? Are they crazy | Redacted with Clayton Morris (19 min)


I don’t think China wants war but they are preparing.

China’s World War 3 Plan (14 min)


The next phase

The next phase

Russia prepares for next phase. Putin orders creation of special coordination council (24 min)

What is Behind the Growing US-China Crisis Over Taiwan? (35 min)

US & UK will NUKE POLAND & Blame RUSSIA Claim Russian Media (20 min)

Despite Kherson Defeat US Presses for More Offensives, Considers $50Bn Aid; US/EU to Silence Critics(45 min)

Dore Fest

Dore Fest

Jimmy Dore made a Joke about the San Fransisco Gay parade and party called the Dore Fest.  This is the real Dore Fest.   Rather eclectic but we can see how bad this really is. Tagged under humor but it really isn’t funny.

France Deploys Troops To Steal Yemen’s Natural Gas (9 min)

Zelensky ADMITS He Hid Truth About Russian Invasion (10 min)

Africa Chooses China Over The U.S. In Taiwan Dispute (13 min)

My China

My China

My China is cockney rhyming slang for “my mate”  as in China plate =mate (lolz).

Pelosi is now mates with China. She is probably scared.

The Dumbest Thing Pelosi’s Ever Said (3 min)

US Using UN to Bolster Anti-China “Genocide” Claims (11 min)

The Us Is Exploiting Taiwan & ”Human Rights” (4 min)

China’s Taiwan Military Option

China’s Taiwan Military Option

A very good analysis.  All China has to do is sit back and blockade Taiwan.  They can deny the US access to the area.

China’s Taiwan Military Option – How and Why? (1:00)

@00:00 Intro: How the US is Trying to Prevent Reunification & Provoke a War:@00:46 NBC – War Games: The Battle for Taiwan:… @03:07 Wilson Center – Joint Communique between the United States and China (1972): https://digitalarchive.wilsoncenter.o…

@04:30 US State Department – U.S. Relations with Taiwan (2022):…

@06:17 Harvard’s Atlas of Economic Complexity – Taiwan 2019:…

@09:56 Military Review – Deterring the Dragon (2020):… Voice of America – US Nearly Doubled Military Personnel Stationed in Taiwan This Year (December 2021):


@16:37 Preparations:

@19:20 USNWC – Logistics Support for a Cross-Strait Invasion:…

@20:42 Business Insider – China’s air force has big plans for its biggest planes (Y-20):…

@22:07 RAND Corporation – War with China, Thinking Through the Unthinkable (2016):…

@23:04 RUSI – The Return of Industrial Warfare:…

@26:48 Chinese Military Operations: Overview:

@31:13 Election Study Center, National Chengchi University – Taiwan Independence vs. Unification with the Mainland(1994/12~2022/06):…

@31:54 Key Chinese Military Capabilities:

@34:31 Diplomat – Russia Completes Delivery of Second S-400 Regiment to China:…

@38:37 CSIS – How Are China’s Land-based Conventional Missile Forces Evolving?:…

@39:35 CSIS – Missiles of China:…

@46:00 Business Insider – China’s new rocket launcher system is its most powerful ever, and it’s looming over the Taiwan Strait (Type PCL-191 launcher):… @48:12 Army Recognition – First combat use of Chinese made VT4 tanks:…


@49:24 The National Interest – How One Argentine Submarine Kept The Royal Navy At Bay During The Falklands War:…

@52:14 CSIS – Are China’s Military Logistics Better Than the Russian Military’s?: Conclusions

@55:01 US National Endowment for Democracy – Taiwan’s Destiny: US NED – Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Taipei:…

@56:08 Forbes – The Countries With The Most STEM Graduates [Infographic]:…

“Taiwan Is China” | Scott Ritter on Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan (11 min)

Based Bakshi

Based Bakshi

The raccoon mascot General Bakshi will show those  princelings where all the jibbed-jabbering with viruses will get them. War is not a pick-nick…rockets, tanks…

What Is China’s Gameplan In The Battle For Taiwan? | The Grand Strategy With GD Bakshi (31 min)