Stinkin Blinkin drops a Stinker

Stinkin Blinkin drops a Stinker

Blinken Goes Full Cringe Promoting US Colonialism in Nigeria (5 min)

53 tanks short. Dutch secret patriot training. Lavra shock. Musk to Sheen, I feel your pain. U/1 (38 min)

It’s over and NATO is finished | Redacted with Clayton Morris (17 min)

RFK Jr. BLASTS War Machine Over Ukraine In Announcing Presidential Bid

Scholz the puppet

Scholz the puppet

Scholz proves is a weak puppet by sending German tanks 2 fight Russia. Kiev Purge, Japan got slapped

Zelenskey is a sociopath.

Zelensky Admits: “Ukraine War Is Good For Business!” (10 min)


Clayton Morris: NATO is going to get us ALL killed with this move (18 min)


Turd in the Punch-bowl

Turd in the Punch-bowl

How do you make the truth unpalatable?  You do this by telling a partial truth.  If the truth is a punch-bowl the bits of fruit would be like parts of the truth but if you then lay a big turd in the bowl it becomes toxic.  You have contaminated everything.  This is what has been constantly happening.   These are either psyops or they are being signal boosted….either way they are a distraction and misinformation.  Is venom used for medication and is it patented?  Yes.  are there partial venom epitopes in the Spike Protein? Yes.   Are we being injected with snake venom? No.  Is it being put in the water?  No.

More Tanks – No thanks, Bio-Labs, SARS Madness, Venom In The Water Redux (2:54)

WW3 has begun

WW3 has begun

Mannarino is correct WW3 has begun.  How many people are aware?    Never seen people so dumb.


US to Send M1 Abrams to Ukraine + US-backed Terror Targets Myanmar’s Upcoming Elections (41 min)

Kiev Threatens To Strike Russian Cities. US Navy SEAL KIA In Bakhmut.(21 min)


Russia Closing Bakhmut Cauldron, Belarus Rejects Ukraine Offer; West Escalates, Sends Kiev Tanks (1:20)

Germany & US to Send Leopard 2 & Abrams Tanks to Ukraine (22 min)

No NATO for Sweden? Turkey’s Response to Latest Provocation (12 min)

Turning Tides

Turning Tides

US-NATO Prepare Escalation in Desperate Bid to Turn the Tide (again) in Ukraine (26 min)

Russian economy collapse narrative makes a comeback (19 min)

Sergey Lavrov Speech – ENGLISH TRANSLATED – Russian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Press Conference (2:55)

Russia Advances Siversk, Ukraine Risks Bakhmut; US, German Military Push Back Against Tank Transfers (1:12)

The Jewish clown himself:

The Middle Corridor to revolutionise global trade (14 min)







Putin issues DIRE warning

Putin issues DIRE warning

Putin issues DIRE warning to the WEF globalists and it’s game time | Redacted with Clayton Morris (30 min)

Putin’s speech, nuclear conflict rhetoric ramps up (20 min)

NATO Tanks for Ukraine Impractical (says Western media)-22 min

Attacks on Nord Stream Pipelines Escalates Conflict; Russia to Announce Annexation Regions Next Week (56 min)

New Frightening Weapon in Ukraine (14 min)

Oh SH*T, something BIG is happening in Germany, the WEF is scared | Redacted with Clayton Morris (18 min)

Game Changer?

Game Changer?

Game Changer? Immediate Referendums, Ukraine’s Spent Reserves – Russian Ops in Ukraine 09/21/2022 (34 min)

Russia Referendums in Donbass, Ukraine Regions, Union with Russia; Mulls Major Military Escalation (42 min)

Donbass Referendums MUST HAPPEN – Medvedev. Children KILLED By Ukrainian Shelling. (9 min)

“Akhmat” Destroys 200 Ukrainian Soldiers. Slovenia To Send 28 M-55S Tanks. Abortions Decrease. (18 min)

CRUCIAL! Iran to join SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation)

Why Israel Supports Azerbaijan (19 min)