Electric Weather

Electric Weather

Electric Weather – Part 1 – “They Messed Up” (4 min)

More Solar Flares, Weather Modification, Cooling Impact | S0 News Apr.19.2024 (3min)

Michael Mann’s Latest Research (10 min)

Highest Solar Flux Since 2023 – Ohio Tornado Damage – Ruang Volcano Update – Gamma Ray Conundrum (15 min)

Short Lived G3 (Kp7) Geomagnetic Storm! – Ruang SO2 Plume Drifts 1000km – Watch The ‘Devil Comet’

Hügo Krüger: Keeping the lights on | Tom Nelson Pod #209 (46 min)

The Reason Our World is Changing So Fast and What’s to Come! (37 min)

Grid Down

Grid Down

Unlike 1859 the world is now dependent on electricity.  It is 100% certain that such an event is coming and right now our magnetic shield strength is decreasing rapidly.

Be Prepared. The Grid Is Going Down. (44 mins)

Magnetic Pole Shift – More and More Evidence (5 min)

Severe Weather & Tornado Watch In Effect SE – CERN Didn’t Open A Portal – Iceland Eruption Continues (8 min)

Kevin Kirchman: “Why the Greenhouse Gas Theory is Invalid Scientifically” | Tom Nelson Pod #206 (55 min)



Dalton Minimum

Dalton Minimum

Dalton Minimum Cosmic Catastrophe – 1811–12 New Madrid Earthquakes – 1815 Eruption Of Mount Tambora (55 min)

Solar Flares, Earthquake Swarm, Green Sahara | S0 News Dec.9.2023 (3 min)

Deadly Clarksville Tenn. Tornado – Winter Weather Advisory for 13 States – Schizophrenia And Cats? (9 min)


Earth Is Boiling

Earth Is Boiling

The Climate War Begins | The Opening Shot (4 min)

Dan Andrews announces he is sending Victoria back to the Ice Age (1 min)


Hailstorm Causes Emergency Landing – NH Tornado – M-44 Cyanide Bombs – Annular Eclipse Update (11 min)

Climate Fakery Part 17 (7 min)


Rogue Geoengineering Lawsuit, Make Sunsets (2:03 min)