Jun 19

Torpedo or Missile?

Was a "harpoon" responsible for the damage?

It has been pointed out that if the tanker was hit above the waterline it could hardly be a torpedo and crew members reported something flying. It seems likely that the weapon was a submarine launched harpoon attack. The harpoon has recently been re-commissioned after successful trails.










“……typically if you shoot a Harpoon and it 
hits above the waterline it’ll punch a hole
and blow up but it won’t sink a ship”.[1]

Book Notification – A New Commentary

Dark Sayings: Proverbs Commentary

Dark Sayings: Proverbs Commentary










Dark Sayings

 The contextualization of Wisdom Literature in the 7th and 8th Centuries:

An Inter-textual and Stylometric approach to the book of Proverbs

(Including a précis of Canticles, Qohleth and Job)

P. Wyns, Dark Sayings, Biblaridion Media 2019, 603 pages

Read more here:http://www.biblaridion.info/html/dark.html


[1] VIDEO: Navy May Bring Back Harpoon Missiles on Attack Subs After Successful SINKEX; RIMPAC Also Highlights Ground-to-Ship Strike Capability July 30 2018      https://youtu.be/yWzG5e5D_OI