Gigaohm Biological 6 April (2:32)

Gigaohm Biological 6 April (2:32)

One to watch later – trouble keeping up.  But we will not be beaten nor will we be overwhelmed.  I aim to bring you the best and keep you informed.  We are in a psywar and only people who are not confused or afraid will survive. We have a reliable and trustworthy source.  Let God be True (LGBT) and every man a liar. Amen.

[FDA Vaccine Meeting and GEERT] The Gigaohm Biological High Resistance Low Noise Information Brief (2:32)


WOW….devastating testimony….devastating.

This is what Jay is talking about…..just found it….   sorry  wrong video….still looking…

Here it is and the section open to the Public begins at 5:16.   I think I will watch and Time Stamp the video (when I get time). Full video 8 hours 46 minutes.

Open Public Hearing Session FDA April 6, 2022

And you know what?  All the evidence and testimony made no difference…go get your shot.

Public section starts here: