The Liar Lies

The Liar Lies

I watched this video from Rabbi Reuven trying to justify the ongoing genocide and to portray the Jews as victims.  I  made a short response below but I could have quoted chapter and verse and gone into much  more depth but what is the point?  They are stubborn and hard of heart.   They did not listen to the prophets or Jesus so they certainly won’t listen to me.  Nevertheless it must be done as a witness.  To leave them without excuse.


Time Stamps:

  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:06:19 Israel at War
  • 0:07:44 Israel vs. Others Nations: Response to Attacks
  • 0:09:21 Israel Under Enemy Control
  • 0:11:51 Strange Things
  • 0:15:11 Terror Funding UN & Ceasefire
  • 0:18:38 KNOW THE LIAR LIES
  • 0:19:10 Mikeitz: 2 Additional Years & Pharoah’s Dreams (Gen. 41 vv. 1-7)
  • 0:22:43 Pharoah called necromancers and wisemen to interpret dream (Gen. 41 v. 8) 0:23:12 Yosef is rushed from the dungeon (Gen. 41:14)
  • 0:24:37 Divine Decrees & When Prayers Don’t Help
  • 0:27:18 Divine Decrees & Dark Cloud’s Expiration Date
  • 0:30:52 Pharoah Changed Law, then Lied to Yosef the Tzadik
  • 0:33:12 If not sanctifying Hashem’s Name daily, futile birth
  • 0:33:31 A thousand Shlomos will be nullified, but not a single letter of the Torah (Yer., Sanh. 2:6)
  • 0:34:55 Yosef the Tzadik Sanctifying G-d’s Name Recognized for Eternity
  • 0:35:10 Pharoah Lied About Dream, Thought Yosef was in Head
  • 0:37:22 The Root of the Enemy: Living a Lie
  • 0:38:34 Esau and Ishmael hate Yaakov
  • 0:39:02 Ishmael Tried to Kill Yitzchak, Sarah Saw (Rashi, Gen. 21 v. 10)
  • 0:40:53 Yosef’s Wife; The Enemy Does Not Give Free Gifts
  • 0:45:09 Hashem, rescue my soul from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue (Ps. 120:2) 0:46:45 I am peace, but when I speak, they are for war (Ps. 120:2)
  • 0:47:19 Permanent Peace with Ishmael is Impossible as per Quran
  • 0:59:30 Nature of Ishmael; Pharoah Forgets Yosef
  • 1:01:22 Esau and Ishmael hate Yaakov (cont.)
  • 1:05:12 Conclusion Questions:
  • 1:19:11 Souls can change based on behavior
  • 1:20:50 Can a Noahide Read Targum Onkelos
  • 1:21:18 What happens to Anti-Semites
  • 1:22:48 Why do Jews eat oily foods on Chanukah?
  • 1:24:18 Are there exceptions to wearing Tefillin Shel Rosh?
  • 1:26:05 Misconceptions about life and reincarnations
  • 1:34:02 A Holiday Tree In Your House Is 100% Idol Worship
  • 1:34:44 Why was Yosef imprisoned?
  • 1:36:11 Do all of an individual’s reincarnations return?
  • 1:36:58 G-d’s Infinite Power
  • 1:41:15 In the Process of Conversion: Syllabus & MeAm Loez
  • 1:42:30 Non-Jews are forbidden to keep Shabbat (Halacha: Rambam)
  • 1:43:48 Seven Noahide Laws
  • 1:44:54 Torah & Free Will to Choose the Righteous Path
  • 1:45:34 Teshuvah at Life’s End
  • 1:46:59 Chanukah exception for praying for miracles (Rema)
  • 1:50:02 Taking Upon Mitzvot to Receive Blessing
  • 1:51:09 BHChesed: Jewish Soldiers & Civilians at War

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Uncut Gematria

Uncut Gematria

The title I chose for this article reflects the title of the movie “Uncut Gems” which is essentially an analogy about Jacob (Howard) using deceit and manipulation to control the randomness and chaos of the universe. Ever since humanity was ejected from the idylic state of ignorance (the garden) and realized his utter vulnerability (nakedness) he has sought to control his environment. The price of Illumination was existential angst. If chaos cannot be controlled it can be used as an agent of rapid change and this is reflected by the motto Ordro ab Chao of secret societies and authoritarian institutes who use chaos as an instrument of social change.

That the ancient texts contain deep intertextual meaning is already known in scholarly circles. Intertextuality is the shaping of a text’s structure and meaning by another text, either through deliberate compositional strategies such as quotation, allusion, calque, plagiarism, translation, pastiche or parody and can be extended to semiotics (the study of how signs derive their meaning within the structure of a text) and dialogism (which suggests a continual dialogue with other works of literature and other authors). Gematria adds another complex layer of infomatics that cannot be dismissed out of hand.

In the book, The History and Heritage of Scientific  and Technological Information Systems, Bella Hass Weinberg examines how The Masoretes  standardized the text of the Hebrew Bible and in the course of their work created alphabetical lists of words and phrases. These tenth-century lists may be viewed as the predecessors of thirteenth-century Latin biblical concordances.

Structurally, Masoretic lists and biblical concordances are analogous to KWOC (keyword out of context) indexes. Masoretic lists anticipated search features, including truncation and adjacency, developed in the latter half of the twentieth century. The Masoretes also created permuted indexes and produced frequency counts of biblical words. The first complete Hebrew biblical concordance, compiled in the fifteenth century, contains a “stoplist” or list of words not indexed that is similar to contemporary English stoplists. She comments; “One scholar, Jordan Penkower, believes that the Masoretes must have had an indexing system because their lists include function words, such as prepositions which, are often placed on “stoplists” (lists of words not to be indexed). How could anyone remember all the occurrences of the word on, for example, in twenty-four books?

The Masoretes did not exclude function words because every word in the Bible counted, and the standardizers of the text wanted to be sure that even non-content words were copied correctly. They prepared lists of the occurrences of similar-sounding function words, such as el (to) and ‘al (on)…….. Masoretic notes on the Bible often include frequency counts, which one might think could have been produced only with the aid of a computer. Keep in mind the scope of the Masoretic frequency counts: they cover all occurrences of a word or phrase in the twenty -four books of the Hebrew Bible. Scholars I have consulted are divided as to whether the Masoretes had the entire Bible memorized or used an indexing system (Weinberg. 2001. pp. 183 —185)”.

***Bella Hass Weinberg, “Predecessors of Scientific Indexing Structures in the Domain of Religion” in The History and Heritage of Scientific and Technological Information Systems, (eds. W. Boyd Rayward, Mary Ellen 
Bowden, Information Today, Inc., 2004:126-136), 127-128

Stop words are the words in a stop list (or stoplist or negative dictionary) which are filtered out (i.e. stopped) before or after processing of natural language data (text) because they are insignificant predecessor concept was used in creating some concordances. For example, the first Hebrew concordance, Isaac Nathan ben Kalonymus’s Me’ir Nativ, contained a one-page list of unindexed words, with nonsubstantive prepositions and conjunctions which are similar to modern stop words.

The use of stop words is interesting and I suggest that a DOM (Differential Object Marker or Direct Object Marker) might well have a stop word or infomatics function as well as a syntactical role in Hebrew. In my preliminary examination of Exodus 20:7 it was discovered that the cumulative standard word value of the three words preceding the first DOM divided by six (31+70+401)/6 =188.883) ends in the same fractional digits as the second DOM marker when the three preceding word values are summed and divided by six (166+26+401/6) =98.8333. Moreover, when both these solutions are summed the (188.833+98.833) the value 287.666 emerges which can be reduced to 8666 which when further reduced is the value of the tetragammaton (26).

This and other considerations led me to believe that the number 6 and patterns thereof are foundational to the infomatics layer of the text and led me to the article by David Buckle the Sexagesamial Babylonian system found in the Babylonian tablet catalogued as YBC 7289 which is thought to be from c. 1800 – 1600 BCE.


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That there is a Sexagesimal pattern in the alphanumeric data is in my view undeniable but I suspect that the enneadic matrix that I presented (which was an actual hybrid of the Babylonian Sexagesimal system) may be an artifact of the methodology or a byproduct of the number theory that I employed. This still needs further analysis (but I am extremely time poor). Nevertheless, there is a deeper layer of complexity and this has opened up a whole new avenue of research that I believe will provide fruitful insights and may ultimately answer the question as to the criteria that were used by the sages to consider certain texts inspired and sacred and others as non-canonical.

As an aside I am trying to use ChatGTP to produce the formulas that I need to process and convert numbers automatically. The first formula it produced was only partially correct as the first digits of Pi 3.141592 in base 10 should be 3:08,29,44,00,47 according to the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Solutions. The first instances of the Excel formula which included truncation were too complex for Excel which kept posting error pop-ups and did not deliver anything beyond the first digit pairs 08,29 so the AI suggested using VBA which after several code adjustments still did not achieve the necessary accuracy so the AI suggest using Python Math (lolz). All I can say is those bronze age scribblers must have been pretty good at math. I will continue to analyze the data when I find time.

My hypothesis is linked to cyclical catastrophe (The Great Precession Year) and what Dr McCairn refers to as boundary conditions and it seems to me that certain groups are using the knowledge of such events to leverage advantage beyond the event horizon. The Story of Genesis has a complex cosmogony couched in terms of universal mythology with archaeoastronomy demonstrating that all the ancients regarded phenomena in the sky as important and may explain why the Hebrews have twelve tribes and a tabernacle/temple patterned after the heavens. They also have a schematized calendar (Seder Olam) in which they deliberately compressed the Persian era omitting 167 years to fit the period between temple destruction. Accordingly it is the year AM 5784 (+167=5951?) in 2023 which would fit an interlude of approx 6,000 years between catastrophe cycles. My understanding is that the Genesis story and the Abrahamic revelation is a direct counter against an ancient hermetic (Gnostic) system in the previous catastrophe cycle that believed that scientific knowledge (alchemy) is the answer (the illumination promised by the serpent) to avoid and survive the catastrophe. In the words of Matt Damon in the movie The Martian, “I am going to have to science the shit out of this”.

Many ancient myths recount the story of man aspiring to god-like knowledge and control of his environment and every time it fails. What we are experiencing now is the emergence of this ancient behavior at the end of our cycle. The bible calls this idea “the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan” (Rev 20:2). The Abrahamic Revelation gives an alternative, namely that, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Prov 1:7) but fear should mature to perfect love (1 John 4:18). I believe that scripture is inspired and that the layer of complex infomatics that we can barely discern is not fully explained by the ancients being math geniuses because it presupposes the simultaneous development of language,alphabet,numerical values and inter-textual meaning.

Christianity is under attack as never before and it is my belief that the attack is not organic, it orchestrated and coordinated. So many people have no understanding of the complexity of the issues and are not bothered to find out and thus they are vulnerable.


Metaphysical Discussion

Metaphysical Discussion


Revelation – A Discussion With The Faithful (John Brisson & Paul (The Tishbite)- 2:35 min

Starts at about 16 min

We had a discussion about Revelation with a couple of guys afterwards in live chat (not recorded) and watched these clips from the Movie Pi.  Afterwards I downloaded and watched the full movie (sorry not allowed to share…you will have to find it online). The next three videos are two short clips (2-3 mins) from Pi and a short Bro Nathanael clip, followed by a movie review of Pi.   I have included my calculations etc on the subject under each video.



I just noticed that the last section adds up to 24 which reduces to 6 therefore you have ..

R=2/ 26 / 72 / 26 / 66/ R=6 so it ends in 666

What does this mean ??

Two / Yahweh / nations /Yahweh /number of man

And just found this:

144/666 = An infinitely repeating cycle of 6 × 6 × 6 (the PERIMETER of the Genesis 1:1 Triangle = 6 × 6 × 6)

(6 × 6 × 6) = 216

144/666 = 0.216216216216 … to infinity




Pi Explained | Classic Explained Episode 13 (19 min)



The Cacodemon

The Cacodemon

Christopher Jon Bjerknes discusses his book Satanic Secrets of Jesus Christ which basically sees the whole Bible including the NT as a plot by the Jews to take over the world.  The Gentiles have been fooled into believing in Yahweh who is a Cacodemon and taken in by Jesus who is really a Satanic Serpent.    No, I did not make that up…that is what he is putting forward and he lends it credibility by conflating numerous myths and presenting a pseudo-intellectual argument that falls apart as soon as you start pulling on the threads. It is only superficially plausible because so few people are familiar with Scripture or with hermeneutical techniques. The stream is about four and a half hours and my video response is bellow.

Running Order

The running order is taken from the Dojo website. If you watch it there the time stamps will take you to the relevant section.

  • 00:14:31 Start
  • 00:20:30 Jon Bierknes call-in, modern bolshevism
  • 00:49:18 Arimanius in DuckDuckGo, Google
  • 00:50:20 Yaltabaoth in DuckDuckGo, Google
  • 00:51:50 Alexander Dugan, Kabbalah, “national socialism is national bolshevism”
  • 00:55:10 1962 David Ben Gurion “in the future, the Soviet Union will expand into a Eurasian empire”, Putin, Chabad Lubavitch
  • 01:00:18 Gnostic Christianism, Jesus as serpent on the tree of good and evil
  • 01:04:40 Story of Noah, olive branch, vineyard, Noah as Satan drinking the venom of the snake, archetipes, opposites
  • 01:18:00 Stealing the knowledge from the first born, unripe knowledge, Moses, serpent on a stick, Plato’s Atlantis
  • 01:22:42 Why be concerned about Russia? Jens Stoltenberg, Norvegian communist in charge of NATO
  • 01:24:45 SARS, dual-use research, advantageous polymorphisms, ties between Israel and South Africa, George Galloway
  • 01:30:20 Religious aspect will be pushed very hard
  • 01:33:00 “Adam was a single man, he was actually an androgyne”, “all humanity, with the exception of Noah’s family, was exterminated”, androgynous and immortal jews
  • 01:41:00 Justinian Deception
  • 01:41:36 Chabad Lubavitch, Sabbateans, Rothschild, jews killed their first-borns, use of the word “goyim”
  • 01:46:06 Israel pushed through technocratic conversion, “the big jews are going to kill them all too”, “the poision is unripe technology”
  • 01:49:00 Tree of life in Kabbalah, Tikkum Olam
  • 01:51:00 Historic evidence of Jesus
  • 01:56:30 Greeks, Egyptian, Hitite biological warfare, scape goating process, poisoning the wells
  • 02:00:10 Hiding knowledge, controlled opposition, troll farms, Castillian kabbalists in the 1200s
  • 02:11:00 “Ham sodomized Noah” Sahnedrin 70a.18
  • 02:12:00 Reappearance of Satan, Zohar Bereshit, Drunk on D’vine, The Cup of God’s Wrath, Deuteronomy 28 “You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. The lord will make you the head, not the tail”, gentiles responsible for making Jews usurers?
  • 02:29:50 Orthodox Christianity, Jesus is Satan, Christians turned agains their own God, “Christians celebrate this mutilated corpse hanging off a cross”
  • 02:32:00 Tikkum Olam, technology used in a destructive way, freeing the sparks from the body of gentiles, Hesiod, metallic ages
  • 02:35:00 Christianity is the Leviathan, Islam is the Behemoth, Middle-Eastern War, Aristotle and Plato on usury, Thomas Jefferson
  • 02:46:07 “Those Christians who opposed usury relied upon the Pagans, upon Aristotle and Plato”
  • 02:52:01 Deuteronomy 15, “At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts.”, Deuteronomy 15.3
  • 03:12:00 Zecharia 14, soul and matter, neoplatonism
  • 03:24:00 Paracelsus: “The poison is the cure”
  • 03:50:33 End Jon Bjerknes call-in

The Cacodemon conquers the world (1:02 min)

My video response:

The blog article below includes my previous video response and a link to CJB ‘s previous stream (Are you being punked?) with Dr Kevin McCairn in which CJB demonstrated a complete lack of understanding regarding the function and origins of Scapegoat typology on the Day of Atonement.  Despite explaining the scapegoat ritual and leaving links to articles (See: Are you being punked?) Christopher continues to ignore the evidence.

Are You Being Punked?


Brendon Premiere video 72

Brendon Premiere video 72


This video is a Premiere and is not (yet) available on YouTube.  I have already viewed it on Patreon and it is very good.  Brendon starts with an analysis on the difference between the  the Torah,Tanakh and Talmud and takes Pharisaical Rabbinic Judaism to task. The second part of the video talks about the coming death of crypto. Click Watch on YouTube for show notes etc.

At time of writing 35 hours until premiere on YT. St your reminder on YT.




I thought it was timely to talk about the charge of antisemitism which has been weaponized.  It is a tool that is used whenever the Jews are criticized.  They play the antisemitism card along with the victim card. The have turned it into an art form.  You should not allow it to stop you from speaking the truth no matter how harsh that truth is.  Before we progress further allow me to state that there are many “righteous Jews” who take no part in this behavior.  I often feature their work and recently referred to Dr Zelenko who stands against the medical tyranny.  Later in this article I will feature a piece by Gilad Atzmon (a Jew)  writing for the Unz review (a Jewish millionaire media entrepreneur).  These “righteous Jews” are not even necessarily converts to Christianity…..they simply tell the truth.  You can have an intelligent discourse with someone who tells the truth.  You cannot get anywhere with someone who lies and deceives and who wants to destroy you.  Against such people you do not give an inch.  You call them out for what they are….liars.  Jesus did and he was a Jew and Paul did and he was also a Jew.   Of course, any Jew that tells the truth is described as a “self-hating”  or antisemitic which is of course ridiculous.  The point is not to be deterred from telling the truth and calling out the lies.
















Nazi  headshrinkers

Someone directed me to this link and I had to feature it.  I didn’t believe it was true at first. Absolutely incredible how gullible people are.  You must make up your own mind. I did not agree with the good-evil oversimplification of the Bible narrative although it is true that many Christians can be manipulated if their worldview is too narrow.  These are the notes from under the video:

In this documentary, Dean Irebodd exposes the nonsensical lies told about phony evidence submitted during the Nuremberg trials. A person's high regard for the Nuremberg Trial tends to be taken down a peg or two upon learning that the American prosecution team offered a shrunken head into evidence, blaming the Nazis for what obviously came from a South American rain forest tribe many years prior.Toward the end of World War II, U.S. armed forces entered the German wartime concentration camp at Buchenwald. The first Americans to become active there were officers of the Psychological Warfare Division. They had a plan: to plant "evidence" in the camp that suggests the German SS had committed atrocious war crimes against the Buchenwald inmates. Much of this "evidence" was later used during the Nuremberg trials and other similar legal mockeries as evidence against German defendants. From there, this atrocity propaganda entered the history books of the world, and the world believed it, and it still does. To play 'Nazi Concentration Camps', the actual propaganda film from the Nuremberg trials that depicted much of the fake evidence contained in this film, click here:




Jesus warned the Jews against the “traditions of men” which was already manifesting itself in his day. They “reinterpreted ” the law at the hand of Rabbinical “sages”. However, what happened in Jesus’ day was just the start of a long process of redefinition that came to fruition in the law schools of Babylon.  The prophet Zechariah warned that lawlessness (wickedness) would set up its base in Shinar (Zech 5:11).   The Babylonian Talmud emerged from this process and it supersedes the Torah.  However, we have moved on since then and now the Jews use Pilpul.  My definition – more word twisting and redefinition but this time of the Talmud (lol).  It is “adjusted” so that it fits the situation.  It is all doublethink and hypocrisy. The traditions of men on steroids.  They have gone from Torah to Talmud to Pilpul.  No wonder so many Jews are lawyers in the USA.  I bet a lot of them have the surname Cohen as well! (there I go again being antisemitic!).




Group Evolutionary Strategy

Kevin MacDonald argues that a suite of genetic and cultural adaptations among Jews constitutes a “group evolutionary strategy.” Their supposed genetic adaptations include, most notably, high intelligence, conscientiousness, and ethnocentrism. According to this thesis, several major intellectual and political movements, such as Boasian anthropology, Freudian psychoanalysis, and multiculturalism, were consciously or unconsciously designed by Jews to (a) promote collectivism and group continuity among themselves in Israel and the diaspora and (b) undermine the cohesion of gentile populations, thus increasing the competitive advantage of Jews and weakening organized gentile resistance (i.e., anti-Semitism). By developing and promoting these movements, Jews supposedly played a necessary role in the ascendancy of liberalism and multiculturalism in the West.

Of course, a whole load of academics (encouraged by the Jewish education system and media) line up to “debunk’ this “theory”.    However, you don’t have to be an academic to see that he is correct.  Even your bible tells you that the strategy that Jacob used was deception.   Jesus says that their father (talking about the serpent here) was a liar and murder from the beginning.  A “murderer” because lies lead to the death of humanity. Also, how many wars have been launched based on lies (propaganda)?   

The truth is not some abstract -relative post-modern philosophy as it is embodied in the person of Jesus Christ.   He is the truth.  He is the the fulfillment of the covenants  which was the truth that God swore (Micah 7:20).   All that reject truth in its metaphorical and absolute sense are lovers of the lie.  The ultimate lie….was the original lie….that man himself can become God.  This is the whole purpose of the NWO – to elevate man through Artificial Intelligence to God like status.  They need surveillance and tracking because they want to be omnipresent and omniscient.   They may well be Elohim but they will die like men (Ps 82:7). A new world will not be built based on oppression and lies. God forbid.


What better way to finish this article than with the words of another (self-hating) Jew. 




I cannot vouch for all of these as I simply have not had time to view them all. I place it here as a resource. As always use your discretion, think critically and make up your own mind. That is what adults do.


One to watch

A rather long video but this is one to watch over the Xmas break. I have embedded it on this blog but will need to check regularly as the original will probably be removed from YouTube.  First a few explanatory notes for those unfamiliar with the topic.   In the Talmud (not the Torah) Edom is equated with Rome.  Taking this one step further Rome stands for white Europeans.

Edom = Rome =White race

Of course this is utter nonsense for a number of reasons. First it is very bad biblical exegesis, secondly Ashkenazi Jews share an Eastern European genetic heritage and lastly the Jews cooperated and allied themselves with the Edomite Herod dynasty. Besides which Edomites are Semites like the Jews so how can they be Japheth/Rome/White races?  

The video also makes reference to the “Noahide Laws”.   These are supposedly the commandments given to Noah .     All righteous gentiles must abide by these laws.  However, these seven laws come from the Talmud not from the Torah.














Note Law  6 Who eats a limb from a live animal?   Only crazy people.  The actual proscription given in Gen 9:4 was not to eat meat with blood in it.  They had to drain the blood because it represented the life of the animal (lifeblood).  Law 1 – is not what you think it is either because “idolatry” is a code word for Christianity.  Each of these “laws” is different from what you think because they are Talmudic Laws (traditions of men rather than the Torah).


The video also mentions Deut 22:26 which the Jews (the Talmud again) interprets as “rise up and kill first” in other words get your retaliation in first.  Once again, a complete misinterpretation.  The previous verse describes the case of  a women who is overpowered and raped and compares it with a man who is killed by someone who is stronger than him.  It has nothing to do with preemptive action.

"......for as when a man riseth against his neighbour, and 
slayeth him, even so is this matter; as when a man comes
unawares upon another, and lays hold on him, and kills him,
being stronger than he, and none to help; so is the case of
a woman laid hold on by a man in a field, and ravished by him,
where no help could be had; and depriving a woman of her
chastity is like taking away a man's life"


Finally the influential Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement is mentioned. They are Kabbalists – (Jewish mysticism which is nothing to do with the Torah).   On this see Henry Makow, PhD who is Jewish and therefore called a “self-hating” Jew and a “conspiracy theorist” by Wikipedia (no higher recommendation LOL):  Trump is Beholden to Chabad Doomsday Cult . Last but not least watch the video below:


Europhobia & The Destruction of Edom