Free the Jews

Free the Jews (52 min)

Highly Recommended

This is very good and exactly what I have always said.  The Jewish people are being used by their own power “elite”.  They have been deliberately victimized and traumatized. They use it as a tool. 


The witnessing

The Witnessing

As far as I am concerned the witnessing has started. Some people are never going to wake up to what is happening.  They are either frightened or in denial.  They are getting ready to separate families “lawfully” for testing, quarantine etc.  Isn’t it amusing how they always give everything a veneer of “lawfulness” even when it is evil.  They keep Assange locked up and give him a “fair” trial (lol)…..can anyone even remember anymore why he is locked up? Anyway, I have started witnessing and I encourage you all to witness.  This is what I produced and have been tweeting out:


A power to contend with

 Above all it is important to wake up fellow Christians from their delusions about Israel and  the Jews.  They are actually taking on the roll  of the serpent seducing men with the lie that they can be God and that they will not “surely die”.    I believe they have already reached the Singularity in Artificial Intelligence.   They are ready to build their brave new world and have blackmailed, seduced and coerced the world to follow the beast. The great signs and wonders may well be the promise of “trans-humanism”.   Although more and more ordinary people are waking up many are still hypnotized.

Fear as weapon

They even admit that they want you afraid.  They have a Behavioral Science Unit at work.  In the UK they have Tavistock and also the recently appointed 77 Brigade for online propaganda. It is both shameful and monstrous.  People are being hypnotized and traumatized into complete dependency.  There will be more suicides.  And mental health issues. In the UK the Accident and Emergency ward on the hospital will not except walk-ins and they want you to make appointments. For emergencies?  Excess deaths will increase. They are going to force a second wave onto the public. This is an obvious eugenicist agenda.



The Crowd and the Herd

The zombie like behavior of some people seems inexplicable.  They operate on an instinctual emotional level without engaging in any rational thought. They are basically a dumb mob and not individuals. This video explains a lot:


How do you know anything?

Someone told you.  Or you read it somewhere.  Or someone told you a vision. 

TELL A VISION the biggest false prophet out there.



Laughing at us

They are literally laughing at us. Apparently eight spider sculptures have gone up in major cities.     The width of each spider is 33 feet, a free mason power number. According to CBC, the spider is called “Maman” and cost $3.2 million. And blue sheeple? with long socially distancing noses? Someone is having fun. Click on the tweet and follow the thread.



Another fantastic (and long) show by Del Bigtree. Please support his organization if you can. He is gearing up for another court case and exposing the lies.  I have placed a breakdown underneath copy and paste the links if you want to go directly to that section.  The interview with Dr Vladmir Zelenko is in my view unmissable.  The take away from that interview is that we have a treatment (HCQ+Zn+AZM) that works and is very effective. Therefore no need for a vaccine.   Dr Vladmir Zelenko is a “righteous Jew” and a man of integrity going against the grain of the establishment.

Summary Breakdown

Ventura county rant
John Ziegler
California Strike Teams
Fear Porn PTSD
Dr Vladmir Zelenko
Brazil Graph HCQ use
Death by politics death by stupidity
Press charges criminal genocide
HCQ hospital trials For Medical center
Fauci vacines and herd immunity
CDC unable to control pandemic
Hide from mother nature
Get used to Lockdowns
Congratulations for prolonging Covid
Masks and Oxygen CO2 levels
Rand Paul on Reopening schools