World on Fire

World on Fire

Stalemate Ukraine, shift in strategy. Blinken warns Iran, don’t do it. I have a lot of powder. U/1 (44 min)

Blinken Spurned, Drifts Across MidEast, Dems Attack Biden; 22 Ukr Officers Killed, Ukr Avdeyevka (1:27 min)

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Speaks: Supports Palestinians, Won’t Rush to Hamas’ Aid (18 min)

Israel’s Ultimate Goal in Gaza (4 min)

I$rael Is Antisemitic (9 min)

Media Language Tricks to Hide Israel’s Carnage in Gaza (5 min)

Jews are JOINING anti-war protests with Palestinians and the media are HIDING IT | Redacted News (28 min)


We are the Good Guys

We are the Good Guys

Reminder: The west are the good guys. We use NAZIs in Ukraine (an d applaud the Waffen SS in Parliament) and we use Al-Qaeda in Syria to kill innocents. Thank you CIA. Thank you Jewish neocons.

Is the United States behind the attack on the military college in Syria? (8 min)

Australian Dystopia

Australian Dystopia

First the story Dr Kerryn Phelps former president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and a former member of Parliment who was very pro vaxx has now come out and said that she is “vaccine injured”. From this point on we will call her KAREN because she is a KAREN (lolz). She has put in a wide-ranging 18-page submission to the federal government’s long COVID inquiry because her “wife” has been “vaccine injured.” This is in my view another psyop trying to control the narrative.

Has she suddenly become a “cooker” or anti-vaxxer.  No she has not she is pushing for more research.  This is narrative control:

Imagine my surprise when I found out she was a Jew as well as a Lesbian and a vaccine promoter who supposedly has an injured “wife” (lolz).  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

The narrative is changing….but how much is being manipulated?

ABC Teleprompter Reader Suffers Pericarditis After COVID-19 Vaccine, & The Karma Train Rolls On… (1 min)

Sovereign Terrorists

And now we take a look at the Queensland Shooting.  It stinks and the more you look at it the more it stinks.   I suppose it is another “coincidence” that this particular location was targeted for fracking and pipelines.

If Only We Had A [Central] Queensland Gas Pipeline To Alleviate Our Supply Issues…’(1 min)

Well it is a good thing that we have another Jewess in charge because Annastacia Palaszczuk  whose father is CEO of a jewnetics company in China has built lots of “quarantine” places for those pesky sovereign citizens.  Now just who are these sovereign citizens?  Well they want strange things like the right to free passage over the land, the right to bodily autonomy (to decide what goes into their bodies) and they don’t like paying taxes that fund wars.  They must be bad people because the Jewish ADL has written reports on them (lolz).

It is ironic that they are called the “lawless ones” because that term was reserved by the prophet Zechariah for the Jews themselves (wickedness,iniquity or lawlessness in Zech 5:8).  Now I am not here to beat the drum for sovereign citizens but the state has limits which it cannot and should not ever transgress.Why is a Jewish Organization so against individual autonomy?  Probably because they want us all to live in a communist utopia where the state decides and controls everything.

QLD Police Wants “Anti-Vax, Sovereign-Citizen, Conspiracy Theorists” De-platformed From Social Media (2 min)

‘Anti-Vax Conspiracy Theorists’ Trigger Calls For National Gun Registry; Who Didn’t See That Coming?(3 min)

The People “Investigating” The QLD Shooting Want To Buy The Property Because That’s Not Sus At All…(2 min)

The Purges start soon

Trudeau goes full retard

Trudeau goes full retard

Trudeau went full retard. Never go full retard.

‘Biden of the north’: Trudeau is behaving like ‘an authoritarian thug’ (4 min)

Tucker: Trudeau has declared Canada a dictatorship

Of course the conservative media is loving this. It makes for great TV until innocent protestors get shot or made homeless.  This is so obviously not about a virus that it is shocking that some people still believe that this is about “health”.  Are there provocateurs or agitators among the truckers?  Probably, but the vast majority are ordinary people who just want their old lives back.   I am afraid that is not going to happen and we are all being gamed:

You are being gamed

Dutch treachery

Dutch treachery

Makes me ashamed to be Dutch (Dutch-Australian) and we are not even talking about the downing of flight M17.  All the countries that have been thoroughly penetrated (corrupted) by the Anglo-Zionists are deceitful warmongers and they usually have the worst covid numbers.


The Netherlands withdraws support for Syrian rebels as Assad’s forces ‘WILL WIN SOON’ The Netherlands stops supporting Syrian rebels, ahead of Idlib offensive Netherlands supported Syrian jihadist group: report Non-lethal Assistance and the Syrian Conflict: Lessons from the Netherlands Rutte tries to stop the investigation in supporting Syrian rebels Netherlands prepares case against Syria for ‘gross human rights violations’ New leaks shatter OPCW’s attacks on Douma whistleblowers

UK Column News – 24th July 2020

UK Column News – 24th July 2020


Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus: new face covering rules (recommendations) come into force in England
Confusing messages: Lidl’s statement – do not refuse entry to customers not wearing covering…
Twitter mask fans use the term ‘new face mask law’ to imply it is a legal requirement
Brexit divisiveness is now amplified with friction between mask users and non-users
21 Wire: American Appeasement – poll finds 72% support mask mandates punishable by fine or jail time
BBC propaganda: how to wear a mask…
Mask madness: a look at some apparently ‘appropriate’ masks
USA: California sees a surge in armed robberies as criminals use CV face masks to hold up stores
SAS-trained security expert: CV face masks could be used by terrorists to hide their identity
Pro-mask advocates seem to be largely on the left of the political spectrum as with Brexit remainers
25:36 – Coroni is confused: employees seem immune while customers are in danger…
CV national response: different laws in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
New ‘local lockdowns’ mean different ‘laws’ in counties and cities = the end of Common Law
Covid-19 Law Lab: collecting legal documents from the Covid-19 response (globally)
National sovereignty…? Globalists are taking advantage of this crisis to increase their control…
What’s coming this winter: UK to vaccinate thirty million people during flu season this year
Matt Hancock: Prime Minister announces £3 billion to ‘protect the NHS’
Chris Whitty: having the (flu) vaccine protects you and helps reduce transmission to others
Ramping up the flu vaccine allows many other respiratory diseases to increase
Flu vaccine has been pushed for years with no reduction in numbers
UK herd immunity: Prof. Sunetra Gupta (Oxford University) questions the CV narrative
Antibody testing for CoronaVirus is not the whole story…
Wonder vaccine panacea: AstraZeneca’s vaccine generated immune response in 1000 patients
The MainStream Media narrative: immunity can only come from a vaccine
AstraZeneca CoronaVirus vaccine trials are taking place in Brazil
Prof. Gupta: we are closing ourselves off not just to the disease, but to other aspects of being human
The Telegraph: (CV) lockdown may cost 200,000 lives, government report shows
Government is taking huge risks at the public’s expense
41:50 – UK Column viewers send serious CoronaVirus questions to their MPs
What was Coroni doing before the lockdown began…?
Suffolk MP Dan Poulter skirts his questions and suggests some may be libellous…
The Telegraph: viral second wave fear will drive us into another lockdown
Telegraph article: Imperial College’s research needs to be particularly scrutinised
Media should put its energies into probing the dishonesty of politicians & assertions of scientists
49:14 – Ex-NSA Bill Binney’s press conference now available on YouTube