Food supply

Food supply

I find it amazing that we have so much information at our fingertips and yet the masses are largely ignorant. Completely oblivious to what is coming. They can no longer distinguish truth from lies.

Italy’s Tomato Harvest Threatened by Can Shortages – Food Supply Chain Failures

Last Move to Add Food Into the Global Supply

Ethanol mandate are being relaxed to add more food into the supply chain as commodities prices near all time highs. New road taxes for delivery vehicles of 17.5 cents per mile will add to the reset conversion to no vehicles on roads. Finished products, yea right, Taiwan’s semiconductor chip industry closed.

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Jeff and Lucy

Jeff and Lucy

I often watch Jeff and Lucy from the dollar vigilante as he has interesting observations and useful information.   Recommended viewing.  I believe that this is in New Mexico (borders on Texas). Jeffrey David Berwick is a Canadian-Dominican entrepreneur, libertarian and anarcho-capitalist activist.


Why Food Prices Will Rise and Rationing Begin Within 12 Months

I placed this video from Adapt 2030 underneath particularly because  it discusses ideas proposed by Janet Yellen about taxing assets before capital gains are made (before you sell it).

Janet Yellen is the Jewish American economist who is serving as the 78th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury. Previously, she was the 15th chair of the Jewish Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018.  She is even talking about retrospective tax.  Taxing unrealized capital gains for example on property (or investments shares/gold etc).  But prices go up and down.  Will you get a refund when the value drops? 

So, even if you own your own home you could face huge tax bills every year and be forced to sell (dump it cheap on the market).  This is of course a wealth transfer…..they want it all.   Everything.  No wonder Schwab says you will own nothing.  These people are insane.


Several reasons that as the global economy contracts and morphs into a reset with cryptocurrency restricted and food less available, prices will spike and controls will be put in place to control the populace. But we are told that global grain production is stable, and the USD sound money.